I posted my recent Invader Zim fanart on my Instagram and an account going by the name of _dibxzim_ liked my post. I clicked on their profile and found that their entire profile is full of stolen Invader Zim art.  

I suggest artists that post in the Invader Zim tag, and specifically, the ZADR tag since most of the art appears to be from there, look at this persons profile to see if your artwork has been posted without your consent.  You can report the user for stealing your intellectual property.

Click on the little grey arrow indicated on their profile

If the artwork you are reporting is yours, click on Intellectual Property and follow their directions from there.  If you also feel the need to send this user a message, keep it polite.  It’s very likely that the user is very young and doesn’t know that what they’re doing is wrong.  

So far the artists that people have notified me of their artwork being stolen is ysgwood  spider-junk and agenthisui