Imagine your otps

Imagine them curled up in bed at night, talking about nothing. Content to be in each other’s company.

Imagine them going out to dinner, or the movies, and poking fun at the others choice.

Imagine them doing normal couple things, like cooking dinner together or going furniture shopping.

Imagine them slow dancing in their home to soft music. Imagine slow dancing turning into slow kissing.


It had been a quiet day aboard the Normandy.  They were mid-transit from one high-level mission to another, and for once they had time to sleep, eat, catch up on paperwork, and with each other.  Kaidan found Shepard in her cabin, pacing across her office as she hummed along with whatever music the data pad she was holding was feeding into her ear buds.  And even though she didn’t respond to his entrance she melted backwards into his arms when he reached for her elbow with a hum of contentment, pulling out the buds and dropping the data pad to hook her hands onto the arm her wrapped across her shoulders as the other slid around her waist.

"What’s up, Major?" she asked, dropping her head back onto his collarbone.

"Just wanted to see you." he answered, putting his lips to her ear before shifting to take a deep breath, availing himself of the luxury of smelling her hair.

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