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Oshima Mai!

Maimai (not to be confused with SKE’s Maimai) was a 1st gen member, and was 18 when she debuted with AKB. Like many members, prior to joining AKB, Maimai was active in idol group ‘C.T.D ~brand new~’. Thanks to her experience and training, even though AKB’s concept is ‘the members are rough, so you can watch them grow’… From the beginning, Maimai was basically perfect as an idol. Her singing and dancing, although not the top, were always confident enough to earn her a front position in all stages and senbatsu. But her real skills were MC, variety and interviews. From the beginning, Maimai was trusted with introducing the group, leading MCs in the theatre and at events, and was able to go on variety shows with the group, and by herself, and charm everyone, with no awkward or nervousness. She was even the kageana for the very first theater show.

The ease with which she promoted herself and AKB led to her being the first member to sign to an outside agency, signing with HoriPro in May 2007, along with Tomochin and Chiyuu. Through HoriPro, Maimai became a series regular on various shows and varieties, such as ‘Radio de Culture' and 'Akko ni Omakase' (Current Akko semi-regulars from 48G include Yui, Sae, Churi, Sayanee, Milky, Umechan.) She had regular gravure shoots, and released a photobook. She became a third MC of AKBingo alongside the Bad Boys. And of course she always made senbatsu and had favourable stage units, and was consistently one of the top 5 most popular members in the entire group.

tl;dr: Maimai, perfect in every way :’) “Don’t mess with me just because I’m stupid! I’m a girl who can do anything, Maimai.

Recommended Songs:
Namida no Shounan [Maimai (centre), Mariko, Ayunee, Yukarin, Shiho]
Haru ga Kuru Made [Maimai, Chiru]
Heart Gata Virus [Maimai (centre), Kojiharu, Nozufisu]
Kioku no Dilemma [Maimai (centre), Yuttan, Nonti, Yukarin]

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