Even if the Sky is Falling Down | { Elena & Aaron }
  • Aaron:He knew Elena well enough to read what she was trying to say, even though her words were being controlled by her defense mechanisms. It wasn't that he was a threat, he knew that wasn't it, but the girl had always been better at hidding her feelings than him, even if eventually Aaron would protect them both. The truth was, she would be there in the end to take care of him. "I will," he assured, a small smile hinting at his lips as he followed her gaze, noticing the surprise that washed over her features when he opened the door. Fighting a laugh, he motioned for her to climb inside. Once he did the same, Aaron laughed at her response, rolling his eyes at her. "I honestly wouldn't want someone to have sex with me just because they feel sorry for what happened, so no. I'm not. You know I wouldn't." He replied softly, glancing over at her quickly. Admittedly, the idea had crossed her mind more than he'd admitted to anyone, both when they were together or when he woke up thinking of the girl that was supposed to be only his best friend. Biting his lower lip, Aaron's gaze returned to the road as she kept driving, his head resting against the window. "I know. I'll be a good boy and just be with you for the night," he added after a moment, smiling at her.