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Kaidan doesn't have any flaws

Oh, nonny. 

I mean, I think it’s pretty clear which character I love most above all others. I’ve only written entire fics dedicated to him and screamed about my undying love for this little shit at the top of my lungs on a regular basis.

But doesn’t have any flaws? Let me tell you about Kaidan Alenko’s flaws.

He’s a judgemental little turd. EDI even calls him out on it in ME3 during the party. He has some strong opinions and forms flash judgments about the people he meets based on them. Doesn’t mean he doesn’t change his mind later, ‘cause he’s a grown man capable of admitting when he was wrong, but he doesn’t always renege on the things he’s said.

He lets his emotions get the better of him sometimes and shoves his foot so far down his mouth, it’s a miracle people don’t see his tail. While sometimes his propensity for not thinking before he speaks is endearing (re: Citadel ‘there’s no reason they wouldn’t like you’) it also lands him in hot water, re: Horizon. (Not saying he’s wrong, but his delivery left a little something to be desired - as did Shepard’s.)

He’s exceptionally stubborn. Not always a bad thing, but not always a good thing, either.

I’d say he’s also a bit vain, though this is more a personal interpretation. He certainly likes to be seen as fit and capable. He wants to know he could take Vega in a fist fight, ‘cause Vega is beefy mchuge in ME3. 

But I mean, these all make him the rich character that he is. Without flaws to balance out the wonderful parts of him, he wouldn’t feel real. That connection I feel to his character wouldn’t exist because a perfect person isn’t something any of us can really relate to. For all Miranda’s talk about her being engineered to be perfect, she’s far from it. Perfect characters aren’t interesting, don’t have anything to offer, and don’t have any room to grow. All the interesting things happen to them but not because of them. They don’t make mistakes or bad judgment calls. 

Kaidan Alenko absolutely has flaws, and it’s one of the reasons I love him so much.

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f!shenko at the county fair

Shepard peered over the edge of the divider separating her and Kaidan. Or, more aptly, the shooters from the rest of the masses. He’d vanished from her side so fast she’d thought she’d imagined his company in the first place, until she saw him practically bouncing on his toes, impatiently waiting for his chance at ski ball.

Two feet above his head, a stern sign read, ‘NO BIOTICS’.

She watched him roll his shoulders as he readied the ball, craning on her tiptoes to see over the ledge. Then he abruptly turned, and she practically smacked her face on the board as she slammed back down on her heels and whirled around.

"Shepard, I know you’re there."

"Can’t prove anything, Alenko."

"I need you to hold my amp."

"What?" She turned back around and leaned upwards - and almost hit her face against his.

She was too surprised to back away and even more surprised when he rested his chin on her fingers while unplugging his amp. His lips dangerously close to her knuckles, and she could feel his breath on her skin.

"In case I do too well. Wouldn’t want to be accused of any wrongdoing.”

"Oh," she said, still staring at the two centimeter gap between his lips and her fingers, which closed to one centimeter when he spoke. "Right."

"And since I knew you’d be spying on me, I figured you wouldn’t mind."

"Of course not." He stood back up, and she snapped her eyes back onto his.

"So you don’t deny the spying."

"Hand the amp over, Alenko."

"Thanks," he said. His hand closed around hers, gently prying fingers open since she’d forgotten to do it herself, and depositing the fragile piece of tech. "Wish me luck?"

"Give ‘em hell."

For a moment, he lingered at the edge of the board separating them, his hand still on hers, before departing. At which point, she finally allowed herself to flush. She tried to dismiss the thoughts which bubbled in the back of her mind as she held one of the most precious things a biotic could ask another person to hold on their account - and attempted to not think of what that meant, either.

For sspacer on her birthday.  Happy birthday, lovely!

Like every year, Kaidan asked Shepard what she wanted several times in the weeks leading up to her birthday.  Like every year, each request was met with a terse utterance of “Nothing!” followed by a glare that was more lighthearted than threatening.

It was tradition between them.  He asked her what she wanted, she brushed it aside, and he went out and got her something anyway.  He had tried fancy restaurants and gift certificates, jewelry and clothing, even the latest onmitools, but she always accepted every gift he offered with a poorly concealed grimace on her face.  She was not a birthday person.

In the end, he knew it was nigh impossible to find something for a woman like Shepard, but damned if he would stop trying.  So, this year he was at it again.  And this year he planned to try something different.  She wanted nothing and he would offer her as close to nothing as he could get without feeling like a complete asshole.

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"Don't you dare touch me."

Rahna’s indifference shouldn’t have surprised him in the days following the incident, but it did. It stung, but not nearly as much as the relayed messages from mutual friends who’d taken her side over his that she was terrified of him. Almost as much as she had been of Vyrnnus.

That blow was hard, and it hit him right in his gut when Perry delivered the message in the hall right outside her room. She didn’t want to see him because he frightened her. Because he was a monster.

Maybe he was.

After all, wasn’t that the point of this whole station? Wasn’t that why they’d all been taken from their families? Hadn’t he just proved all the government men right?

That night he smashed his amp to pieces under the heel of his boot. He hadn’t chosen to be a biotic. He hadn’t chosen to be one of the ‘lucky few’ who survived exposure in utero. He hadn’t been the one to shove a military grade knife in his face.

Kaidan winced and squeezed his eyes shut, rolling over in his bed. The quietness of the station was maddening. His own guilt screaming at him and nothing to drown it out. No peace, no respite. Just a constant litany of all the ways he’d fucked up, backed up by accusing eyes and hushed whispers in the hall.

When he did finally fall asleep, he still found no relief.

The next day, he didn’t mean to bump into her. Didn’t mean to catch her arm as she nearly tripped from the impact. He hadn’t even really realized that it was her because she’d constantly been surrounded by their old crew every day since the incident. Not until she turned around and her eyes opened wide in fright.

She stumbled away from him and when he attempted to follow her, to apologize, to say something because every day it was eating him to not do something, she said, “Don’t you dare touch me.”

It would have been better if she’d spat it out. With venom and anger and betrayal. But that wasn’t her. And that’s when it really sunk home, what he’d done. What he’d become.

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Ben/Kaidan. Basorexia - An overwhelming desire to kiss.

This got long - and kind of ‘the long way ‘round’ canon-y

Kaidan and Tali wait for Shepard at the LZ, keeping their distance from the final discussion between the Commander and mortally wounded Reaper. When Shepard returns, he’s replaced his helmet, walking slow and shoulders slumped, which is unusual - but what about this day, with the return of the Quarians to Rannoch and the first proper Reaper killed in combat, has been ‘normal’?

It gets even weirder when Ben leaves the helmet on in the shuttle, slumping into Kaidan and picking at a dent in his armor as they lift off to rendezvous with the Normandy.  Just as they break atmo, Ben takes Kaidan’s helmet, fiddles with the coms, and hands it back to Kaidan, giving a knock to his own helmet as he does so.  Kaidan slips it on, andmthe HUD confirms that Ben has put them on a private link.

"I’m sorry." Shepard apologizes without preamble.  "I just…. wanted you to know that before we got back to the ship and, well, I’m just sorry."


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