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Now here is another kick in the nuts for P.T./ Silent Hills saga, it has a expiration date. Just fuck you Konami, just fuck you for trying to bury something that could have been special.

P.T. Can't Be Re-Downloaded

P.T. Can’t Be Re-Downloaded

Kojima’s interactive teaser for Silent Hills, P.T., was taken down from PSN last week with April 29th being the last day of its availability. Normally when a title is taken down from a digital store, it’s usually available for re-download for users who have downloaded it before. There were no indications that P.T. would be any different. Until now.

After receiving a tip, Polygon tested P.T.’s…

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It’s the ongoing gamesoft scary story, “Hideo Kojima Is Being Bullied.” It’s hidoi, right? This time it’s P.T.’s strange disappearance. We hope you played this gamesoft! It was good~

It’s “Silent Hill Is Important!”

It’s “Unreleased Horror Gamesoft Tattoo Assassins”.

“Shin Nihon Keikaku…” It’s 18%! Let’s max it to 120%!!



Endless List of Reasons To Admire Silent Hill:

#6: Fog

“I hear that it’s almost never sunny in Silent Hill. And people say that when the fog comes out, strange things happen.”

Henry Townshend said it well. O.K., it was the only thing he ever said other than “what the hell,” so he was due. But no other game or movie or medium has latched onto one aspect of nature and used it endlessly as a long-standing metaphor for the unknown, a source of suffocating fear, a stylistic addiction to the cryptic town, and a welcomed sight of joy for any fan. 

Silent Hill is our favorite foggy little town, and the fog draws us in every single time.

Silent Hill Homecoming trivia/Facts

  • All the bosses in the game are references to the deaths of the children. Joey Bartlett was buried alive and is symbolically represented by Sepulcher in the garden. Scarlet Fitch loved dolls and was dismembered, causing Scarlet the mannequin, a representation of her, to behead her father in a similar way to her death. Nora Holloway was choked to death, and is represented by Asphyxia. The final boss, Amnion, represents Joshua’s death by having a tube of water in its mouth, referencing Joshua’s drowning.
  • The bosses can be interpreted as demonic incarnations of the children, however, they can also be considered the tormentors who desired to claim retribution for their deaths and punish their killers for their sins, similar to what Pyramid Head is to James Sunderland, as all of the founders, filled with regret (with the exception of Judge Holloway), walked straight to their deaths at the hands of their respective “victims/tormentors”.
  • Adam Shepherd was killed by the Bogeyman. This creature can be considered a “punisher” who represents Adam Shepherd’s guilt for breaking the pact and dooming Shepherd’s Glen. Another possibility is that the Bogeyman represents Alex himself, wanting to punish his father for the way he treated Alex during his childhood.
  • Almost every boss in the game appears after Alex shows an object to a parent that belonged to their child. Sepulcher appears after Alex shows Joey’s Broken Watch to Mayor Barlett, Scarlet appears after Alex shows Scarlet’s Doll to Doctor Fitch and Asphyxia appears after Alex shows Elle’s Locket to Judge Holloway. The only exception is Amnion, and this is because Adam Shepherd didn’t kill Joshua, Alex did.
  • During the boat ride, Deputy Wheeler mentions a missing female police officer who is heavily implied to be Cybil Bennett from Silent Hill.
  • The fleshy membranes that replace the tarp and other thin materials to cut through in the game resemble vagina orifices with teeth or vagina dentata. This could easily represent childbirth, but in a far more vulgar way. During labor, dilation is a natural event that can be seen as an analogy to when Alex slices each membrane open, only to see each side lined with teeth. This could possibly be a reference to Lillian bearing her two sons, knowing one of the boys had a doomed fate, thus they inevitably entered a dangerous world, represented by the teeth.
  • During the first cutscene, Alex sees and hears each parent killing their child in the hospital rooms that he passes while on the gurney. If the player watches closely, the murders can be seen happening in the following order: Dr. Fitch dismembering/mutilating Scarlet, Judge Holloway strangling Nora, and Mayor Bartlett dropping Joey into a hole. The child they’re all killing appears to be Joshua.
  • The surgeon who is pushing Alex’s gurney is actually his father, Adam. It’s likely that in the dream he was taking his son to his death to fulfill the sacrifice before he was killed by the Bogeyman. Adam is killed twice in the game with the same method, thus this foreshadows Adam’s death later in the game.
  • The blades that are hanging above Alex’s gurney in the Nightmare Hospital are the same as the set that is located on the end of Amnion’s appendages.
  • If the player becomes lost during a level, they should follow the trail of insects, as they will direct the player to the necessary place. However, they are easy to miss, as they move in a tight formation and only on the floor.
  • There is a lot of speculation about the relevance of 206. It is known that 206 is Alex’s hospital room number, supported by the ending in which it is revealed that Alex had been in a mental asylum throughout the entire game. In the Nightmare Hospital, when chasing Joshua, if Alex examines the door to 206, he will hear water dripping from the other side, a symbol of Alex’s avoided fate and Joshua’s actual fate. Room 206 in the Grand Hotel in Silent Hill is the room that Alex falls through before he encounters Mayor Bartlett and Sepulcher. Most importantly, though, is the fact that all clocks in Shepherd’s Glen are stopped at 2:06. If viewed carefully, one can see that in Alex’s flashback, the time on Adam’s watch is also 2:06. It could be a possible reference to tetraphobia, an East Asian superstition concerning the number 4 and death. If one looks at 2:06 mathematically, when the numbers are re-ordered 6 - 2 (six minus two), one is left with 4, a number that, in Japanese, is pronounced similarly to the word for death. Also, even though this is likely a mere coincidence, the German word for 4 is pronounced almost exactly like the English “fear” (which even more strangely is composed of four letters). However, considering that Homecoming was produced by a Western developer, these two connections seem unlikely, though there are several signs in the game which revolve around the number 4, as written directly below, such as the H-A-T-E reordering and the four bosses borne of the four deceased children. It is also possible that 2:06 A.M. is Joshua Shepherd’s time of death; when speaking to Curtis, by selecting a certain option he will say to Alex: “It’s as if something is keeping things from moving forward,” an allusion to Joshua’s death.
  • If looking at the Silent Hill Grand Hotel sign, one can see 4 letters that are not working, A-H-T-E. If reordered, the letters spell out H-A-T-E, which could possibly symbolize the deaths of the four children and their hatred for their parents.In reference to the Bible, the Shepherd family seems to be a symbolism of the first family. Adam and Eve had two sons, Cain and Abel, while Adam and Lillian Shepherd (in reference to Adam’s first wife, Lilith) had Alex and Joshua. Cain was a farmer and Abel was a shepherd who sacrificed the firstborn of his flock to God. Cain was jealous that God favored Abel and killed him and released mortal sin unto the Earth. Although Alex was jealous of Joshua, he didn’t kill Joshua with malicious intent, but he still killed him regardless. Upon doing so, Alex broke the pact that the Founding Families held with the Old Gods and released the evil of the Otherworld into Shepherd’s Glen.Many of the achievements that can be acquired in the Xbox 360 version are references to Silent Hill 2. For example, the “Drowning” ending has the achievement “In Water” which is the same name as one of the endings in the earlier game, but both protagonists have the same fate; they both drown. “Angela’s Choice” is achieved by not forgiving Alex’s father; a reference to Angela Orosco’s hatred for her own father.There are several unused voice files in the game, hinting - among other things - that the game was going to have concentrated mainly on fighting alongside allies, and was going to include a cameo by Walter Sullivan when he was a child, in the form of a therapy session recorded on tape. Listening to the tape revealed Walter was being shown pictures of Room 302, and when he was shown a picture of his real mother he denied that he had any relation to her, and threw a tantrum.Alex’s last name is Shepherd, which is also Mary Shepherd-Sunderland’s maiden name. This suggests family relations.When asked about the relation in an interview, Tomm Hulett said it was a mere coincidence, and that there is no relation between the two characters.If the player shines a light on a Nurse’s abdomen, a fetus can clearly be seen within her womb.When in the basement of Alex’s house, if the player looks through the see-through curtain that leads to the outside of Adam Shepherd’s hunting room, Adam’s silhouette can be seen. Once cut open, however, the silhouette is revealed to be a dress mannequin.There was originally a level where Alex meets a hunter in the woods. Alex helps the character out, but he winds up dying anyway. The level was scrapped, but the character model was reused for Travis Grady’s cameo. The initials on the hunter’s hat in his conceptual art spell “SHV”, the abbreviation for Silent Hill V (the working title of Homecoming).The opening cutscene of the game in which Alex is strapped to a gurney and pushed through a nightmarish hospital is very reminiscent of a scene from Jacob’s Ladder, a film often credited as one of the Silent Hill series’ influences. The game plot also has a striking resemblance to that of the film, as at the end of the film, it is revealed that Jacob never made it out of Vietnam alive, it was a drug induced delusion. In the Hospital ending, it is revealed Alex was never really in the military and it was all a delusion caused by the drugs he was given while in a mental institution.Scarlet’s boss, the embodied doll, may be reference to Silent Hill 3. In Alessa Gillespie’s room near the end of the game, the player can examine a set of dolls at the foot of Alessa’s bed.Heather Mason (Alessa) will say that one of the dolls was her favorite as a child, and she played with the doll a lot. She will say that she named the doll ‘Scarlet,’ but she cannot remember the other doll’s name.While there are several inconsistencies with the map of Central Silent Hill as it appears in Homecoming, the most noticeable is the expansion of Toluca Lake which, according to the map as it is shown in-game, effectively submerges several locations from Origins such as the Greenfield Apartments, Cedar Grove Sanitarium, and the church with its cemetery (see Silent Hill: Homecoming changes for more details).At the title screen, Joshua can be seen standing on the front porch of the Shepherd house.According to an interview with producer Tomm Hulett, Homecoming was originally supposed to climax in a fight scene between Joshua Shepherd and Alessa Gillespie over Toluca Lake. Elle Holloway was also originally supposed to be an adult version of Laura from Silent Hill 2, and she would have worn James Sunderland’s jacket during the boat ride to Silent Hill.During Alex’s nightmare in the beginning of the game, horizontally-severed corpses are prevalent throughout the entire facility. In psychology, this is likely a reference to how Adam Shepherd dies. First one must consider how deeply Alex was offended by his father’s behavior towards him since childhood, then consider the composition of dreams and nightmares. Neuroscientists have concluded that most dreams and nightmares are born from one’s common surroundings (i.e., residence, peer behaviorism) mixed with their personal fears/phobias or pleasures, while some dreams still remain as perplexing fantasies. Therefore, these in-sleep experiences are frequently called “sideways” views on reality. Adam Shepherd is killed by being sliced in half vertically by the Bogeyman, and his corpse is also found in his son’s nightmare, garbed as a surgeon. If one closely examines the surroundings during the dream, it is easily noticeable that there are more horizontally-cut corpses than in any other stage in the game. This could be a hint to the player that what Alex is experiencing is a nightmare before the save point and/or cutscene exposes this, but it can also be another clue of how Adam’s nightmare fate will eventually become reality. Homecoming is the only installment in the franchise where every monster has its own introductory cutscene.

(From the Silent Hill: Homecoming wikia)

silent outrage

“We’re entering the dark ages! P.T. can no longer be downloaded from PSN even if you bought it!”

We’ve already been there for a long, long time.

There are already hundreds if not thousands of games lost in this way because there’s no way to archive or preserve them and the only method of procuring them is long gone. Remember the Broadcast Satellavew (BS-X)? Long story short, games have been “lost” many times already, especially in areas like cellphone games (that weren’t on iOS/Android – you know, older ones).

It’d be nice if people cared about games other than big-name titles.

(To be honest, everything in the digital age has been going this way; there are countless sites, services, etc. that have just gone “closing now, bye” and removed all data. See also GeoCities, Google Code, etc…)

PT is no longer downloadable from PSN

When we learned Silent Hills had been axed, Playable Teaser PT was still available on the PlayStation Network. Then, it was pulled – but if you had grabbed it previously, you could still re-download it. Now, it seems, even that option’s gone. If you don’t have it now, chances are you never will.

Read more: http://www.playerattack.com/news/2015/05/06/pt-is-no-longer-downloadable-from-psn/

This is not a trick of the light in the photograph. This is my actual view right now out the office window due to the fog. I can’t even see the buildings across the street.

I mentioned the possibility to my coworkers that we may be in another city when the fog lifts. Wise Sage the eidetic historian is concerned that it may be Dayton, OH in the way I am concerned it will be Silent Hill.