NaNoWriMo is coming!

Hey guys! This is a headsup that I’ll be doing a double NaNoWriMo this November, so I’ll be writing an original novel as well as an Elsanna project. After seeing the voting on this post, it looks like my Elsanna project is going to be 50k of a new fic (as opposed to 50k of random/various updates).

Also anyone looking for NaNo writing buddies to hang with, send me an ask with your skype ID so we can buddy up.

It’s not going to be the most polished thing, if I post as I go, but I’m open to doing so because hey, it’s fun. So I’m generally wondering: how would you guys like your updates? Daily snippets? Every few days’ compilation? Once a week? Keep it all til the end and then edit/post at a reasonable rate in December?


This morning’s spin class wrapped up my training for NYCM.  This race has been years in the making.

I am not exaggerating.  I ran my first marathon in 2012.  Training went well but shortly before race day I injured my leg and came down with a cold. Combined with all the other challenges that come with a first marathon, it did not make for an ideal race.  I finished the race knowing I had it in me to come back and do better.

So in 2013, I signed up to run St. Jude again.  I ran my first 50K that fall which served as a great way to build a strong training base.  All fall I consistently set PRs.  I was ready to show those 26 miles what I had.  The race wasn’t meant to be though and a nasty winter storm meant a last minute cancelation.

Ever the optimist, I tried to get into the Rocket City Marathon the following weekend since Eric was already signed up, but was denied entry by the race director (grrr…).

I still had a February marathon in Mississippi in my back pocket, so I met with coach, got a solid training plan, and got back to work.  By February I was facing a stress fracture though forcing me to cancel my winter and spring races.

So when I found out I was accepted into New York, I knew this was what I’ve been waiting for.  Three seasons of marathon training, lots of early morning runs, and a ridiculous number of Brooks shoes, I am finally getting a chance to run a marathon the way I wanted to.  

So here’s to patience.  Nothing good happens without a lot of time and work.  

Thank you to everyone who has been so supportive of me over the last few weeks as race day has drawn near.  I know that just making it to the start line of this race is a win of its own.

anonymous said:

Could you rec some Stalia please?

Hello, Anon! We’re not very familiar with Stalia fics, so if anyone knows of some really good ones, please let us know!

Here are some fics that you might be interested in, though!

skin hungry by Jasnutter

(861 Mature Complete)

He’s never been a good kid, so when Dad cuts his eyes at him in the kitchen, it may be out of general existential suspicion or because he smells like Malia—he’ll never know.

known for adaptability by Nokomis

(1,010 General Complete)

Stiles keeps his promises; he brings Malia to Derek’s loft as soon as the Nogitsune situation has died out. The turning-into-a-coyote lesson is going well (Stiles assumes; it’s a lot of talking about actions and feelings that don’t make sense to his non-shifter mind) when Peter shows up.

wake me up when it’s over by chalantness

(1,326 Teen Complete)

When he finally gets his first, real good night’s sleep – in his own bed with his pillow and everything as it should be – he’s not alone. He technically hasn’t been alone since the nogitsune possessed him, but that spirit is gone and he when wakes up, he realizes he still isn’t alone and probably won’t be anymore, ever.

And it’s the most comforting thing he’s felt in a long, long time.

symbiosis by Jasnutter 

(1,493 Teen Complete)

They have time to point and linger, until the sky opens without warning, gushing all around them, and Malia teaches Stiles how to find cover in the woods. Stiles teaches Malia a new word. 

Anything You Want In The World by stilaheyy

(1,674 Explicit Complete)

Stiles awakes during the night to find he has a visitor. In his bed.

kiss me quick by pr1nc3ssp34ch

(2,235 Teen Complete)

He’s seen Malia around today, of course; she’s in at least three of his classes, since the whole nogitsune problem pulled him out of AP Bio and straight back into a non-honors Chemistry class, but he doesn’t really think anything of it. Sure, they totally — did things, in Eichen, but his new theory is that Eichen house is basically Vegas. What happens in Eichen stays in Eichen. He’s actually pretty convinced she doesn’t remember when she corners him just before lunch, slamming his locker into the one next to it before frowning slightly. Stiles blinks.

He wants to say hi, and sound really really cool (do coyotes even have the concept of cool? like, amongst themselves?) but what comes out is actually: “Breaking school property because of super strength is not an excellent start.”

The Moon Howls by byzinha

(total of 9,286 Teen Complete A collection of Stalia drabbles)

Two things get Malia’s full attention: supernatural classes and Stiles.

Wait until it’s over by byzinha

(currently 11,038 Teen WIP)

If everything else was chaos in her life, he was her lull.

Lonely In Your Nightmare Series by rockmusicplays

(total of 24,459 General-Teen WIP)

Stiles has been trying to piece together what went on while the Nogitsune was in control. He finds more than answers when he stops by the loft to talk to Malia.

Everybody Wants To Rule The World by TheFlame46

(currently 28,831 Teen WIP)

Stiles and Malia have been secretly dating…well sort of. Now that she’s back in school Stiles tutors her but she wants to learn more than math from him.

Hope that helps get you started! :)


Favorite Fan Fiction Vol. 4

Ficlit: (under 5K words): Remy’s Morning

Medium (5-50 K): Baby It’s Cold Outside

Epic (50K+): Collision of Coincidence

Smut: Perfect Love

Humor: Define Normal

Angst: Bad Touch




Medium: Lost Souls

Epic: The Big Bad Wolf and The Bad Habit

Smut: All Revved Up With No Place to Go

Humor: Rogan Seuss

Angst: Surrender


Rogneto / Other

Ficlit: Letters and Papers from Prison

Medium: Midnight Sun


Smut: The Animal Within

Humor: Welcome to the Chicken House

Angst: Runaway


Bxpw supplies are ready !! (I lied I need like 50k more planks but oh well)

And they ran out of normal red bull at 2 different supermarkets… Looks like I’m not the only local scaper

BXPW commences 12pm (midday) GMT

But on a more serious note please take care
It’s fun gaining a lot of xp and staying up with your friends but know your limits. At the end of the day it’s just a game and it would be awful to put yourself into unnecessary health risks. Oh and pls don’t pee into bottles, you save like 1 minute ewwww eww ewwww eww.

I want you all to have a fun, safe (lol) and productive Bonus XP weekend


October 28th Run

This run was sooooo beautiful. After a very rainy morning, I couldn’t have asked for a nicer evening!

I found a really good loop on this run. It’s alllllmost 5k, but I could easily add the distance I need to make it the entire way.

I ran a little extra again! It feels good to be able to go longer than the program asks for. I’m getting really excited for my race on Thanksgiving!

43/50k for October (so close!!)

October 30th Run

Tonight’s run was amaaaaaaazing! During the first mile I felt like a superhero queen who could conquer all!!! I ran a little extra again tonight and was able to finally complete a 5k!!!! So now I have a time to beat: 45:20

I think I can shave a good amount off that time by the time the race comes, especially because by then I will be running the entire thing!

48/50k for October! (I don’t have a run scheduled for tomorrow but I think I will do a quick 2k tomorrow because I would hate to miss my goal for the month by such a small amount!

Holy crap.

I cheated on my whole “novel writing month” business because I can (because fuck rules, also I’m only doing this for me and recording it here for…I don’t for whatever) and so I started with a languishing 7807 word manuscript.  It’s been just sitting there forever.  Like a year.

If I keep up this pace, the manuscript will break 50K words tomorrow.

I’m going to keep writing until the story ends or it’s DAI release date (because then I’ll be on my geek-cation and unable to manage the strength to write my non-DA stuff, lets be real), but I’m legitimately impressed with myself.  I’m good at starting stuff and giving up.  But I’m still GOING.

Granted, once the DAI blush is off, I’ll either have to finish the thing or start on hard core editing, but this honestly bodes well for me.

abba-father said:

How did the interview go?

It went okay! It was mostly just, “we’re gonna take 40 minutes to tell you what exactly youre applying for, then you’re gonna sleep on it and let us know if it’s really something you want to do.”

Now I’m trying to decide if the $50k+ a year is worth the risk of being miserable for the next 30 years.


Lazy sales post!

All babies 50k or less. All babies are 5k off via CR. Please get these little things out of my lair, I owe people money.

(Psst, the dark Coatl and black Wildclaws that are 5 days old are 10k off via CR)

Will do holds, payment plans, and item payments!

anonymous said:

whats nano?

NaNoWriMo- or, National Novel Writing Month. It takes place annually in November, and it does what it says on the tin- you try to draft an entire novel (of 50k words) by the end of the month.

It takes a lot of discipline and I always get burned out halfway through, but it’s good for getting a starting point on whatever you want to work on!

Here’s the site if you’re interested.