I love oblivious Enjolras, but I love oblivious R so much more. Like Enjolras stares at him heart eyes and smiles gently, he thinks its because of the t-shirt he is wearing. Enjolras hugs him for longer than he hugged any of the other Amis, R writes it off as just because he was wearing a comfy hoody that day so it must have been nice to cuddle into. Enjolras holds his hand while they walk, R is like “oh his hands must be cold” and thinks that his pink cheeks are for the same reason.

And when Enjolras takes R out to a fancy restaurant and R thinks it is because Enjolras wants to redistribute his parents money and R was the only one free that night. When Enjolras takes R to a movie, R assumes it is bc he wants to convince R of the message behind the movie. When they start regularly going to dinner together, R thinks it is just because he has been looking skinnier recently and Enjolras is trying to get him back to his usual weight.

And when Enjolras kisses him after one of these nights out R smiles and just assumes it is like a platonic kiss, like the ones he gives Combeferre and Courfeyrac. Though usually theirs are on the cheek, and don’t involve tongue. But you know whatever, he is glad Enjolras has reached that level of comfort with him.

And then Enjolras starts introducing him as his boyfriend, and R thinks that it is because he feels the need to show all his political opponents his sexuality and prove that he isn’t just saying he is gay for support or whatever. And then when Enjolras wants R to move in with him R is like sure whatevs, anything to keep the ruse up right. And does it and it is three days into the arrangement that Enjolras finally notices.

R never initiates anything. Like not kisses, dates, hugs, nothing. And Enjolras starts panicking and goes straight to Jehan the love expert and asks him if R even likes him. Like did he just throw this relationship onto the poor guy?

And Jehan just narrows their eyes at him and is like “You and R aren’t dating.” 

And Enjolras is like “Dude, we have literally kissed in front of you whatchu talking about?”

And Jehan just closes their eyes and opens the door fully to show R sitting on the couch having heard the whole thing, looking v confused.

And R is like “wtf”

And Enjolras is like “tell them we are dating.”

And then suddenly R gets it. All of it adds up finally and he just points at Enjolras and opens and closes his mouth a couple of times trying to find what to say.

And then he decides to cut his loses and pretend he knew all along and had not been at Jehans place to bitch about Enjolras not liking him and just nods. 

"Yeah totally, of course we are dating, how could anyone possibly think we arent." And R immediately txts the les amis the situation and they laugh but no one ever tells Enjolras how long it took for R to actually figure out they were in a relationship(three months)


"my bf does my makeup challenge" bc moronoke wanted us to do this and i didnt fuck up their face completely so…

things that happened in the past hour:
-40yr old white woman with a black butler backpack touched my shoulder and said something that sounded suspiciously like “Doge”
-saw a very tiny man with a very large mumford-esque beard. it was like twice the size his body
-drew a piece of popcorn on my hand
-Fucked all life
-the Big Friend exhibit is back in the art lobby so i thought of beppis
-saw graphic ninja turtle porn on my dash for the first time that was something else
-tripped down an entire flight of stairs

anonymous asked:

wait what do you look like, have you ever posted a picture of yourself madam cummies?

yeah i have like 10 selfies in my tagged/me 

here’s my last selfie http://i8yurcummies.tumblr.com/post/99172219731/i-tried-to-take-a-selfie-today

and here’s a body selfie http://i8yurcummies.tumblr.com/post/104631341581/my-seifuku-is-crooked-as-hell