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I'd LOVE to read the first chapter (or three) of Bitten.

Well, okay. This is entirely unbeta-ed, unedited, there might be gaps in it, I don’t know. I’m just gonna copy and paste it all here. lol


Robin has Marian clutched against him, his heart hammering, Roland cradled between them. He cannot believe she’s here, cannot believe she’s back. He knows, logically he knows, that Regina is here and she can see all this, and he knows it will hurt her, but at this exact moment he cannot bring himself to care. She cannot begrudge him a reunion with the wife he thought long-dead.

He has no idea how this is happening, but he is grateful, so grateful, and -

Roland’s piercing cry interrupts his thoughts, and the boy rears in their arms, then lets out a pained wail.

Something is wrong.

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