I apologize for NOTHING in my promotion of the Boxtrolls, and I will hold my judgement on the scandal at hand until after I see it.

that is all. I wouldn’t even make a post like this except the post I made begging people to see it has almost 50k notes.

Cody is supposedly going to call out Frankie & Zach @ Jury Roundtable??!!!....did he hit his head/lost his mind??!!!


Frankie has his own “piggy bank” with a net worth of 1.5 million……I’d like to see him try & see what happens, (mostly likely Frankie will have dragged him so hard he’s left crying for his daddy) & calling Zach out 4 something YOU did LONG after he was already evicted it ridiculously pathetic…..Chris was never after Cody&Derrick where did he get his info LMFAO! enjoy your 50k Cody, if Derrick doesn’t take Victoria, spend it wisely!!

P.S He’s just bitter Frankie was a comp BEAST & played a better game than him then, had more air time, has over 2 millions followers, & has a gorgeous, SUPER rich, MEGA famous sister!….who’s the transparent one now Cody?! lol :P Same reason he was jealous/hated Zach, cuz he had personality & character (aka alot of air time), America loved him, he’s a fan favorite (the cheers they heard him get) & he liked Frankie more! ;)

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S4S 50K+

At this point Derrick has already won the show. Even if Cody wins HOH he isn’t in a position to take Victoria because Caleb made it clear that if anyone takes her to the finals the jury will give her the money. All Derrick has to do is whip out the having a small baby card and he’ll get the votes. Cody will get 50k which I’m sure he’ll waste on stupid shit since he’s shit himself.


anonymous said:

Castiel knew he was asking too much; he could only hope that Sam would think more about what John would say than how Dean would feel. "I know it's a lot to ask of you, Sam, but you know how your father would react should he discover this," Casteil pleaded, hand placed over his still-smooth stomach. "He's already convinced Dean to leave me - don't let John make him hate me as well. That I couldn't live with." It was the tears running down Castiel's cheeks that convinced Sam to hold his tongue.

*crying too.*

You can’t just come into my inbox with things like that? Where is my 50k fic, anon? I need all of the heartbreaking moments, not just this one. 

i’ll be … sort of participating in nano.

i mean both TIS and TWMA will be going on through november ;)

so… i’ll probably hit close to 50k words just by updating those weekly haha.


anonymous said:

how did you manage to graduate debt-free with a BA? please reveal your secrets i am swimming in debt

I went to a community college and went to a public uni in CA and robbed my parents of their 401(k) so I don’t have to take out loans till law school

I could have gone to a private uni but that’s like 50K for undergrad and I saved a lot of $$$ getting my GE requirements in a community college and the public unis in CA are just as good as private ones and the one I’m at is closer to me so yeah better choice since I’m doing law school too 

My fam is middle class so financial aid is meh cause FAFSA fucking sucks ass but since I’ll be independent next year hopefully I can apply for more scholarships and financial aid come next fall 

anonymous said:

Where is the 50k fanfic of John is alive and make Dean and Cas break up and Cas is pregnant? :( I need it please.

I need it too, anon! I need it so much. 

If anyone is writing this fic, put your hand up so I can know. I’m certainly thinking about it, but I don’t want to commit to anything big at the moment with moving. 

I want Derrick to win that HOH. I don’t want Vic to get 50k over Cody bc Cody played more than her but I also wanna see Cody’s face if Derrick doesn’t take him to f2 :3