I alway write here, that I forget things. Because it’s true.

 But, I’ve begun to remember things too. 

I remember the girls that helped make me a woman. I remember the first time my mother taught me how to knead dough. I remember the first time I was behind the wheel of my dad’s 1970 Buick Electra. I remember the unforgettable moment when a girl from center city Reading corn rowed my hair. I remember getting my hair curled for my senior prom. I remember the moment I greeted a big burly southern man at the gates of my local airport. I remember the first time I woke up in the hospital. And the second. And the third. I remember standing at the top of the steps of the town house I grew up and feeling my throat close and my heart slow. I remember every singe time my mother told people that my allergies were life and death. I remember the first boy I though I loved. I remember breaking part of my foot when a horse stomped on it. I remember my mother didn’t believe it at first. I remember not spelling vegetable right in the spelling bee. 

I remember the first time time someone told me they loved me first. I remember the first girl who kissed me. I remember the first time I got a C. I remember the first time I was alone and I panicked, living in a small apartment and I was cutting red peppers ad I sliced my finger from knuckle to tip. Red. Blood, spilling, rushing like water from a dam down the blade, onto the peppers and the cutting board. I remember using plumbers tape and a clean napkin to bandage it

I remember my first concert, and my second. I remember when I was 11 and I was taller than everyone else in my class. I remember the first time I wore high high heels out to my local bar. I remember everyone telling me who I was before I even knew. 

I remember the first time I won at pool, when I really actually tried. I remember the first time I fired a handgun. I remember my first shots of Wild Turkey, and especially why I don’t drink it now. 

I remember signing up for tumblr. I remember sending in my college applications. I remember chopping off my hair. I remember dying my hair black, the one and only time. I remember the times I used to drunkenly call him, and he would always answer. 

I remember a lot. Too much sometimes. 

I remember the moment I told someone I loved them and they didn’t love me back. I remember the song that was playing my junior year of high school when my sister wrecked my mom’s station wagon and we had to climb out the sunroof. I remember the moment I broke up with my blogger boyfriend from Chicago and I cried and cried on the phone, and off. I remember when I was 8 and I used to sing Sheryl Crowe before i knew what the lyrics meant. I remember seeing my grandfather before he passed away. I remember the tornado that swept through our town when I was 6. I remember my 24th birthday, and how sad it is to realize you outgrow people. 

I remember when my mother’s mother had a stroke and slowly, the woman I had admired began to fade. replaced by… someone entirely different. I remember me standing in the recovery room after her surgery when she told me that I should never get married, nor love a man. 

I remember every moment my dad told me that my mother was gorgeous, and how lucky he is to have us all. I remember waving at his plane as a kid after mom dropped him off at the airport so he could go support us. 

I regret that I’m not a good journal writer, instead, I bottle things up and let them part from me in waves. I regret and forget that my mind is faster than my fingers on a keyboard. I remember that I love writing on the first page of a new notebook.

I forget what my mattress feels like after 12 days away, on hotel beds, floors, and chairs. 

I forget some things, but I definitely remember some of the fantastic things that make me, well… me. 

Crave You

for unholyseraphs bc she’s been tagging me in fic like crazy lately and also bc i’m hella excited to be on the au panel with her at destielcon. unedited so apologies for typos and the like.

Dean paced across the floor of his apartment, a fucking tiny ass studio he hadn’t even wanted to begin with. It was supposed to be him and Cas, like it always had been. The two bedroom apartment were still on sale for a hundred bucks off the rent to students. When Dean showed Cas the ad and suggested they live together Cas had lit up like a Christmas tree, he was excited to get off campus, to decorate, to torture Dean’s allergies with a goddamn rescue cat. 

Dean would’ve shelled out the money for generic clairitin to see Cas smile like that every damn day. Then a week before their appointment Cas backed out on everything. He made some lame excuse about wanting to stay on campus, that it wasn’t a good idea to move on a student’s budget, every excuse possible except for the truth: he just didn’t want to live with Dean.

Benny had offered to get the apartment with him, hold Cas’ room til the guy came to his senses, but Dean just frowned, took another shot, and buried his face in Benny’s shoulder. The next week Benny went with him while he looked at the studio. 

Since he signed his lease he’d been trying to figure out what the hell he could have done to make Cas backpedal that damn fast. There was really only one possible explanation: Cas knew Dean was in love with him. They’d been friends since Dean accidentally knocked out one of Cas’ teeth in second grade. The tooth had been loose but Cas had been having trouble pulling it, so he was grateful to Dean. It was the weirdness that did it. Dean knew he had to be friends with a kid happy to get a tooth knocked out.

They had done almost everything together since then. If anyone ever wanted to find Cas, all they had to do was find Dean.

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Team Equinox Leader Description Poll

Let’s finally vote on the description for the main baddie of the Omnis Region!

Here are your choices:

  1. the leader should be a shut-in unsocial person who spends their time at a computer and never makes an appearance until the end of the game
  2. A computer genius who believes that humanity has reached its full physical potential, but through the use of technology can further its evolution by taking control of nature itself.
  3. A young man with silver hair, already disgusted the perception this bleak world as a “bright” future
  4. Someone with severe allergies and immune disorders that gets incredibly sick when the seasons change.
  5. A plain - looking man in a plain - looking gray suit. / Dresses only in grey, grey eyes, grey shades, speaks only in monotone, totally emotionless.
  6. A media mogul who feels that the seasons cause the people to be poor and commit crimes, so he hopes to destroy them so that crime and poverty would decrease. As a result, he sees himself as doing humanity a HUGE favor.
  7. A woman who grew up in poverty, at the mercy of the weather and the heat and chill of the passing seasons. Now, a powerful adult with influence and wealth, she wants to eliminate the seasons so no one is ever too hot or cold again.
  8. A rogue pokemon professor who can no longer bare to see the pokemon he’s made friendships with leave him for new trainers.
  9. A blind young man who can’t see the beauty of each seasons and, angry because of this, doesn’t want anyone to enjoy them either. However, you don’t know he is blind until the end because he always wears a mask, though with no holes for the eyes.
  10. A mathematical prodigy who wants the world to run without fault like a computer, and believes getting rid of the seasons will help make everything smoother.
  11. A young teenager that suffers from SAD
  12. A painfully boring young man who feels he doesn’t fit in with all the changing and excitement and wishes things were simple
  13. An older army colonel wearing a gray uniform, has a smug grin on his face, and is very tall and menacing in stature
  14. A dismal and grey young woman who puts on the façade of a colorful and eccentric celebrity to the public.
  15. The real leader is not human, but actually a single Pokemon who holds a grudge against Omnis’s legendaries.
  16. An exremely vain and jealous villian who waants to be the brightest and most praised thing around. Makiing everything else dull is just a great way to crush competition to them
  17. A 20-year old girl who has grown tired of how, even without clocks or calendars, you can still easily tell when a year has passed.
  18. someone who has lost everything and can’t stand to see everyone else around them happy so they see making everything duller as a way to crush everyone’s happiness
  19. A grey and moody sintist that speaks to ghosts and has the power to make it rain
  20. An older retired captain soldier who wants to have everything and everybody under his control, and since weather cannnot be controlled, he wants to destroy it. Even smallest disrespect makes him go mad.
  21. Prof Willow’s predecessor/mentor (not revealed as Equinox leader until long after introduction). Believes that dangerous climate change and extreme weather can only be fixed through radical change: removing the seasons to bring year-round stability.
  22. A tall happy Woman that throughout the story is only seen in overly colourful clothes, but the moment you have the final confrontation, she shows her true grey serious monotone colours..
  23. An old man who lost his family years ago! It is depending by the game you plays! Pokemon Winter: Snowstorm, Spring: i don’t know, Summer: Drought, Autumn: I don’t know!
  24. Long gray hair w/ bangs covering his eyes. Wears a gray cloak with the team logo on it. Passionately hates all the color and variety in the world and hates flamboyant personalities and people like the main character/rival
  25. an introvert who dresses hipterish and believes that everything has to be boring, because fun is too mainstream
  26. A cold and bitter person that fails to see positivity in the world.
  27. The monochromematic and apathetic leader of a powerful corporate industry
  28. The Boss of a huge factory Driven by greed he wants to invent many things just to sell them However his factory is causing major pollution and the people of Omnis arent too happy about that. So he decided to make a machine that would end the seasons
  29. A man who can only see the world in black and white, and wishes to take revenge on the rest of the world for being able to see color. Is adamant, and doesn’t like change. He wants things to be all the same, and wants things to stay that way forever.
  30. a grunt from a past organization who stepped up and created a new team
  31. A pokemon reservationist who believes that in a perfectly stable, unchanging habitat, pokemon populations will also balance out.
  32. an organized, busybody cubicle worker whose ambition drove them to greater things
  33. A man in a dull grey martial arts gi and a long beard, who ahs endured many terrible winters and scorching summers and is implied to have lost loved ones/Pokemon to these difficult years.
  34. An elder person who wants to forget that time is passing, as time is only bringing them sadness now. They aim to show that life would be better if time was less of a visible thing, and that if they cannot enjoy the seasons anymore, no one can.
  35. Originally believed to be four seperate characters; they are revealed to all be one person. Each “person” they were should be vibrant and reflect a season, but their true form should be cold and calculating with a hint of longing for life.
  36. The cold, stoic CEO of a multinational corporation that’s a front for the evil team. He oversaw the creation of a “designer pokemon” to sell to trainers, with the intent of replacing all other pokemon and then turning them against their masters.
  37. A robot who’s AI goes haywire after an accident causing it to believe that Pokemon are evil. It plans to use science to erase the natural weather thinking it will unsettle Pokemon’s way of life, leading to their demise.

Which is your choice!?

For anyone out there who’s desperate to make change but don’t believe they can, my local activist network is only a handful of people right now, it started up about a month ago and has already encouraged three restaurants to remove foie gras from their menu, one of whom added extra vegan options to for those with allergies and for a more compassionate menu, which will in turn help to in some minor way aid the normalisation of the term. 

If you want to make a change, contact people who are doing it- find out their tricks and learn how to do it yourself. There’s, sadly, enough negativity to rid of, and it’s people like you, passionate about the imagery of better, who can do it. 

You know your a fangirl when...

The only way your brain can get you to acknowledge you’re sick is through characters on TV in your dreams telling you you’re sick.

Here’s how it went. Went to sleep, have a headache, stuffy nose, sore throat, well. Bill cipher and pine tree show up. (Everything’s gray like the mindscape so hell yes.) And Bill and dip dop just walk over to me and dippers like “Oh hi there! Uhm… no offense but are you alright?” And I was like “yeah I am fine, just allergies.” And bill looks at me and goes “hey now ripped jeans, don’t lie to yourself, you only get allergies in late summer. Lemme have a look.” An he walks over and I open my mouth an hes investigating and hes like. “Oh yeah, you’ve got strep, im surprised you didn’t know since you’ve had it many times before, now go to the doctor or at least get some rest before I lacerate you! :D bye ripped jeans!” And then I woke up and checked my throat and sure enough I’ve got lil white puss pockets. My brain was like ‘how I get this bitch to take care of herself *digs through conscious* ah fandoms kule.’

FYI my new favorite hoodie has arrived.

I just woke up from a nap and now it’s time for cozy clothes and laundry night as I use illness* as an excuse to be a bum on a Friday night.

*actually starting to feel a bit better after my nap. I’m going to steam my sinuses in the shower later and hopefully knock the rest of my face-congestion outta there before it sets up came in my mutant nose for the duration of allergy season.

Prescription allergy eye drops don’t work. FEXOFENADINE? NOTHING. LORATADINE? NOTHING. All that’s left is trying out Cetirizine and/or getting these dang shots. Oh and since I developed allergies as an adult (2 weeks ago) it most likely will get much worse 

Late night Sonic run with my bro @rossmckelvy. I’ve been getting murdered by allergies but at least he looks good. 😂 FOLLOW HIM! (at Sonic Drive-In of Franklin, TN 3453)

answer-uncertain replied to your post: My son is turning thirteen today… He g…

My sister’s asthma and allergies saved our family from my trio of stud brothers going through the man-stink phase. Bless her.

Hahaha! No such “luck” in this house. And the youngest turns thirteen next year. I feel like I didn’t think this through very well lol. Thirteen years total of teenage boys in the house. Lord have mercy on my nose and my sanity.


Soooo a while ago, Lotus submitted me this adorable little thing and I just had to draw it:

Imagine Dopey trying to teach a baby bird how to fly. He found it abandoned as an egg and hatched and raised it himself. Though Dopey encourages it as best he can, the bird can’t seem to get off the ground for more than a few seconds. Sneezy happens by and immediately wants to help but the bird’s feathers set off his allergies and he sneezes the bird away. Sneezy feels awful, thinking he’s hurt the bird and ruined its chances of flying, and as Dopey tries to console his friend the bird comes flying back to the two of them. It turns out the gust of wind from Sneezy’s sneeze was just what the little bird needed to stay airborne. The two dwarfs wave good-bye as it happily returns to the wild.