Complementing the release of her new music video “Blank Space,” Taylor Swift partnered with American Express “Unstaged” to create an interactive app that gives fans the immersive 360⁰ experience of being placed inside the music video landscape.

The “Taylor Swift Experience” allows audiences to participate in an immersive journey with intertwined story-lines, multiple rooms and 41 hidden Swift related trinkets to be discovered and explored. The app also allows users to view behind the scenes footage and purchase Swift’s new album 1989 or tickets to her upcoming world tour.

Whether you choose to follow Swift through the mansion or explore on your own, this app provides audiences with an innovative way to learn more about Swift and share their finds on social media—helping other fans to locate items.

This music video, video game crossover comes as a refreshing, innovative break from the ordinary linear music video format. The app demonstrates an understanding of ever-connected fan bases, by providing them with an entertaining, digital outlet for engaging with content from their favorite pop superstar.

If you love Taylor Swift, this app is for you...

Step inside a cinematic interactive musical experience starring Taylor Swift. Choose where you go, who you follow and what you explore in a stunning house filled with characters, objects and scenes.

Shot with groundbreaking 360° cameras and scored with a rich audio soundtrack based on Taylor’s single ‘Blank Space’ from her new album 1989, the experience is an immersive journey with intertwined storylines, multiple rooms and dozens of hidden interactive features waiting to be unlocked and explored.

The app also features the original ‘Blank Space’ music video, 1989 album purchase details and tour ticketing information. You can also explore exclusive behind the scenes footage from the Taylor Swift shoot, as well as the archive of Amex UNSTAGED live events and films with other top artists.


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