Mirrors and magic go together in JSAMN, for magic is a sort of mirror of Englishness. The Raven King, who is at the heart of English magic, has John Uskglass, or in its original version, d’Uskglass, as one of his names. And indeed, English magic is a kind of dusky glass, a mirror in which we can see darkly what Englishness consists of. Thus, the land of Faerie is a looking-glass version of everything that the English have forgotten or that they prefer not to notice about their country. Battlegrounds still strewn with skeletons in armour; gloomy castles; ceremonies that are “celebrations of dust and nothingness.” It’s a reminder of the brutal origins of English society, the feudal distinctions that still obtain, and the violence or threat of violence that supports these distinctions. The “gentleman with thistledown hair,” a prince of Faerie, is a model of aristocratic contempt for the desires of others (although perhaps he’s more precisely an autocrat than an aristocrat). As he tells the servant Stephen Black, the guests at his nightly balls are his vassals and subjects; there isn’t one whom he would scruple to kill if they dared criticize him. Yet is he so much worse in his callousness than Jonathan Strange’s father, who decides on a cruel whim to expose Jeremy Johns, an ill servant, to the winter air that he might die? Or than the vicious and self-satisfied Lascelles, who ruins women for sport, needlessly murders a man, and cruelly slices open the face of the servant Childermass for having the affrontery to (correctly) accuse him of thievery? Or the foppish parasite Drawlight who subsists in a twilight world between the upper and criminal classes, and supports himself through drawing others into ruinous debt?


Using Tiled Map Editor to build maps for use in Playground.js. Playground is very much a do-it-yourself system, so I had to cobble together map rendering on my own.

Top: map created in Tiled

Bottom: map rendered in <canvas> by playground.js

Tileset courtesy of Agnes Heyer, from her tigsource thread

Scaling works, but is blurry (not sure why). No collision map yet, that will probably come later, or get hacked together by checking “Is the map index at the target greater than zero?”

Also, I just realized that Tiled outputs stuff in a one-dimensional array and I’m used to working with two-dimensional arrays for maps. That means I’ll probably make a 2d array from the 1d array. The loop that figures out the x and y for each tile is basically the same for a 1d array and a 2d array, so hopefully it should be pretty easy… (famous last words, right?)

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