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I'm in desperate need of fic where Derek romances the hell out of an awkwardly blushing and flattered Stiles.

Yo Dudeman, Fluffy has you covered. YOU READY FOR THIS FLUFFY AS FUCK SHIT?!?!?! (Also, somewhere along the way, this kind of became an amalgamation of awkward flirting, and miscommunications, and oblivious idiots in love, and Derek being cute as a button.)

The Time Stiles Totally Knew What He Was Doing by otatop

1,462 I Humor, Fluff
Not Rated (Fluffy calls it General-Teen)
Stiles aggressively woos himself.
Derek is there too.

Sweet Miscommunication by twinSky

2,190  I  AU-Human
General Audiences
The one where Derek thinks Stiles has a sweet-tooth and tries to woo him with baked goods.
(He’s wrong, but it all works out.)

An Intermediate Guide for the Lycanthropic Lovelorn by ladyblahblah

3,165 I Crossover: Harry Potter
General Audiences
Stiles doesn’t know why Derek Hale has asked him to go to Hogsmeade with him, but he’s preparing for the worst just in case.

Enamour Me by stilinski

3,417 I Fluff, Romance
General Audiences
or, “How to Woo An Oblivious Human College Student According to Derek Hale.”

The Shells at the bottom of the Sea by Narval

4,235 I Merman!Stiles, Merman!Derek
General Audiences
The one where Stiles is a seal merman trying to fit in with the sharks.

He Wouldn’t Do That by ChatterboxAngel

4,823 I Oblivious!Stiles
Teen and Up
It was just Stiles’s luck that the first time he was hurt enough to actually land himself in the hospital, there were no supernatural causes or circumstances. Except that it was Derek’s fault…okay, no, Derek was just trying to be nice. It had been a human asshole who started the fight.

I Think the Problem Here is There’s Nothing Wrong by wait_for_it

5,156 I Oblivious!Stiles
Teen and Up
"Stiles wasn’t really sure what was going on, but if he had to guess, he’d say Derek Hale was losing his touch. The amount of times he’d been called out with the guy, presumably to stake out some new supernatural baddie only to have it be a false alarm, was starting to inch into the double digits."
In which Stiles and Derek are dating and everyone knows it. Except Stiles.

Five Times Stiles Needed A Crash Course On Wolfy Behavior and the One Time He Figured Shit Out by 1lostone

5,210 I Possessive!Derek
Pretty much what it says on the tin. Written for hungrylikethewolfie (ladyblahblah) who had a bad day and requested possessive!Derek and Oblivious!Stiles.

Game On by stilinskisparkles

6,393 I AU-College
Teen and Up
Derek first sees him from across the quad four days into fall semester. He’s sitting on one of the long benches, a marker pen in his mouth, grinning at something the kid lounging on the bench beside him is saying. When he laughs properly he pulls the pen out and throws his head back, his neck a long, lean line Derek is entranced by. He flicks the page in his book and highlights something, tossing the cap up in the air and catching it with his teeth.

I’ve Been Losing Sleep by bonnie_bee

7,123 I 3/? I A/B/O
NOTE: Possibly Abandoned
Teen and Up
It’s not that Derek thinks he doesn’t have what it takes to catch Stiles’ attention, it’s just that there are so many other people, other alphas competing for him. Alphas with bigger packs, alphas that aren’t totally fucked up by their tragic past, alphas that don’t allow themselves to be bossed around by their beta sisters and suckered into babysitting all the time.
Okay, actually, yes Derek has serious doubts about his ability to get Stiles to notice him. But he’s waited too long for this chance to back down now, and Derek will be charming and suave even if it kills him.
It probably will.

The One Where Derek Is Courting And Stiles Fears The Zombie/Werewolf Apocalypse by im_not_a_lizard

8,318 I Oblivious!Stiles
Written for this prompt: Awkward courtship funtimes! Derek is courting Stiles in the way that all male animals go about impressing their mates. Giving them practical (if weird, like, Derek gives Stiles 10kg of steak) gifts, making a nice home (he starts renovating the old Hale house), weird shit like that. Stiles is oblivious, and Scott keeps sort of helplessly hinting at what Derek is doing to little effect. Make me giggle and squeal into my pillow anon.

You and Your Stupid, Perfect Smile by Omni

8,881  I  AU-Coffee Shop
The last thing Stiles expected to see that morning was the guy he’d been crushing hard on for months standing there dripping wet and practically naked.
The last thing he wanted was to have to buddy up to the guy for the sake of his roommate, Erica, who had evidently started dating him.
The last thing he’d ever intended was to come between them.

Dr. Stilinski vs. The World by Fletcher

14,514    A/B/O
Stiles is mostly interested in becoming the best omega doctor this world has to offer. He is NOT interested in the lame alphas who keep chasing after him.
Derek Hale doesn’t stand a chance.

Trees are always a relief after dealing with people (except when they aren’t) by ravelqueen

15,889   Fluff, Wing Kink
Derek Hale decides to become a hermit before he reaches 25. Too bad he picked Beacon Hills as his retirement home.
(Or the one where Stiles is a wood nymph/pixie/human hybrid who falls in love with his new grumpy werewolf neighbour)

it’s free (and always will be) by kellifer_fic, and maichan808 (maichan)

31,681  I  Fake/Pretend Relationship
Stiles starts looking around, like there’s someone who’ll rescue him from this painfully awkward situation and Derek can’t blame him. All he can think is this is some kind of elaborate prank Laura is playing on him after she’d found his pile of Fangboy back copies last month.
Or, the one where Derek has to marry a human to save Clawbook and it turns out to be Stiles. He’s completely doomed.

Werewolf Love Songs, Vol. 1 by aggybird

37,157 I Humor, Pining
Peter decides to use the power of Barry Manilow’s music to make Stiles and Derek fall in love.
Meanwhile, there are monsters and stuff, and Stiles and Derek are stupid.

Ain’t Nothing so Good as the Cake and Eating it by sofonisba_found

51,001  I  15/15  I  Pining, Deputy!Derek
Derek thinks he’s doing alright in life, with his family at his side and a job he loves. Despite his family’s concerns he remains adamant that he doesn’t need a mate, afraid to take the risk of letting anyone close enough to try to hurt his family again. That is until he realizes that his true mate has been right under his nose for years, and that now through his inaction he may lose him.

Okay! I hope this answers your ask and that this is what you wanted.

Love and internet hugs,

Fluffy Wolf


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thepenthatpaintedthesun asked:

Hello! I am currently SOOO addicted to your blog, thank you so much for being so on top of things all the damn time. I was wondering if there are any particularly long merthur fics? I'm not expecting anything Loaded March long (though if there is...*hopeful face*) but I was hoping there were a few a little longer than the usual ones? Thank you so much for the awesome blog again, and it is completely okay if you can't find any.

Hello! Thank you so much! I answered an ask like this the other day which you can check out here, and an older ask here. You might also like:

Falconry (429k)

The Ivy Crown (252k)

The Heart of the Wolf (233k)

Shadowlord and the Pirate King (216k)

Three Steps Forward (183k)

A Twist of Fate (170k)

You Have Got To Be Kidding Me (146k)

We Are All Diamonds (134k)

I hope they are long enough for you!

  • Author: alienat
  • Warnings: rps, language, angst, amputation, attempted suicide, minor character death, schmoop, implied drug use, implied alcoholism, hurt!Jared, explicit m/m sexual situations, bottom!Jensen 
  • Summary: When season 5 wraps life couldn’t be better for Jared and Jensen. They’re in love, have major projects lined up and bought a house in LA. Everything is perfect until one second destroys everything they ever wanted. How do you fix something that can’t be fixed? 



Title: Wir Werden Uns Wiedersehen
Rating: M
Genre: Romance, Drama
Length: 53,733 words | multi-chaptered
Summary: "Childhood sweethearts Armin Arlert & Annie Leonhart are separated after Armin’s family are forced to flee from Nazi Germany to England. Before Armin departs, both swear that they will one day be reunited. By 1944, Armin is left with nothing but his best friend, Eren, and the two make a trip across war-torn Europe to find Annie. WWII AU setting.

i just wanted to say thank you all so so much <3 
i feel so incredibly lucky to have each and every one of you following me and i’m honestly so grateful for you all. 
this has been my goal since i made this tumblr and it feels so surreal to have achieved it. 
so seriously, thank you all, you mean so much to me and if there’s anything i can do to say thanks, please do let me know :) 
have a lovely day guys xxx

Hey guys… I might not be on for a little while. I don’t think I want to go on blogging about things right now. If you don’t know, Monty, the creator of RWBY, is currently in critical condition. The fandom has already raised much more than $50k for him but if you guys could reblog or repost the link, it would mean a lot. It’s the only thing we can do for him.


Get well soon, Monty Oum.

anonymous asked:

Who is Monty and what happened to him?

Sorry for taking so long to answer, Anon. 

Monty Oum is one of the sweetest and most creative people I have ever seen; he’s the creative force behind RWBY, one of Rooster Teeth’s most popular shows, and has worked on various RT projects like Red Vs. Blue, has even made an appearance in Immersion, and is the voice of Ren in RWBY.

Today, the fandom received the news that Monty had been hospitalized in critical condition, and they aren’t sure he’s going to recover. It’s a massive blow to not only the RT crew, but to the fans worldwide as well. 

They have not released why he was hospitalized, out of respect for his wife and his family. And we the fans have respected that.

They have set up a GoFundMe page to help cover his medical bills, which raised its $50k goal in 3 hours, proving that the RT fandom is one of the most caring fandoms; it’s definitely been the most generous and kindhearted community I have ever had the honor of being a part of.

The GoFundMe page is still active, and people are still welcome to donate to help. RT has asked that everyone send their prayers and good wishes to him and his family. 

If you’d like to see a bit more about it, you can take a look at the original post by Burnie, one of the founders of RT, and you can watch the first minute eighteen on this week’s episode of The Know It All.


Let me just tell you something

Monty, for those who know of rooster teeth, had a medical emergency…and his fellow coworkers/friends asked people to help with the expenses…donating 50k

NOT ONLY did those people raise 100k thousand….they did it in only 5 hours
So for those of you out there who say watching people play games, or watching people on youtube is a waste of time and a profession…We are a community and we care about each other. We are all linked by these people and share the same passions. We raised over half of the asked donation limit in only 5 hours. we are wonderful. they are wonderful.

I don’t care if it sounds silly to say that RWBY changed my life, but it’s true, because I found it when I was going through a rough patch and it kept me going through some really shitty months. This fandom has inspired me; I’m writing again, I’m smiling again, I’m dragging as many friends as I can into this hole with me and laughing maniacally all the way.

I was rewatching it today to cheer myself up when I heard the news about Monty. My thoughts are with him and his family. I am so heartened to see that his gofundme has completely steamrolled over the 50k goal in so little time, and I’m glad I was able to contribute (would that I could give more). 

I want to thank Monty for creating something that has touched me deeply and in ways that I did not expect. I love this show and I love this community, and I sincerely hope that he makes a full recovery. 

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TAG! YOU'RE IT! answer these fic-related questions and pass this to three of your favorite fandom blogs ;D(YOURE MY FAVORITE BLOG LOL any of the admins can answer this hihi)1) Your favorite chaptered fic2) Your favorite long fic3) Your favorite drabble4) Your favorite pairing5) Your favorite AU fic7) Your favorite angst fic8) Your favorite fluff fic9) Your favorite smut fic10) The last fic you've read11) own question: uhmmm maybe just do a random fic rec? anything will do lol. love your blog!

awww thank you, you’re so sweet! :D all the active admins answered just for you hehe. (You missed a #6 so we answered in the correct order, just in case you’re confused ^^)

we’re putting it under the keep reading cut cause it got ridiculously long! ;;;;

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