Fozzi and I are here for @wrightwayrescue’s Run For Shelter! Don’t mind how horrible I look and the bags under my eyes… I’m exhausted lol but still here!! #fozzi #5k


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5K in the bag!

Why is the zoo soooo hilly?! It is so unnecessary! Yikes.

The race went really well! I did complete Week 3 Day 2 of C25K at the beginning. But I will definitely be repeating this week. I did better than I thought I would with it, but I want to get to the point where I am not barely making it before I move on.

The good news is I was walking crazy fast! Just over 15 minutes a mile. I also ran the last 1/10th of a mile. Obviously, that’s hardly much. But it meant I came in running, damn it! My time was 47:38. I am pretty freaking pleased with myself considering when I started this blog two months or so ago I was hoping to come in under 55.

Got a text from a friend to go to an Oktoberfest block party on South Street. Spent a couple of hours with the animals, but the draw of food and beer is too strong!

Yay for Saturday!



look what i found on my run! so autumnal 😍

today’s run was a struggle through and through, so in all honesty i’m surprised i did as well as i did. i had coffee for the first time in weeks yesterday, and apparently it affected me more than i realized, because i didn’t fall asleep til around midnight, then woke up at 4am this morning and could not get back to sleep. on top of (literally) running on 4 hours of sleep, i also had tired legs from pushing myself yesterday, so the conditions really weren’t ideal.

but i still got out there and ran! and my first mile today was actually faster than my first mile yesterday. ran about 1.8 consecutive, then alternated between walking and running for a while before i finally gave in just under 3 miles. not my best, but given the circumstances, it could have been a lot worse. walked (very slowly) the rest of the way home, and will most likely be taking tomorrow off, but we’ll see how i feel.

happy weekend! anyone have any exciting plans?

september miles: 42.2 / 50