Name five random things about yourself and then pass it on to your favorite followers. I was tagged by a1379 💗

1- morning person 🙏.
2- I love all kinds of animals.
3- يسموني المتوحده.
4- I can’t sleep without covering my mouth! bella7af or anything.
5- مااحب احد يصارخ عندي ومااحب الي يصارخون 😀.

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Sorry guys 😝💗.

Untitled #2438 by angela379 featuring a nude lipstick

Free People baby doll dress, $215 / ASOS leather shoes / Collar necklace / Asos ring / NYX nude lipstick

Say 5 Things Publicly About Yourself

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1. I think my worst quality is my extreme moodiness. My best quality is definitely my sense of humour.

2. I got an offer in the mail yesterday that said “You have been pre-approved for great savings on your auto insurance!” I have been in EIGHT car accidents, all of which were at least partly my fault.

3. I have a neurosis involving tags on clothes and bedding - I can’t wear or use anything that has a tag on it. If I stay at someone else’s house or at a hotel, I have to rip the tags off of the sheets or I can’t sleep.

4. The average Japanese woman is 5’2” and I’m 5’8”, which means I really am huge in Japan.

5. I have never committed a crime, but my friend and I were once kicked out of
Walmart for “creating a disturbance with courtesy wheelchairs.”

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her questions:

  1. if you could fluently speak another language, what language would that be? Spanish
  2. what color are your nails right now? They are actually painted beige (classy af)
  3. have you ever broken your CELL PHONE

    ? if so, how? Yep. Dropped it.
  4. if you were the opposite sex for 24 hours, what would you do? Gosh… Idk I never thought about this tbh.
  5. would you rather have noodles for arms or forks for fingers? Forks for fingers (where have I heard this before?)
  6. favorite book? Probably “Something Blue” by Emily Giffin
  7. favorite Grace video? “Sexy 911 calls”
  8. favorite Hannah video? Idk I rely love the MDK collabs Probably the Brownies MDK with MLP or Banana Bread with Grace
  9. favorite Mamrie video? “Tiny Nudes”
  10. favorite video of the trinity together?”Fart Board Challenge”
  11. do you have any cool talents not many PEOPLE

     know about? I can sing decently.  I do art. I can also run pretty fast… 

My questions:

  1. Last youtube video you watched? 
  2. Have you ever been in love?
  3. How old where you when you had your first kiss?
  4. Have any pets? What are they? What are their names?
  5. Dream job?
  6. OTP?
  7. Notp?
  8. brotp?
  9. Do you have a favorite article of clothing? (tshirt, jewelry etc.)
  10. Favorite song at the moment?
  11. First Grace video you watched?

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