The Phoenix Lights

On March 13, 1997 a series of optical phenomenon occurred in the skies
over the U.S. states of Arizona and Nevada, and the Mexican state of
Sonora.  Unidentified flying objects and various light formations scattered
the skies.  There were two distinct events involved in the incident: a
triangular formation of lights, and a series of stationary lights seen in the
Phoenix area.  The video and photographic evidence of the event have been
studied by many scientists.  It is widely considered the best photographic
evidence of a UFO.

The intensity of the lights appear to shift from very bright to dim, as each
object moves it becomes indiscernible to the camera.  The governor of
Arizona, Fife Symington, witnessed the event and became convinced it was
an unidentified object.  After the incident the United States government
released a statement claiming that the lights were test flares dropped by a A-
10 Warthog.  This explanation does not add up for educated viewers of the
tapes and has caused much speculation claiming a cover up. (Source)  

planets in the 1st house & your appearance

moon- feminine, round face
mercury- young andd lively
venus- pretty!!
mars- masculine
jupiter- enlarges your face
saturn- jaw line
uranus- makes you tall
neptune- ethereal look
pluto- lots of make overs. change!

(how to find what’s in your first house: http://zodiac—signs.tumblr.com/post/107023932109)

honestly !!!!! there’s nothing more annoying than people complaining about a band’s appearances to a certain award show. congrats 2 you if you dont want them to be successful just because you feel too cool to support a band who has younger fans. i wish i was that cool. 


They’re the only ones left in the tower. Only the four of them.
“The train will leave soon, we should go.”
Peter Pettigrew, his constant concern for everything.
“We’re good, Peter, we’ll be there on time.”
Remus Lupin, the voice of reason.
“Makes me feel bad to have to leave.”
James Potter, disarming honesty.
“Let’s go, idiots, before you all start crying”
Sirius Black, hard facade, criminal appearance. He’ll miss school more than any of them.
Peter doesn’t want to miss the train. James always hopes for a better tomorrow. Remus has been saying goodbye for years so that the pain is not so bad in the end. But Sirius knows that he won’t have any other home like Hogwarts. He came running away from an ancient family, one that was noble and pure. And he found another, of half-bloods and marauders. Not everything was perfect, but they made sure to make it memorable. 



Angelina Jolie with daughter Shiloh front row at the 2015 Kids’ Choice Awards held at The Forum on Saturday (March 28) in Los Angeles.

FYI: This is Angelina’s first appearance since she got her ovaries and fallopian tubes removed in a preventive surgery earlier this month following a cancer scare.

Large (OASC)

Lord Frederic Leighton painted Lachrymae in 1895, depicting a woman mourning at a funerary monument.

Though the title is in Latin, the scene itself appears to be Greek, at least based on the vases.

The Metropolitan Museum points out the “cypresses, symbolic of mourning“ in the background, which—ubiquitous in paintings of classical scenes—are certainly a subtle touch. 

Indeed, even the glow of the setting sun is plausible enough not to break Leighton’s illusionistic composition, even as it underscores the emotion of the scene.

even though jin is the worst dancer in bangtan I still love watching focused fancams of him because he tries so fucking hard like remember that ep in ahl where they had the dance contest and everyone blew it off but he stayed up super late and woke up super early doing the choreo over and over and he WON and everyone in the group gives him so much shit about his dancing and he takes it but he doesn’t blow it off he practices ALL THE TIME just to be appear decent beside jhope jimin jungkook and all the others. That’s true dedication.

technoskittles replied to your post:Sees Adam fanart by one of my favorite artists on…

I honestly don’t understand where people got the idea that Adam is abusive to Blake???? ‘Cause I’m pretty sure that is the furthest thing from the truth

From what we’ve seen of Adam, I’ve been able to determine a few fundamental things about him (which only made his last appearance all the more confusing, UNLESS there’s a plan to take the White Fang away from Cinder)

1. Adam and Blake were close. She drew him, and seemed obviously sad about leaving him in the Black trailer. If he was abusive to her, she would have simply been glad to leave him.

2. He truly believes that what he’s doing, he’s doing for the greater good of the faunus species

So the idea that he would have been abusive towards her makes 0 sense and it makes me sad to see it :< I’m not asking for it all to be shippy and romantic, but… I truly believe that he would never willingly put her in the crossfire.


Angelina Jolie sits in the front row with her daughters Zahara and Shiloh while attending the 2015 Kids’ Choice Awards held at The Forum on Saturday (March 28) in Los Angeles.

FYI: This is Angelina’s first appearance since she got her ovaries and fallopian tubes removed in a preventive surgery earlier this month following a cancer scare.

Confession: I’m in the army (United States) and I absolutely hate how Black female soldiers have guidelines stretched out in AR670-1 like there’s no tomorrow down to the height and width limits of our buns and how “kept” our appearances of our hair must be, we can’t have dreads or certain braids or unnatural colours or anything. But let a non-Black girl walk around in a messy low bun with hairs sticking out and 2 different colours and nobody’s gonna bother her. Shit pisses me tf off.