You have a chance to get some DLC that never appeared here! We’re getting something special, because Nintendo is going to release the Japanese bonus items in North America!

Beginning February 1, 2015, the bonus items will be given away once a week, for two weeks, to anyone who stops by a Nintendo Zone location.

Here’s how this Animal Crossing: New Leaf distribution works. You go into, say, a McDonald’s. You open Animal Crossing: New Leaf. Head to the main street and stop by the post office. Talk to Pelly or Phyllis, whoever’s behind the counter, and ask to receive a gift over local wireless. The clerk will then give you one of the Japanese items. (x)

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Are you being serious? There are no similarities in facial appearance between your's and depp's, let alone you two have completely different hairstyles, skin color, and body figures.

i beg to differ

…twins if u ask me

Doctor Who Tardis Beach Towel

This towel is more than meets the eye. Though it appears to be an ordinary beach towel, it is actually an enormous time-defying ship with a snarky personality. When you are resting on the TARDIS towel, you can close your eyes and pretend like you’re entering a different realm.


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Awesome Sh*t You Can Buy

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what other fanfic tropes do you think should happen in The Season Fanfiction??

Fake Married For a Case

When people start dying in gruesome ways at a couples’ retreat, Dean (JENSEN ACKLES) and Castiel (MISHA COLLINS) go undercover as a married couple looking to rekindle their relationship. Sam (JARED PADALECKI) calls this “the second dumbest idea I’ve ever heard.” Tune in to find out how far they’re willing to go to preserve their cover! Premieres 3/10 at 9/8c on the CW

Having to Share a Bed For Mysterious Plot Reasons

Sam (JARED PADALECKI) and Dean (JENSEN ACKLES) score the last motel room in a tiny backwater town where they are investigating a string of disappearances. They applaud their own luck until Castiel (MISHA COLLINS) appears, weak and near-collapse. Shenanigans ensue when he falls asleep in one of the two motel beds. Tune in to find out who loses the “Share the bed with the angel” coin flip. Premieres 3/17 at 9/8c on the CW


Sam (JARED PADALECKI) is terrified when he wakes up in a motel room with a strange woman (AMBER HEARD). It gets even weirder when the strange woman is revealed to be Dean! The brothers race against the clock to figure out how to change him back before the effects become permanent. This would all be way easier if Castiel (MISHA COLLINS) would stop staring at Dean’s chest. Premieres 3/24 at 9/8c on the CW

Hurt/Comfort and bunker!fic

Dean (JENSEN ACKLES) faces his most terrible foe yet: a broken clavicle. With Sam (JARED PADALECKI) taking care of a vampire nest four states away, it falls to Castiel (MISHA COLLINS) to take care of Dean until he heals. Dean is angry at having to be taken care of, and there’s no one upon whom to take out his ire except for Castiel. They cook, they do laundry, they go out for cheese fries, and along the way they have several introspective emotional bonding moments. Just where could this newfound ease with each other be leading? Tune in to find out! Premieres THE THIRD OF NOT HAPPENING at NEVER O’CLOCK on the CW


Seduced in the Sleepless City Minimalist Appearance

asdfghjkl; i honestly tried to rush and finish this before the weekdays are back since i’m going to get busier and i wanted to do something for #sitscweek c: argh forget trevor. his shirt is fabulously infuriating. be grateful i even tried for you trevor


Word Count: 1.3k

Rating: PG

this hurt my heart a lot

Calum’s POV:

I pushed the door open as quietly as I could, but the pitter-patter of footsteps still echoed from inside the house. Stepping inside as quickly as I could, I crouched down, waiting for them to round the corner like they always did when I got home from a long day at the studio. Sure enough, the two little bodies of my kids appeared, running as fast as they could. Bodhi was faster, his 7 year old legs a bit more stable than Ramsey’s 4 year old ones. Yet, she still ran to me, her mother’s smile stretched across her face.

Daddy!” Bodhi called, barreling into my arms and hugging me, Ramsey arriving a few seconds later, giggling as I scooped her up and put her on my hip.

“Did you guys have a fun day?” I asked, smiling as the nodded their heads excitedly.

“Yeah, and guess what?” Ramsey asked quietly. It was obvious she’d been waiting to tell me all day.

“What is it munchkin?” I raise my eyebrows as she leans in closely to whisper in my ear.

Mommy said we get to have a movie night,” she whispered, leaning back and grinning.

“A movie night?!? No way,” I exclaim, picking both of them up, one on each hip and making my way into the living room.

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  • bray wyatt:*talking shit in the middle of the royal rumble*
  • me:bring on the undertaker
  • *sin cara appears*
  • me:that's not the undertaker

Star-Crossed Myth Opening

It all started with a sin…

The tale of the frighteningly beautiful gods of the stars


The lights of Tokyo block out the stars.

One night, you happen to notice a star sparkling in the heavens. 

Suddenly, the beautiful gods of the stars appear before you. 

These gods, however, have sinned. They’ve been thrown out of heaven.

You’re the only one who can erase their sins.

The gods have everything… except for love.

Love blooms as you spend your days together, 

but that love is a forbidden one, a love that could change the world.


You stood by his side as a ‘date’ waiting for Tom to answer the reporters question. Most of the sound of the parties arriving were drowned out by your thoughts.

'I could go for a really good greasy burger…'

'I wonder if I can sneak my heels off and walk barefoot. Is this dress long enough?'

"Shots? Did I hear shots somewhere?’

"Well, what inspires me to continue down this path must be my lovely girlfriend, (y/n)." You turned to Tom who grinned from ear to ear. A rather colorful blush appearing on your cheek. "I don’t know where I’d be right now, if she didn’t push me to get out of bed at 3 in the morning to run to the Thor:2 set." His grip around my waist tightened.

"Well, you are a very lucky man, Mr. Hiddleston. You heard it hear first! Tom Hiddleston is off the market!"

Behind the reporter Tom, kissed my head whispering, “Your beautiful.”