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This has been been because of hard work and dedication. I cut down on the unhealthy food and increased the good food and exercise. I have been trying for years and it hasn’t worked. I never lost more than 2-5kgs. Something changed and I now really can see that I can do this. I started August 2014 and this is my progress so far.

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This Crazy Idea I had today

What if humans somehow got a hold of gem tech and/or explored the tech behind the Kindergarten. I mean it’s a very real possibility considering Steven briefly mentioned this in “Full Disclosure”…and Ronaldo even made off with part of the gem warship at the end of that episode. 

Anyway, what if someone found a way to make gems? Artificial ones? Having this idea in my head I looked though my rock collection and saw something that was not quite like the others…I saw this!

This is aerogel! Basically it’s an artificial material made from Silca.  Aerogel is the least dense substance on earth and is 99.98% air! In fact it is also known as “frozen smoke”! How cool is that! For being so light and airy you would think this substance is weak. YOU ARE WRONG!

This is a 2g block of aerogel supporting a brick that weighs  2.5kg!

And this is aerogel deflecting the flame of a torch. The crayons don’t even react to the heat!

It is also used to collect space dust on probes sent to deep space! 

Plus look how cool this stuff looks! You can’t even see the edges of these blocks!

HOWEVER, this stuff can be crushed easily and shatter like glass when squeezed. Also water can destroy it since it is so dry. If handled with bare hands it will actually suck the moister from your skin and leave it cracked and dry! It’s cool to hold with powder free examination gloves and feels like Styrofoam. The ball I have will even bounce and it sounds like a ping pong ball!

…wow I talk to much, but yeah imagine gems made from man made materials! I mean…

yeah. I did the thing. And there are lots of other man made substances out there. So…why not? Oh and since humans have not quite perfected the gem making process, Aero can’t fully project a physical form and looks mainly like a mannequin. I also figured since aerogel is quite hardy yet brittle, she would be a defensive gem with a shield for a weapon.

Ever thought about metal detecting? No? Well you may want to give it a go after reading this!

An unidentified man prospecting in Ballarat, Victoria, Australia has hit the jackpot! Using a Minelab GPX-5000 (said to be the best metal detector in the world) he unearthed a nugget weighing just over 176 troy ounces (5.5kg) just 60cm below the surface.

The nugget, measuring 220mm long, 140mm wide and 45mm at its deepest point is worth around $315,000 USD, and has attracted an added premium because of the rarity of finding a nugget this size. Gold is not uncommon in Victoria, but it is 162 years since the Victorian gold rush started, and local gold dealer Cordell Kent said it is incredibly rare to find a nugget weighing more than 1kg.

So what are you waiting for, give prospecting a go, you may get lucky!


News story- http://bit.ly/U3i3TT

Information on the Victorian Gold Rush- http://bit.ly/rfqb14 http://bit.ly/Irr9Gv

18-year-old me vs 20-year-old me.
About a 4-5kg difference in weight and no change in height.
Not a huge change for that amount of time because a lot of the time I was not fully committed to being healthy. But I’ve slowly become more and more dedicated to a healthy lifestyle and that has gradually made a difference to how I look and feel.

gegni del male

Due giorni fa hanno rubato dal cassetto della scrivania di un collega il blocchetto dei buoni pasto. Fatta denuncia all’azienda erogatrice, il ladruncolo è stato beccato al supermercato che si faceva la spesa.
Ora, i furti per necessità li trovo più tollerabili, ma passeranno due giorni e sapremo chi è sto personaggio, non ci farà una bella figura.
Da contare che in laboratorio abbiamo istituito un’associazione di auto-aiuto dove ognuno di noi versa una piccola percentuale del premio produzione, abbiamo un regolamento ma per situazioni disagiate siamo intervenuti anche derogando dallo stesso, proprio per scongiurare atti di disperazione.
C’è stato un periodo che si fottevano pure le bobine da 5kg di cartaigienica, ora i ricambi son messi sotto chiave e abbiamo ridotto di 2/3 i consumi.
L’unica cosa che mi auguro è che sto tizio sia veramente in necessità, quello che non mi fa star bene è che l’ufficio derubato è di fronte al mio.

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Can you tell me what the Bali Nine is about? I heard nothing about it until I saw your post on my dash!

There are nine people convicted of drug crimes who will be executed tonight by firing squad, two of whom were from the bali nine. Despite the outcry I don’t think Indonesia has any intention of post-poning the execution or granting clemency

The nine consist of:

  • Mary Jane Veloso - who was convicted of smuggling 2.2kg of heroin.
  • Andrew Chan - who was never actually found with drugs on him but convicted of being one of the ‘masterminds’ behind the ring.
  • Myuran Sukumaran - again, wasn’t found with any drugs, but convicted along with Chan for being a ‘mastermind.
  • Rodrigo Gularte - who was convicted of smuggling 6kg of cocaine
  • Martin Anderson - convicted of possession of 50g of heroin
  • Raheem Agbaje Salami - convicted of smuggling 5.5kg of heroin (originally he received a life sentence, but it was changed to death in 2006)
  • Silvester Obiekwe Nwolise - convicted of smuggling 1kg of heroin.
  • Okwuduli Oyatanze - convicted of smuggling 2.5kg of heroin.
  • Zainal Abidin - convicted of planning to sell marijuana.

Today’s #squateveryday back squat with long pause. Felt crap and tired after a long morning at work but just went and did it. I hit 65kg at the end of the set, I think I can go higher, but was short on time. I also did my pauses on the last rep of each set just to see where I was at. Also did rack pulls and hit 97.5kg for a double. Lost my grip at the end.
Nikki Bella posted this yesterday…

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Weigh In - Week Nine

Weight: 95.5kg

Loss from last week: -0.8kg (1.8 pounds)

Total loss to date: -4.3kg (9.5 pounds)

I did a double take when i opened up my weigh in booklet and saw this. I was fully prepared for no change, at worse a small gain, and instead I managed to lose 0.8kg! 

Even better, it means I’m on track to hit my 5% target next week 👍

Bring. It. On.