It’s the long brown hairs left in my bathroom shower. And the five bobby pins left on the living room floor. It’s the floral scent of her body on my bed sheets. The cup of tea she always forgets to drink. It’s my socks and hoodies she steals from my closet and my unfolded blankets always left on the sofa. It’s these little things that make my home, a home. I’m surrounded by these four walls but they are not what I call home. Home is when she sleeps on the left side of the bed. And home is when she cooks in the kitchen and makes the apartment smell of herbs and spices. Home is baking cookies at midnight because we’re high and hungry. Home is her falling asleep in my arms while watching a movie. Home is not these four walls; home is having her put her makeup on in front of the mirror and her running into my arms as soon as we get home. Home is shared blankets and falling off the bed because somehow her little body claims 75% of the bed. Home is dinners at the kitchen table and kisses in steamy showers. Home is the love that she burns through my veins. It’s the little things like the shirts and sweaters she leaves behind. Home is moving in with no furniture and eating Chinese food on the living room floor, the very first night. It’s wrestling matches followed by “I love you.” My home is not built by these four walls; my home has beautiful brown eyes, a voice of an angel, kisses made from heaven, two hands perfect for me, and a heartbeat that dances with mine.
—  Apartment 4

Within the first few days I lived in Australia I was

  • badly stung by a bluebottle jellyfish
  • nearly attacked by a funnel spider
  • had an albino gecko drop on my head
  • watched a gigantic flying fox (wing span of about 4 ft.) pee into the entire length of our swimming pool
  • and saw an entirely alien looking upright flying dinosaur bug floating around our apartment…….. 

This happened last year at Dragon*Con. I was dressed up in Kill la Kill’s Ryuko in her big white outfit. It took me an hour to get into with help, including 6 inch heels to give me height and being hot glued into my costume. (Luckily) on the way back to the hotel room, my friends and I were hiking up the hill and literally everything fell apart. Parts of the shoulder pieces were falling out, and then out of nowhere a leg armor fell off the pant leg it was glued on and the other leg armor/ pant leg just fell down to the floor. My friend promptly ran over to me, hiked up the pant leg, ripped off the other armor piece, and helped me walk home while carrying the leg armors.

Best friends are sometimes the best resource when you’re exhausted in a costume!

—  Submission Sunday: 
Have you ever had your costume break during a convention?

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Today was Cass & I’s 2 year anniversary! We’ve been friends for nearly 7 years though, just been official for 2 today, so I thought I’d write a little bit about us!

For those of you who don’t know, Cass and I live about 2300 miles apart. I live in BC, Canada, and she lives in Illinois, USA.  When we first started our friendship, I never thought it would turn into anything like this. I didn’t think I’d ever even meet her! I just thought she would be a nice online buddy to chat to every now and then, but then we started talking every day, and eventually I got a phone solely so I could text her when I wasn’t home with my computer. She eventually earned my trust enough for me to Skype with her, and we started doing that every day. We fell in love a few years ago now, but we were both at very bad places in our lives and could not be together at the time. The day I agreed to be her girlfriend will forever be the best damn day of my life. 

We met for the first time in person on July 1, 2013, when I flew with my dad to Illinois to go on a roadtrip with her! My dad came with because I was 16, it was my first time flying alone, and we’d never met them before so it was a safety precaution. Also he was the one driving on the roadtrip. We drove for about a week down to Florida and New Orleans and back, all the while sneaking in little kisses and cuddles when my dad wasn’t looking. Yeah, the funny part is that he didn’t know we were together, or even that I liked girls. No one did. But he figured it out pretty quick and didn’t make us feel uncomfortable about anything, he didn’t even say anything until the drive to the airport, but he did give us space so we could spend time together like any other couple.

I was so nervous to meet her, and I convinced myself she wouldn’t like me. But the moment she wrapped her arms around me I knew I’d found my home. I’m terrible around people I haven’t met, and I get very bad anxiety, but from the moment we met I felt nothing but peace and comfort. I believe in soulmates, and I truly believe she is mine. I’m not saying we’ll be together forever, because who knows? We both fully accept that things and feelings change, but we’re hoping that we’ll be in love forever. We plan to spend the rest of our lives together!

Long distance sucks, but it’s also the greatest gift I could have received! Because we were just chatting online, we got to know each other on a much more personal level, and our friendship was built around personality instead of just looks. We’re forced to communicate constantly, more than any regular couple, and because of that we’ve built such a strong relationship. Distance also makes us treasure every moment we get to spend together, we take none of it for granted.

Thank you for reading this! Sometimes I just really wanna talk about my girlfriend haha. Here’s to another 2 years and many more, and hopefully Cass will be living in Canada with me by then!

I love you, princess<3

To kaeandlucy / lucyelizabeth, I’ve tagged you in this because Lucy wished us a happy anniversary and it made my life, so I thought you might be interested in hearing exactly what we’re celebrating!

There are countless things standing between us, but I will never stop reaching for your hand. This kind of love we share is rare and my god is it true. The moment our eyes met I was hooked, even in the beginning I never stood a chance. As things keep trying to pull us apart I will only hold on tighter. I promise to never fly away.
—  4am
Preference #3 : You're a mess after the breakup


Various beer cans and bottles were tossed around the apartment, the place smelling like pizza and Chinese food. Harry coughed and closed the door behind him, scanning his eyes over your flat, then he saw you on the couch. 

“Y/N?” He asked quietly. Your head shot up at his familiar voice as you rolled off the couch as quickly as you could and tugged your shirt down. 

“H-Harry! Oh, geez. I didn’t know y-you were coming to get your stuff today, I’m sorry, I’ll just get a couple things out of the way.” You stuttered, picking up the pizza box and the beer cans. You nearly tripped, stumbling over the remote control. 

“Y/N, love..” You continued to clean, not wanting to think about how you and Harry weren’t dating anymore. The constant ache in your heart wasn’t exactly making it easy though. 

“Just give me a sec, I’ll get this place cleaned up.” You breathed out, shoving candy wrappers and chip bags into a garbage bag, the clutter of cans and bottles echoing through the flat. 

“Y/N.” Harry said sternly, grabbing your wrist and tugging you towards him. He looked at your tired, bloodshot eyes, dark circles under them. “You need to sleep.” 

“I’m fine, bab- Harry.” You muttered, pulling away from him and tossing the garbage bag to the side. 

“You’re not fine, c’mon.” Harry pulled you to the bedroom and made you lie down, covering the blankets over you. What you weren’t expecting was Harry crawling in next to you and wrapping his arms around your waist. “I’m still in love with you.. I came back so we could talk about giving us another shot.” 


“I’m over him, I’m over him.” You reassured yourself once you spotted a magazine cover with Niall on it. You grabbed it and read the words quickly, letting out a heavy sigh. 

Boy-band member, Niall Horan seen with a new girl! Is she the one for him?

“No, she’s clearly not.” You scoffed. “I’m the one for him.” 

“I told you to stay away from the magazine section.” You heard Y/F/N huff, snatching the magazine from you and shoving it back on the shelf. “You need to get over him. He’s moved on, Y/N.” Her blunt words made your heart feel a slight twinge of pain as you stared at the cover again. 


“Y/N, as much as I love you.. you’re being a little pathetic right now.” Y/F/N grumbled. She’d been dealing with you and your tantrums for as long as she could recall, but this one was a little more important than the others. She had been taking care of you for the past three months, making sure you were eating properly among other things. 

“You don’t understand.. We were together for two years.” You whimpered. 

“I know you two were together for two years, but your lives just don’t.. they don’t match up with each other. He’s famous, you’re going to university. That girl in the magazine with him, she’s their new stylist so she’s travelling around the world with him, and their relationship matches up. He’s going to be with her like, 24/7, unlike when you’d see him once every six months. You need to accept it and move on, okay?” 

“I.. I can’t.” You shook your head, your cheeks burning up from anger. She was supposed to be your best friend, and all she could tell you was to move on? You knew you were a wreck without Niall, and you just needed some time alone. 


Ten days. Ten days, four hours, and three seconds since Louis left. You sat on your side of the bed, clutching a mug of tea that had already gone cold. Your hollow eyes stared at the TV in front of you, yet all you could focus on was the picture of you and Louis next to it. Your stomach grumbled for the millionth time today, reminding you that you hadn’t been eating a lot for the past few days. Your meal consisted mostly of earl grey tea, and half a banana. You looked over at Louis’ side of the bed, the sheets still crisp, untouched. The pillow you rested your head on smelled of his shampoo, making you miss him even more. You were so consumed with the thoughts of Louis that you hadn’t noticed he had walked in your room, the house key in his hand. 

“Y/N, are you okay?” Your lips that used to be so plump, soft, was now chapped. Your cheeks that used to be full of colour, replaced with paleness. You looked over at him, your breathing the only thing that could be heard. Louis walked over to you and took the mug from your frail hands. You could feel the familiar warmth as his fingers brushed over yours ever so slightly. “Y/N?” He asked softly. There was no response as your gaze remained on the photo. 

“I miss you too, you know.” He mumbled, his hand cupping your jaw. You pushed his hand off weakly and turned your head to the side, resorting to hiding under the duvets again. 

“You have one more chance, Louis.” You managed to choke out before closing your eyes. 


“Christ, Y/N. Careful there.” Y/F/N muttered, grabbing the tray before you toppled over from carelessly bumping into the counter. “I told you you should’ve stayed home today.” 

“I’m fine, I’m fine.” You sighed, snatching the tray back and grabbing the steaming plate of pancakes, serving them to the customers. 

“Y/N.. you’re still wearing his..” Y/F/N glanced at the necklace Zayn had bought for your birthday as you quickly tucked it behind your coffee-stained uniform. 

“It’s.. It’s my favourite thing to wear, it’s not a big deal. S’just a necklace.” You mumbled, tucking a strand of hair behind your ear. “Where’s my pencil?” You questioned, looking around. 

“In your hair.” Y/F/N grabbed the yellow pencil from your hair, handing it to you. “Seriously, it’s been three days, honey. You can’t be at work, you need to recover from.. you know. The breakup. I can take over.” She smiled softly. 

“Look, I’m over it. Okay? Stop talking ‘bout it.” You snapped, walking over to a customer who had just walked in. “Hi, what would you like this morni-“ You froze upon recognizing a familiar pair of hazel eyes. 

“Y/N?” Zayn whispered. You then noticed Perrie sitting next to him with a nervous look on her face. 

“What are you doing here?” You asked, fiddling with your necklace. “Is this a date?” You were afraid of hearing the answer. 

“I.. well.. it’s..” Zayn stuttered. “Yes, it is.” He admitted, clutching Perrie’s hand in his own. “How have you bee-“ 

“What would you like this morning?” You interrupted him, clenching your jaw as your brought your pencil to your notepad. Your eyes were beginning to water, you just couldn’t believe he had gotten over you so quickly.

“Y/N, I-“ 

“I’ll take over. What would you two like this morning?” Y/F/N nudged you out of the way, a fake smile plastered on her face. She gestured you to head to the back as you chewed on your bottom lip, quickly wiping a fallen tear away as you rushed behind the counter. This was it. There was no chance that you and Zayn were ever going to get back together.


“Jam..” You muttered as you wheeled the cart into the confiture section, grabbing a jar of strawberry jam and tossing it carelessly into the cart as it rattled with the various other items you had taken. 

“We need tea too.” Y/F/N reminded you, grabbing some apricot jam for herself. 

“Mm.” You rolled your eyes when you heard a giggle from behind you. “Couples, I’m guessing.” You scoffed, shaking your head. 

“Liam, stop!” The voice squealed. Your eye twitched upon the name, and you couldn’t help but turn around. There, in front of you, was Liam.. and his new girlfriend. You had heard about her in the tabloids, but you expected that they were just rumours. You just didn’t expect that Liam would’ve gotten another girlfriend in a short amount of time. 

“Y/N, stop looking. You’re over him, remember?” Y/F/N tapped your shoulder, tossing a pack of earl grey into the cart. 

“What an asshole.” You said to no one in particular. A small pang of pain was felt as you saw Liam lean forward and give his new girlfriend a kiss on the cheek. Y/F/N’s eyes widened when she noticed you starting to wheel the cart towards them. “I’m going to murder him.” You said in a monotone, almost like your soul wasn’t in your body anymore. 

“Hey, Y/N. Stop.” Y/F/N hissed, grabbing your shoulder. You responded by pushing her hand off harshly, ditching the cart and beginning to pick up your speed. “Y/N!” Y/F/N warned. Liam turned his head and his jaw dropped slightly as his girlfriend moved out of the way. 

“You’re a bastard!” You lunged for your ex, tackling him to the ground and smacking at his chest. “I hate you, I hate you, I hate you!” You sobbed, continuing to assault his chest. 

“Get off him, you freak!” His girlfriend shrieked, grabbing at your shoulders. 

“You left me when I needed you most!” You weeped, tears streaking down your cheeks as your fists started slowing down. 

“Y/N, Y/N!” You felt Y/F/N wrap her arms around your waist and pull you up slowly as you continued letting out broken sobs, your palms covering your face. “I’m so sorry.” Y/F/N apologized to Liam as his eyes softened watching you in this wrecked state. 

“You promised you wouldn’t leave..” You whimpered, Y/F/N rubbing your back for comfort. 

“Shh.. it’s okay. You’re okay.” Y/F/N sighed, shaking her head. You were lost without Liam, and she had no clue what to do. 



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caitlin x 

I live in Canberra which is the capital city of Australia
I’ve been to 3 of your shows and I try so hard to go each time. I travel 3 and half hours up and 3 and half hours back. This year I really couldn’t afford to go and I literally fell apart when I didn’t think I could go. Dad gave me a ticket for Christmas it was the best day of my life. I literally screamed and fell off my bed. OPPS! But every time I feel like I belong ☺️ thank you for helping me find a place where I feel safe and where I have friends. Xxx I love you taylorswift

so this is going to sound stupid but whatever, while I was visiting my best friend I noticed she kept picking apart her appearance even though shes the most gorgeous human being and it was weird because i used to join in and talk about all the terrible attributes I saw on myself but I couldn’t do it and I genuinly think its because of all the lovely things you guys say to me like It sounds stupid but I honestly felt so bad for her for not having this kind of really sweet and supporting group of people so thank u to all of u for helping me feel a lot nicer about myself

tonight was a good night until i remember i broke a mirror 3 months ago. literally i still hav 6 years and 9 months of bad luck :/ what did i do to deserve this besides break a mirror which by the way i only held open a door to let wind blow through the apartment to pretend to be a wind turbine n then the mirror blow over. An honest mistake x