Sherlock POV:

“Oh brother dear you’re over exaggerating who can possibly cause that much trouble?” He placed himself into his chair looking up to his big brother.


At this word Sherlock froze. Horror appeared in his eyes. That name had struck a nerve clearly. READ MORE



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Reading alters the appearance of a book. Once it has been read, it never looks the same again, and people leave their individual imprint on a book they have read. Once of the pleasures of reading is seeing this alteration on the pages, and the way, by reading it, you have made the book yours.
—  Paul Theroux
Free! ES dates to remember [UPDATED]

Free! Eternal Summer Blu-ray&DVD

Vol. 3 comes out 11/19/14

Vol. 4 comes out 12/17/14

Vol. 7 comes out 3/18/15**

  • Special unaired episode 14 will be bundled with Vol. 7!!

Free! Merchandise

Sugar Cake comes out 11/2014

Free! Eternal Summer Drama CD

Next one comes out 11/26/14

Free! Events


  • Includes the voice actors of Haruka [Nobunaga Shimazaki.], Makoto [Tatsuhisa Suzuki.], Nagisa [Tsubasa Yonaga.], Rei [Daisuke Hirakawa.], Rin [Mamoru Miyano.]
  • Also! A Special guest is said to appear at the upcoming event!

IwaChan Radio ES

  • Now airs once a month
  • Last IwaChan ES episode that aired: 10/6/14 with special guest Suzuki Tatsuhisa [voice of Makoto]

[Upcoming] Birthdays <VA: Voice Actor; C: Character>


VA Suzuki Tatsuhisa [Makoto]— November 11 [31]

  • Makoto— November 17
  • VA Watanabe Akeno [Gou]— November 18 [32]

VA Shimazaki Nobunaga [Haruka]— December 6 [26]

  • Momotarou— December 6 < Same birthday with Zakki!>
  • Rei— December 14


Nitori— January 4

  • VA Yonaga Tsubasa [Nagisa]— January 15 [31] 

Rin— February 2

  • VA Hosoya Yoshimasa [Sosuke]— February 10 [33]

VA Hirakawa Daisuke [Rei]— June 4 [42]

  • VA Miyano Mamoru [Rin]— June 8 [32]
  • VA Tsuda Kenjiro [Seijurou]— June 11 [44]
  • Haruka— June 30

Nagisa— August 1

VA Suzumura Kenichi [Momo]— September 12 [41]

  • Sosuke— September 14

VA MiyataKouki [Nitori]— October 9 [43]




There seems to be tons of commentary in TG Zakki. I’ll try to run thru them in a while since I’m currently reading thru V14 again ahahahaha *sweats*

Ishida-sensei seems to use Comic Studio for his manga panels. To color, he uses SAI or Painter. He has a short commentary for every major illustration and he showed a few step-by-step process as well.

He said some interesting things about Tsukiyama. Tsukiyama was the cover for V4. Here’s a small gist of it ye

The theme was ‘him sitting on a nice-looking chair while wearing weird clothes.’ He remembers one of his staff saying that Tsukiyama will become a popular character when he first appeared in the manga.

Tsukiyama was originally not supposed to be part of ‘Tokyo Ghoul’ and was meant to be a main character for another draft.

He reveals that he’s had Tsukiyama in mind far longer than Kaneki.

Everyone talking about bangtan being bigbang’s fanboys but do you know they actually idolise epik high?

I’ve lost count of how many times the name “epik high” appears in their albums. Bigbang? Uhm.. zero?

Today on vine boys gone wild

- Nash has been spotted with what appears to be a blunt and a lighter in his hand whilst hanging with the Omaha squad

- Cam has returned from his holiday

- Matt’s friend Spencer is in a coma after being in a car crash

- Aaron has been enjoying chinese food with plastic chopsticks in Vegas

- Taylor met over 6k people and thinks he has Ebola

- Something big is happening with Shawn

- Carter went shopping

- Hayes’ header on twitter looks like alcopops. DUDE YOU ARE 14 YOU SHOULDN’T BE HAVING/THINKING ABOUT HAVING ALCOHOL!

ENTP’s are the eccentric geniuses. With Extroverted Intuition (Ne) as their primary function, otherwise known as objective intuition, and Introverted Thinking (Ti) as their secondary function, otherwise known as subjective logic, ENTPs are often in a world of ideas, theories, questions, and brief flashes of essence. The inside of an ENTP mind is one where ideas are flashing almost continuously, for every event in the moment. Where life starts at one point, it branches out into over a million end goals. This creative ability to see where things could end up, can make ENTPs rather manic in appearance. Overtime they learn to utilize their Ti and judge their own impulsive ideas as good or not.

anonymous said:

I know this must be an old question, but I'm new and was wondering how the term "Ugly Ducklings" and JMOs thing with ducks became popular? Haha sorry

"I think [show creators] Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz knew what they were doing when they named her Emma Swan," Jennifer said. "They told me they thought it was a cool name and they were moved by the idea of The Ugly Duckling story, so it appeared to fit. Emma … blossoms into this beautiful swan that is destined to hopefully save everyone from an evil curse." [x]

"The idea behind #theuglyducklings is truly about self identity and beauty. The story shows that sometimes life gives us challenges before we discover our true selves." - Jennifer Morrison (I forgot the exact source.)

- kelly

Kim Kardashian was spotted out and about on a date in Calabasas with her husband Kanye West. The brunette flaunted a pair of eccentric ripped denim shorts that seemed to be crafted from a pair of skinny jeans, and styled it with a long-sleeved backless white top, and appeared braless too. Oversized black shades and strappy tan heels completed Kim’s date style.

Yay or nay for this outfit?


hello yes my name is alex falloutgirlongirl and i draw commissions for a living !! 

the prices are like this:

  • paintings start at $60 
  • flat colors start at $40
  • monochrome sketches start at $25
  • doodle dumps start at $10 per doodle / $17 per ship
  • comics start at $8 per panel 
  • +added backgrounds to commissions start at $20 

prices go up depending on complexity of the design, how many characters are in the picture, how much of their bodies appear on it !! etc etc.

message me first about furries, mecha, extreme gore. please don’t hesitate to hit me up if you have any more questions !!

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