sorry if this is the wrong place to send this! i just wanted to send in an akafuri headcanon, so i decided why not the queen of akafuri herself? this is a headcanon: okay, first date rolls around, right? akashi is wearing this expensive perfume that cost a lot of money and furihata has allergies that akashi doesn’t know about. so he pulls up to furi’s house, walks to the door and knocks politely, and furihata opens smiling widely, excited for their date. then boom! poor baby is sneezing like someone glued a feather under his nose and has a severe allergic reaction. akashi is horrified, furihata is embarrassed. their first date involves sitting in a hospital while furi’s face is broken out in hives.

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 ahh too nice oh gosh but omfg omfg that is so cute ahahah Furihata pretty much being allergic to akashi xDD I think after it passes akashi would feel shitty and furi would be laughing telling him it’s ok

Me Or The Cat

Can you write a fic where the reader is a hunter who has a really furry, black Persian cat. The Winchesters stay at her place for a while for a hunt and Dean gets allergies and she takes care of him. They flirt a lot and he (jokingly) asks if she would pick him over the cat, but the reader chooses the cat. Dean is a little hurt but he really likes her so he goes and buys a lot of antihistamines instead to be with her.

"Look Dean just don’t do anything stupid or weird." Sam warned his brother as he focused on the newspaper he held in hands. 

"I’m always on my best behavior.” Dean replied glancing at his brother before turning his attention back on the road. 

"Dude you hit on her everytime we go on hunts together, and as much as I enjoy watching you get rejected this is a serious case." Sam replied this time looking at his brother. 

"Yeah, yeah I know she digs me she’s just trying to stay professional." Dean smirked before slowly pulling to a stop in front of your apartment building. Sam looked at his brother. 

"You should take something for that cold before it gets worse." Sam suggested before climbing out the passenger side. 

"I’m as healthy as a horse." Dean grumbled before following his brother up the sidewalk. 

"Hey guys." You smiled at two of your favorite people.

"Hey y/n thanks for letting us crash here while we work on this case." Sam smiled.

"Oh please it’s nothing I like when you guys are in town I get to try out new recipes on you two." You beamed as Sam pulled you into a hug. 

"You sure you don’t want to join us?" Sam asked taking a seat at the island in your kitchen. 

"Yeah I’m sure, I’m still recovering from a hunt I did two days ago." You chuckled lightly. Dean took a seat next to Sam as you rummaged up some lunch for the two. 

"Hey you still got that kitten?" Sam asked looking up at you. 

"Oh yeah Luna she’s around here somewhere." You said looking around and as if on cue your furry little black fluff ball trotted into the room. Dean glanced over at you. 

"I can’t believe you still have it, given your job." Dean stated looking up at you. 

"Yeah I know but she’s actually really easy to care for minus the hair." You smiled scooping her up into your arms. Dean let out a loud sneeze. 

"Oh I forgot you were allergic." You stated more to yourself than to anyone else in the room. 

"Can’t believe you forgot your boyfriend was allergic." Dean said rubbing his eyes. 

"You wish you were my boyfriend." You replied smiling at Dean. 

"Guess you’ll just have to get rid of the cat." Dean said with a small grin playing on his face before letting out another sneeze. 

"Don’t you have a hunt you’re supposed to be doing?" You asked ignoring Dean’s last statement. 

"There’s no way he can come, I can do the interviews on my own." Sam stated sliding away from Dean. 

"Why can’t he go." You asked your eyes fixed on Sam. 

"One he’s already got a cold, and the way his allergies are acting up because of Luna…I’d rather not have him giving us away while we hunt this thing." Sam said. 

"So I have to care of him, he’s more stubborn than you when he’s sick." You pouted placing your hands on your hips. 

"He’s not that bad….okay he is but once he’s asleep you’ll be fine, now I got to go I’ll be back later tonight." Sam continued easing towards the door. 

"Don’t forget your spare key." You called to him, as he headed out the door. 

"I’m not that bad." Dean grumbled flopping on the couch.

"You’re worse than my three year old niece." You replied in a matter of fact tone. 

"So y/n? Would you ever choose me over the cat?" Dean asked as he snuggled into the overstuffed couch cushions.

"I’d pick the cat, because she eats less." you smiled walking off to the bathroom in search of some cold medicine for Dean. After rummaging through the cabinets you finally returned to find yourself alone in the apartment. 

"He better have not gone off to join Sam." you mumbled as you headed into the kitchen to start on some tea, and soup for Dean. You’d finally finished when  you heard the door open and shut again. 

"Dean where have you been?" You asked drumming your fingers against the counter more annoyed than angry. He just flashed you a mischievous smirk before holding up a bag from the local drug store. 

"I already have cold medicine." You replied.

"It’s not cold medicine it’s antihistamines, you know so you don’t have to choose between me and the Luna." Dean replied setting the bag down.

"And what makes you think I want to date you?" You asked trying to keep a straight face.

"Well because I know late at night before you go to bed you fill your diary with how much you like me." Dean replied. An awkward mixture of a snort and chuckle escaped from you. 

"I do not own a diary Winchester." You smiled sitting next to him. 

"Okay fine you don’t, but I can tell you do." He continued this time his tone much more serious before looking at you his eyes scanning you for a response. 

"I might have a soft spot for you." You confessed, Dean just smiled leaning in for a kiss, as you pulled back confusion written all over his face at your reaction to his kiss. 

"You’re not getting me sick." You smiled placing a kiss on his forehead. 


Hi everyone :) It’s hard to me asking for money, but now I’m in really really bad situation.

Three weeks ago I found out that I have asthma. My doctor trying a lot of different medication on me. I already have 4 inhalers and something for my allergy. Plus I have a sick stomach, and I have to take medication for it all the time. This is is all I have to take take everyday (and they cost A LOT). For now, because I have next a doctor’s appointment next week. Those meds are really expensive and in Poland you can’t have them for free.

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I live with my parents but they can’t help me. My dad is a carpenter but he has no work during the winter. And he doesn’t wants to help me anyway. My mom is not working at all and she has SM (and she has attacks so strong that she is in the hospital very often). She needs to taking so many meds every day and they cost a lot. They spend every money for meds and bills.

I’m so desperate that I sold my albums and few books, I tried to sell clothes too because I don’t have money for my bills (internet and phone) and I need money for meds now.

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vredig asked:

I have severe allergies and asthma, and I have been urged by several professionals (both naturopaths and MDs) that I would benefit immensely from a teaspoon of local honey a day. I have been vegan for over three years, and I don't agree at all with the act of taking the honey that bees produce for themselves, but I can't help but wonder if it would be as beneficial for my health as it is claimed to be. Do you or any other vegans who follow this blog have advice? What would you do in this sitch?

I would ask them why in the first place are they recommending you honey, this to understand which nutritional factor they’re taking in consideration; that way you can look for specific nutrients or benefits in other resources. Naturopathy is very wide, but I’m not a professional yet to give you an exact advice.

Any of you guys have more ideas/info that can help? 

Need couch/floor space Anywhere in Kitsap county Washington

My name is Joey, I’m a Trans-Man and I need a place to stay in Kitsap county by the end of march. I’m in a temporary housing situation and my planned housing has fallen through. 

I can pay up to 350$ in rent, has to be in Kitsap because I have county specific housing assistance. I also have food stamps and can provide food for myself. I don’t currently have a job, but I’m actively looking for one. 

I’m a very friendly, open person. I love to cook and bake. I make sparse money by making wood carvings to sell at Markets. I do occasionally indulge in Marijuana but that’s fairly rare and I’m allergic to tobacco products. My only other major allergy is to nickle.

My contact info is Lady.in.the.waves@gmail.com and Lady-Atlantis on tumblr. I will provide my phone number when I am contacted.

pastelwhalesblog asked:

What is paleo and whole30?

Paleo is a whole, nutrient-dense, mostly an elimination diet. “By removing many of the causes of allergies and autoimmune disorders, as well as the processed food-like products brought about by modern manufacturing, the human body is able to detox from foreign substances and naturally reset those basic functions that make eating, breathing and moving so effortless in a healthy system.”

Below shows you a diagram of the Paleo Pie:

For more information, go to this link: http://paleomagonline.com/paleo-diet-101/

Whole30 is a more rigorous diet than Paleo, but still the same concept: a whole, nutrient-dense - an elimination diet. The difference between Paleo and Whole30 is that in Whole30, you can’t have dairy, sugar (real or artificial), and carrageenan, MSG, or sulfites. For both diets, you can’t consume alcohol. 

Here is a whole guide of what you can and cannot have for the Whole30: http://whole30.com/2013/06/the-official-can-i-have-guide-to-the-whole30/

For more information on Whole30, read the book It Starts with Food and go to this link: http://whole30.com/whole30-program-rules/

Accepting applications

for someone to spend my Sunday afternoons with. Must make the coffee, pancakes a plus. Other duties include holding my feet while watching Netflix on the couch, and reading next to me in bed. Some light walking through parks during good weather. No cat allergies, please.

Thought it was just my allergies but here i am with a fever and a horrible cough and stuffy nose. Also i burped and threw up on my floor woohoo. Drinking a shit ton of water and eating an orange to get me and my babe healthy again! Send healin vibes my way peeeps♡

OK, but imagine Cas and Sam running an animal shelter together and Dean loudly complaining all the time about My allergies, Cas. But, Dean secretly sneaks all the animals treats every time he comes to bring a salad for Sam and a kiss for Cas.