Tim and Jason confess their undying love for each other in a death situation. warning for cheese and rainbow fluff


"The bomb will go off in 5 minutes! “

Nightwing voice came through the comm.

Tim wasn’texpecting this when he wore his Red Robin uniform earlier this night. They had an Intel that the lunatic that’s been scattering bombs all around Gotham, will be in Gotham’s general hospital tonight.

And they did find him, Along with several bombs all over the building.

With batman gone for league business it left Nightwing, Red hood, Red Robin and Robin to evacuate the building and try to locate the bombs, and eliminate the threat.

He and Jason were in the ground floor to diffuse the one that was located there, when suddenly the bomb that was on the first floor detonated. In seconds the rumble and pieces of the roof feel on them.

Luckily a large portion of the roof was blocked by smaller ones, and prevented it from turning them into pancakes. They were now in a tiny little room made by fallen debits, and with no way out.

“I don’t know if this is our lucky day, cause you know we’re not pancakes yet, or worse day since we didn’t detect any bombs in the first floor”

“The worst thing babybird is that we have to wait for Dicky or the demon spawn to get out of here, we can’t move any of those rocks or they will fall on us”

Tim took out the flashlight from his belt and turned it on. He looked at the man beside him, and panic rose in him. Jason’s red helmet was fractured at the head level, fracture that wasn’t there before the upper floor fell on them.

“Hood your head. Are you hurt?!”

“Nah the helmet took the hit, no need to worry” said Jason while taking his helmet off, and giving Tim one of those million dollar smiles.

Tim didn’t know at what point he became to care so deeply for the other man. Hah! Who was he kidding, he began to care for Jason ever since he wore the green panties, and he was an itty bitty stalker with a camera. He cared for him even the man came back from the dead and went Rambo on all of them.

And then he remembered.

“Jason! The bomb! We didn’t defuse the bomb before the upper floor fell on us, it still active!”

“Ho shit, Red hood to Nightwing, the first floor bomb detonated and we’re under it rumble, we didn’t defuse the bomb on the ground floor, so get your ass in here and deactivate it before it blows the whole building up”

‘And turn us to barbecue meat in the process’ added Tim mentally.

“Got it, am on my way”

“I hate to just sit back and wait”

Jason turned to look at him with that glint of amusement and –dare he hope- affection that he always seems to wear around Tim.

“I can keep you busy if you want” suggested Jason with a suggestive wiggle of eyebrows.

And like every time Jason teased him Tim could feel his cheeks and ears heating up. God, he knows Jason is just kidding, that he is teasing him, but he can’t help but blush every time.

“Would you stop with the sexual innuendos, we’re in a tricky situation here”  

“I’ll stop when you stop blushing every time, it so much fun”  

“You should find a hobby”   

“Ho but I do have hobbies. Dressing up as a sexy vigilante, shooting people in the head, or kneecaps when you are around, go to other galaxy’s to fight giant grasshoppers, and of course making my babybird blush all over” 

“Am beginning to understand Damian’s need to stab people”   

 Jason was smiling broadly now, Tim can see the dimples on his cheek even in the dim light because of how close they were. And God this proximity was giving him ideas. How it would be so easy to just place his hand on Jason’s neck and to just drag him down and taste those lips.  

 ‘Wow! Okay Timmy, time to get your shit together’ 

   But who can get his shit together with Jason Peter Todd around.   Jason just took Tim’s head under his arm and gave a noogie.   

“You’re just was too cute not to tease babybird” 

 “Jason I swear I’ll-   

“Guys, we have a problem”   Nightwing voice was taking slowly and with a low voice; that only meant bad news.   Neither of them said anything, Jason just let him go and frowned at the rocks in front of them.   

“The rumble damaged the bomb, and I can’t deactivate it, I can’t move it either it too fragile now, it will detonate”   

“Can you move the rocks around us so we so we can get out”   Tim said with worry creeping into his voice. 

“They are too big, and if I try to blow them with plastic they will fall on you, I… Guys I-   

“It fine Dicky, how long until the bomb go off” Jason said over the comm in a calm manner.  

 “5 minutes”  

 Tim wasn’t expecting this when he wore his uniform this night. He wasn’t expecting to die tonight, not like this.   He turned to look at his partner. Yes partner, he and Jason were working together more often than not. And what began as a simple Intel share turned into friendship.  

 “Well I guess this is it Babybird.” 

“Well I didn’t expect I’ll live this long anyways”   

 “And it seems am just destined to die blowed up I guess”   And Tim just realized how this is similar to Jason’s death, how he died blowed up in a dirty warehouse at the hand of the joker. And he just couldn’t help but reach out and take Jason’s hand.  

“You’re not alone this time Jay. Am here till the end”   He could feel Jason squeezing his hand tighter around his, he could see the sadness in his eyes, but weirdly he had a feeling that sadness wasn’t for himself.   

“Am sorry it have to end here for you, and with me of all people”  

“Yeah I would rather like not to die in here today, but Jason, there’s no one I’d rather die beside but you”     And god only knows how much he means it. Over the past couple of years Jason has gone from enemy, to ‘that guy who tried to kill me but we’re cool now’, to partners, to friends. And more than just a mere friend on Tim’s side. He always cared deeply for Jason, even when he was trying to off him. But trough this couple of years his feelings have grown, all those night patrolling together, the night spent at each other apartments after a rough night, and after that the time they spend together during the day watching movies and throwing stupid jokes at each other. Before he knew it he was head over heels for Jason ,The goddamn Red Hood, Todd. It didn’t help that the guy was drop dead fucking gorgeous, with his stupid beautiful face, and stupid hot body, with the sass and wits on the side.     

 Jason just stared at him and squeezed their joined hands harder. And he was looking at him with some much naked affection that Tim couldn’t breathe.  

 “Does it hurt?”  

 “Being blown up?” 

Tim just nodded.   

 “Not as much as you think it will, when the blow hits you it knocks you out”  

 Jason just raised his hands to Tim’s face and slowly took away his domino, and threw it somewhere behind him. He took Tim’s head between his large hands and began stroking his face, neck and hair. His hands were so warm.

   “I wish I could get you out of here Babybird, you don’t deserve to die like this, you really don’t”   

 “So are you Jay. You don’t deserve to die like this, not again. And no don’t you dare give me the I don’t deserve it speech. And am just going to say what I say every time. You are a good person who fucked up. You had your reasons. Period.”   

 Again with the million dollar smile, Jason just stocked Tim’s face and said “you’re too good for me Tim”  

 And just like that he dragged Tim’s face to his and captured his lips, in a soft chaste kiss. Getting over his initial surprise, Tim grasped Jason’s neck and pulled him closer, putting more pressure on their sealed lips. He shyly licked Jason’s upper lip seeking entrance, and the older boy opened his lips, he licked his mouth roof, and entangled their tongues.   

 Their kiss was passionate, but not hurried like they had all the time in the world.   When they finally pulled apart from each other in desperate need for air. Jason looked punch drunk, with a stupid smile on his face.  

 “God Tim you have no idea for how long I wanted to do that”  

 “And you waited until death situation, could you be more cliché”   

 “Don’t sass me on our last minutes in this life Red… how much do we still have?”   

 “… about 11 sec “  

 “…I wish I’d had more time to spend with you Tim”   

and with the way he was looking at him, with so much sadness and affection, Tim couldn’t help but believe it.

                      10 sec   

 “I wish I could have held you, kissed you, I wish I had the courage to just kiss you like I just did. Tim I-  

                       9 sec  

 “I wish I could make love to you, I wish I have just gave up to my urges to lean you over any flat surface and ravaged you”   

                       8 sec   

 “That feeling is quite mutual, some of the poses you strike during battle are downright obscene”    

 “So am not the only oblivious one here” said Jason while laughing  

                       7 sec  

 “Tim I wish I didn’t waste all that time denying my feelings for you…. and listened more to Kori on shit like that” 

   “Yeah you have listened to her”   Tim couldn’t help but laugh. He was happy, the last seconds of life he had, he is listening to the man he loves confess his heart to him and making stupid jokes. What more could he ask for.   

                       6 sec   

 Probably more time.   

  “Jason”   Tim snuggled closer to Jason, and wrapped his arms around his wide chest. He looked right into his emerald eyes.   

 “Yes Tim”   And he just wished for all the Gods and divinity out there, to give him more time, to give him a chance to love and be loved by this man.   

                       5 sec  

 “I love you Jason”   And he just looked fascinated as those eyes lit, with so much love, god he didn’t know that eyes can show this much emotions. His heart just swelled, it felt bigger than his chest, like it could no longer be contained .   

                       4 sec  

 “I love you Tim”   And that ball in his trough just vanished. And he just lost himself in the feeling of Jason’s lips one his.   




And they both braced themselves for the blast and then…    

Nothing came.    

“Nightwing?” And just seconds later, the huge portion of concrete above them began to move, and was lifted in the air.   The two of them were able to go out easily after that. A bat device was stuck to the roof of the second floor and was the one who easily lifted the piece of the roof.   Tim just glared at his older brother.  

 “Can I know why you didn’t do that sooner? And why the hell didn’t the bomb go off?”  

 “Actually I diffused the bomb as soon as you called me in”  

 “Then what the fuck Dick?”   The bastard didn’t even look guilty, like he didn’t make his two younger brothers think they were going to die.   

 “Look it was painful just looking at you two with all that UST and quiet pining. It was the perfect opportunity to get you to sort your things out”   

 And he was right, if they weren’t confronted to this life and death situation they wouldn’t have come clean about their feelings to each other. But they weren’t going to admit that to their Dick of brother now would they.  

 “Look Dicky, I appreciate the gesture and all that. So that why am going to give you a 2 minute head start before I start chasing you and making you a fucking crépe with bullet holes”  

 “You better start running Dick, am not stopping him”   And Jason just gave him that dangerous smile, the one full of teeth. Dick wasn’t going to get of this without consequences.   And just as Dick started running, Jason leaned in and captured his lips in a sweet kiss.

 “Wish me luck Babybird”   

 Yeah maybe he should try to make Jason go easy on Dick after all.

AAHahhHaaah thnx survivasm for tagging me??Soo top 15 things that make me happy off the top of my head.. 

Making someone laugh/smile 

Waking up to the sun

Walking out at night in the winter with the squad

When bae eats my ass

When people do acts of kindness 

The smell of fresh air/fresh sheets 

Having passionate convos with equally passionate people, that except different opinions w.o shitting on mine 

The feeling of freshly shaved and moisturized legs

Being big spoon


Successfully pulling off a drawing

Music that makes me feel nostalgic abt things that havent happened yet

When people use the phrase “stay frosty” 

 Five Guys ( ̄▽ ̄)

When people give me nicknames

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