i feel so so strongly towards this post.
friends shouldn’t just leave you to sit in a little depressed bubble, or at least not alone. depressed or not, your friends should have the common courtesy to invite you to participate in their endeavours! with any mental illness this should still stand. whether you sit in silence and mind your own business in your little bubble, even observing and laughing at funny events happening around you can bring you out of your bubble even for a little time, and honestly, that little time period where you think everything isn’t so bad after all, is always appreciated by those trapped in the bubble whether you realise it or not, and it could go a long way.
i don’t think people realise that whether you know there is a strong chance of someone denying your invitation to join your endeavours, it is still polite to ask and makes the other person feel one million times better than later on seeing posts on social media of your friends out for a day that you knew nothing about, all because they were asked and had the option to go or not.
and for those so called “friends” who are so ignorant and insanely rude to not invite or ask for someone to be left out of plans because they are “boring” “shy” “don’t talk” or think that “it is pointless for them to come along” just because that left out friend is wanting some time where they aren’t sitting jumbling up their thoughts with thoughts upon thoughts of overthinking and negativity? do you ever consider that whether their company may not be the most exciting, how much help you would provide them with even just with your presence? people need to learn to stop being so selfish and be a little selfless sometimes, being so self absorbed to not include someone who is ill because they are “boring” and/or “don’t talk” is honestly the most sickening arrogance. people forget the meaning of friendship now and its disgusting. you are supposed to love and accept your friends no matter what, you are meant to be there for them and stand up for them at their weakest moments, but all that seems to matter to people now a days is themselves.
learn to do at least one good deed a day and do not forget about those who are ill. they are just as important as you are.