I want to cry

So basically all this new doctor told me is that it was all in my head and that I was doing it to piss off my parents. I really want to cry how can someone tell me that after the twelve years of hell that I lived and that I still live…

I had to wait 2.30 hours in his waiting room, my back and bowels was hurting and he told me that… After we took a bus to go home and he drove like a crazy man. It was one of the worst day of my life seriously!


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name: Yannick

nicknames:Yanny, Yandaddy, yams, yankee, yannicksan, nick

birthday:May `19

age: 25

gender: male(?)

sexual orientation: straightt

significant other: ????

height: 5’8? 

work/school: managing a group of people inside of a chain store

favorite color: blue or green

time and date: jan 26 2016, 1204 am

average hours of sleep: probably 7 or 8 

last thing i googled: i think i googled vintage swatches?

number of blankets: 2

favorite movies Amelie

favorite shows: Top gear, chuck, psych, doctor who 

favorite food: no idea, probably vegan thai food

favorite drunk food: ???? 

favorite place to shop for clothes: vintage stores, livestock, online

last movie i saw in theaters: Selma

last book i read: Fragile things by neil gaiman

a place that makes me happy:Montreal, La Paz, Toronto, Seattle

what are you doing today:Worked,  played video games, sat in pain

favorite songs this week: Morrissey’s i just want to see the boy happy, Morrissey’s thats how people grow up, Alexisonfire .44 caliber letter

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Omiljeni filmovi i knjige? Plizzzzz :))))

ugH jel ocete da imam slom zivaca? filmovi: royal tennenbaums, ginger&rosa, moonrise kingdom, requiem for a dream, mr. nobody, amelie, mary&max, love actually zbog sentimentalne vrijednosti, palo alto, adult world, mysterious skin, her, corpse bride, nightmare before christmas, juno, the grand budapest hotel, pjevajte nesto ljubavno, lajanje na zvezde, etc.
knjige: paper towns, silmarillion, wir kinder vom bahnhof zoo, candy, alkemicar, mali princ lol, lotr i to, idk ovo je tesko ugl kuzite na koji dir padam