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The line used was for Sarada only because is the one eith ASS talking about glasses. The databook isn't just using a generic line like with the rest of the kids. Then, the only thing that the chapter talks about is glasses. As for Sasuke being gone, knowing Sasuke, there is something important going on. It's still hard to accept, but the reasoning is imperative for making judgements. I just don't understand why it is hard to see what Kishimoto is doing. Not in the best way but still obvious.


This Maury drama with Karin was completely unnecessary. Sakura had to tape a photo of herself and her daughter on top of a picture of Taka because she doesn’t have one single picture of her own husband? She’s stressed and overworked to the point she flies off the handle over a justified question, destroys her own house and faints?

I don’t care what Sasuke’s reason is, he hasn’t seen his family in years, unless he has a curse that kills whoever lays eyes on him or something equally ridiculous there’s nothing that can justify this. Not to me, I’m sorry. It’s not fair to any of the characters involved.


Lookng at sarada with her sharingan activated she looks 6-7 which makes me believe that she activated the Uchiha blood line for some tragic reason.

I think Kish is trolling the fandom. Everything that happened in Naruto gaiden was so strange. I believe someone sasuke maybe erased her memory of the tragedy. Sakura said some strange things about ​Sasuke. « Sakura fainting regularly ? »

Sasuke went out to find a way to fix Sarada eyes I guess. Sorry to say this but Naruto is amid at the Asian countries. Which according to many other mangas absent fathers are a normal thing. It turns out the father are actually trying to protect their family or acquire mortality like in FMA.

12 year old Sasuke had forgotten that he activated his eyes at the uchiha massacre. Which he was 7 or 8. Keep that in mind.

【うちはサラダ】サスケとサクラの間に生まれた子供。インテリ風のメガネを掛け、知的な印象に。髪は短く、サス ケと同じ黒髪 。
The child born between Sasuke and Sakura. Wearing glasses, she gives the impression of an intellectual person. Her hair is short and has Sasuke’s black colour


Sarada from chapter 1 of Naruto Gaiden

Your feelings and emotions are definitely reaching out to and are connected to your father, so don't worry!

Sakura from chapter 1 of Naruto Gaiden

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The databook explicilty states that Sarada was born from Sasuke and Sakura.

Databook has contradicted the manga before. So.

Not to say I want it to be a thing. I’m 99% sure it won’t be a thing. It’s just that it wouldn’t surprise me at this point.

In any case, her not being Karin’s daughter is not gonna erase the mess Kishimoto made in this chapter.

So my multi continent family has a WhatsApp group chat and I’m 80% sure my cousin Alice just drunk texted the entire family from a gay bar. Still not as good as the day my uncles drunk texted the entire family on their brocation over the summer.

An example of a NS retard.

http://devin0229.tumblr.com/ aka Devin Dickward brown aka dbrown0229

He loves to talk all this SasuKarin is canon bullshit. He’s nothing but a lying piece of donkey kong shit. Sadara is Sasuke and Sakura’s daughter.

and here’s the soild proof.

Now if any NS fan, like devin “gay ass dickward” brown for example, want to say such shit that Sasusaku is not canon, show them this. And let see how much butthut they’ll have indeed.

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There's people saying Sarada is Karin's daughter. What you think?

A week ago I’d have laughed at this.

I really don’t want this to be the case for several reasons, but then again I never expected Kishi to do what he did to Sakura and SS in the gaiden so what do I know? :/

Endings for TenTen that I’d love

1- TenTen started dating Lee after Hinata’s wedding, married him and gave up of being a kunoichi after giving birth to Mini-Lee. She opened the store in order to earn money for her family.

2- TenTen met random character after Hinata’s wedding, married him/her (whatever)… and again the shop thing

3- TenTen didn’t date/marry Lee until years later. Instead she purchased her dreams and Lee had the child with another woman who is gone now because she was a horrible person. TenTen came back after becoming a legend and decided to take care of the two of them because their idiots, so she adopted the kid and takes care of him as he was her own. Then she opened the shop.

4- TenTen never got married because she was too busy being awesome and becoming a legend. She opened the shop just recently because the world is too peaceful but she is still active and waiting for new missions (or a lover/husband). The whole village sees her as a heroine.

I’ll accept any of these four or something better, but Kishi better not make her a Christmas Cake looser or… else.