Hi idk if you guys know this or not but I’ve been completely immobile all summer, I’ve literally been stuck on the couch all day and night (I can’t make it upstairs to my own bed) which sounds okay but I haven’t been able to use my laptop or anything.
I’ve been in a wheelchair since June and we had to get a toilet seat riser and a chair for the shower to make the bathroom more accessible for me.
I’ve fallen a lot in the past few weeks (that’s why I’m covered in bruises) and I’ve been picked up off the floor by my brother and my dad more times than I’d like to say. I haven’t been eating properly, not only do I not have an appetite but it takes a shit ton of work.
Of course I haven’t been working, not since the end of May. But I just started steroid treatment in pill form which is 25 pills every second morning for 10 days. They’re not that big, but they are very chalky and they don’t go down easy, and they taste like shit.

So that’s what’s happening in my life, I appreciate if you actually read it. Kind words are also appreciated

August 21 is Cruisin’ to End MS Day at A&W. $1 from every Teen Burger sold goes to the Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada

Hey guys! If you’re in Canada make sure to get a teen burger from A&W today! every 1$ from every teen burger will go to the MS society of Canada. My Mom has MS and it’s a real struggle for her, and many others out there with MS, so please help out!! not to mention that teen burgers are pretty good

Quero me reencontrar. O eu de outras épocas, de outras fases; um cara menos cansado e mais tranquilo. Não eu totalmente de tempos atrás, mas algumas coisas minhas que fazem falta nos dias de hoje. Sabe aquela sensação de que em algum momento do passado você era melhor do que hoje? Eu tenho tido essa impressão. Espero mudar ou me reencontrar.