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How about Utena and Anthy? :)

With pleasure (and they found each other and drank non-poisoned tea and lived happily ever after). 

  • Who’s the messiest one:

Utena. Even free from acting as the Rose Bride Anthy tends to do a lot of cleaning. It’s sort of a small comfort, a thing she can have a provable control over with a positive outcome.

  • Who feels the most uncomfortable about PDA:

They both are, but in different ways. Utena’s sort of the flustered but proud kind, who gets all red about holding hands or what have you but really likes it. Anthy is uncomfortable with accepting gestures sincerely - her trained reaction is to play it off politely, and she doesn’t like that she does so without even thinking about it.

  • Who’s the funniest drunk:

Utena, the boisterous ‘how awesome is my girlfriend, let me say girlfriend as often as possible because i’m comfortable with it now, even though it sounds weird to your complete strangers’ drunk. 

  • Who texts the most:

They both like to talk face to face - they spent enough time apart. (Anthy does like that texting lets her tease Utena and others and play it off as a misreading later).

  • Who has the most embarrassing taste in music:

Anthy seems like (or likes to seem like) her taste is entirely Deeply Serious classical music, so Utena loves blasting uptempo numbers (from big band to stupid club pop songs) and getting Anthy to dance barefoot across the kitchen with her.

  • Who reads the most:

Anthy, when she wants to have time to collect her thoughts or just to have a quiet moment (she’s come to value the kind of silence one chooses).

  • Who’s better with kids:

Utena, who can keep them entertained for ages but tends to get more easily riled when they’re misbehaving. Anthy’s good at keeping them in line, though (she never lost her ability to give the most terrifying of not-threats with a smile).

  • Who’s the one that fixes things around the house:

It’s a team effort, though Utena tends to like tackling the bigger projects.

  • Who’s got the weirdest hobby:

Anthy’s hoarding of strange and unusual animals continues. Utena did make a rule about not housing them in drawers and closets anymore. Their yard is full of feeders for every species in the area.

  • Who cooks and who cleans up:

Anthy is learning, very slowly, to cook edible food besides shaved ice. This involves a lot of Utena leaning over her shoulder and bravely tasting the latest sample (with lots of encouraging cuddles and only the occasional coughing fit). They switch off washing and drying.


this goddamn amv has been killing my soul since we first saw it in the contest back in april i am in LOVE WITH ALL OF IT I AM GOING TO MARRY UTENA TENJOU I S2G

seriously tho, it’s really good regardless, but if you have headphones that cover your ears with some nice bass, it’s 321686543% better i can’t stop listening