Honeymoon and Misc Replies

prettysgi  reblogged this from you and added: 

He does remind me of Sam Heughan o____o That means I love him cause I’m completely in love with that scott.

*jumps up and down* Thank you. I tried to make him as close to Sam’s Jamie Fraser but you can only do so much with Sims sliders and hair. I hope it’s at least his essence. 

stellatorontosims said: Is it getting hot in here? The suspense is killing me ;-)

Lol! I’m happy you liked it. 

iamg-knee said: * fanning self * 

*smiling mischievously in a corner*

napoleonfrost said: Tehehe

You must have peaked. ;-)

stellatorontosims said: O-O, Oh my ;-)

Lol. And that’s not from the side.

goatkibble said: Of COURSE we want to see what she’s seeing! What a silly question :P


tumblinrob said: *gasp* Such filth you’ve plastered on my dash… More please! ;)

This made me laugh and made my day. Thank you. I aim to please. 

iamg-knee said: Nahhhh!!! 💖

I know. They are sooo sweet together.

mckatsims said: Rachel is really beautiful and elegant!

Thank you! I think she is too.

prettysgi said: Of course he succeeded hehe

Was there any doubt?  

goatkibble said: Oh please, he is not sorry at all. lol :)

Yeah I think he’s pretty proud of himself of leaving a reminder for her. Naughty Colin. 

iamg-knee said: Nahhhh! Thistle is beautiful!

Thank you. I love her coloring. 


iamg-knee replied to your photo:In a building mood. I know it’s been eons since I…

Ouuuhhh! Whatcha buildin?! Looks good so far!

Haha! Thanks! I think it’s going to be a weird sorta cottage house. The lot is next to the church and cemetery and the style will probably be a bit like Dragon Valley morphed with Modern. Idk. It will probably change a million times before it’s finished. It’s been so long since I built a house I almost forgot how. ;)

Wedding Reception Replies

isnasims said: It’s beautiful *o* I love how you’ve decorated ^^ It really look like the guests are about to come and the celebration will start soon :D

Thank you so much!

tumblinrob said: What a happy lad!

Yeah he did that a lot during and after the reception. 

stellatorontosims said: Rachel & Colin look so much in love. said: Rachel & Colin look so much in love.

Yeah they do. They are so happy together. 

iamg-knee said: LOL! Looks like milk, not wine! ROFL!!!!!

I know. I wish it was the right color. Lol!