Jane and Louise Wilson 303 Gallery

Oddments Room

Internationally acclaimed artists Jane and Louise Wilson are known for their film and photographic works, often exploring states of consciousness and the experience of place. This summer a series of large-scale photographs from their ongoing investigation into the 1986 Chernobyl nuclear disaster premieres at the John Hansard Gallery. The exhibition also features a number of other works, many previously unseen in the UK.

Atomgrad (Nature Abhors a Vacuum), 2010 is a suite of eight photographic prints depicting deserted interiors from the abandoned town of Pripyat, situated within the 30km wide Exclusion Zone around the site of the disaster. Books remain on shelves and desks, bed frames remain intact and once-exquisite parquet flooring lies on the ground like rubble. A yardstick appears within each image and is a recurring motif throughout the exhibition. These objects of measurement – functional yet obsolete – act as a marker of scale and order, alluding to the tensions between association and analysis, memory and material fact.

I feel like every Persona 4 fan has their own thoughts about Souji’s shadow, and while I have a couple of different theories and opinions on the matter, my personal favorite is that Souji does, in fact, have a shadow, but it refuses to manifest.  

A lot of shadow!souji’s are condescending and snide - frustrated with Souji’s friends for their dependance on him even as it despairs of losing them - but I prefer the idea that Souji, at his core, refuses to be an imposition.

He doesn’t open up to his friends or burden them with his problems, because he is too scared of appearing troublesome or problematic.   He is afraid that the team will give him up as a bad investment.  

So, Souji’s shadow never appears, because it refuses to bother the Investigation Team.  Because of this, Souji has never gotten the chance to accept it.  

Hell, Souji’s shadow might be downright helpful.  Anything to make sure that the group doesn’t abandon its leader.

Long story short, I once wanted to write a fic about how Izanagi was simply Souji’s shadow in disguise, watching and waiting until everyone was safe, secure and happy before it made its presence know.

On an unrelated note, it has been a long time since I last painted in this style, and I missed it.  This was fun.

Greek Gilded Silver Ibex Rhyton, 4th Century BC

The end represents the forepart of the animal lying down, legs folded under the body. It has a woolly fleece formed of long wavy locks. The body of the vessel is decorated at the base with golden ovals, and on top with Greek-style palmettes, topped with a lip decorated with more golden ovals.It is probably the work of a Greek master for a prominent person of the era.

The zoomorphic rhyton, widely used in the East, Greece and Thrace, appears to have developed in Anatolia around the early 2nd millennium BC, eventually becoming popular in the 8th century BC. Popularity of the rhyton grew in Athens and surrounding areas during the 5th century BC.

Ikkin's Image Speculation, Post-Coronation

The Coronation is the sort of episode that seems to offer more potential for future speculation than for speculating about the next few episodes.  Very few clips appeared in it, so it mainly served to push ambiguous clips out an extra episode.

With that said, there are still a few new bits of information from other sources that could help put things into perspective.  But there are still going to be significant parts of this that are hardly altered from last time, at least as far as the next couple of episodes are concerned.

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Hormones: Day 331; October 19th, 2014

Month 11, Week 48

Last day of Renfest! I can’t feel my legs! Also I got to hang out with my nut crowd at the end of the day and got paid to break down that booth. Then we all acted like fucking idiots and took pictures together. Hopefully my manager will send me those at some point in the next week.

Also, special guest appearance by a guy who did a perfect impression of J. Jonah Jameson from the Tobey McGuire Spider-Man trilogy.

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MRA dating tip: girls who reject you automatically become ugly bitches after the phrase "I only see you as a friend."

It’s amazing how quickly a woman’s appearance can go from attractive enough for fuckin to too ugly to live all depending on how much she bruises your ego


The rain beat like a funeral drum upon my sodden head, 
prodding me forward down a muddy, dirt road.
It led to a door. 
The sky’s tears blurred into the country home’s brick and panel, 
like wet bleeding into a canvas. 
A woman appeared, light peeking from behind her, as she invited me inside, away from the pounding clamor of the storm outside.
She was beautiful, with pale, white skin, golden locks, frail and fragile, and words, soft like warmer rays of sun on a windy day.
She spoke of her deceased husband and of a lingering lack.
She spoke of her passions and desires.
She spoke of the unfulfilled yearning in her loins, that rumbled, particularly fiercely, on days where she was cooped up to avoid the rain outside.
I told her of my journeys through the wilderness and rain.
I told her of the dangers, excitement, joys, and pain, 
hoping to satiate her.
I told her about the home I had left and of my own longings.
She took my hand in hers and led me to the shelter of her widow’s bed.
I felt, a widower myself then, knowing that just as the rain had begun to stop and would, 
and just as her husband’s life had ended, 
so would my sojourn to her humble and calm, to her beautiful, fleeting home.

-Jerry Harris III

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Whats the pineapple?

If you’ve ever seen USA Network’s show “Psych,” you might be familiar with “the pineapple.”  In pretty much every episode they would hide a pineapple for viewers to spot. It could be, literally, a pineapple fruit or the pattern on a shirt or a decorative brass pineapple on a table.  Or someone could be snacking on pineapple in a scene.  The show runners had a ton of fun with it and it was something viewers on twitter would look for. Soon as it popped up on the screen, twitter would explode with “I found the pineapple on #Psych!”  It would be fun if, when the fern makes appearances, people could tweet, “I saw the #Olicity fern!”  ;)

if someone made a vitamin c/green day mashup it would spontaneously cause a high school yearbook to appear even if you didnt go to high school



Darcy doesn’t like girls.

Darcy likes printing presses.

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