"If Kira gets caught, then he is evil.
If Kira rules the world, then he is justice.”


Hey guys, I’m back with some more progress! :)

So I put off the robot a bit, I’m a bit bored of building on him. He’s almost done so I’ll finish him if I feel like working on him. In the meantime I’ve started on the map for the robot. Above you can see the entire desert with walls already in place. There’s also a leak in the wall at the top of the map, that’s where I took the other screenshots. It’s roughly 500x600 blocks which is already bigger than the desert in Shadow of Israphel. This is a big playground for me to fill up with stuff. Don’t worry about the chunk errors outside the wall, it was a bit finicky to get the minecraft world to generate a desert only map and after I switched the map to multiplayer it started generating chunks like normal again. Which resulted in the above picture. :p I’ll take care of it later. I just wanted to show you guys what you can expect once the map is finished. I personally already like the look of it. It looks very similar to the desert in Shadow of Israphel.

anonymous said:

hi how did you make dylan' pictures to look in good quality when you make them in size 500x600 in example? magic?

lmao magic no smart sharpen yes

anonymous said:

what if I can't find an image that's 500x600?

Anything bigger than 500x600 would work just fine! I just need it bigger than that so that I can crop and scale without losing any quality of the image (because the gradient I use does tend to pixalate quite a bit). The smallest I'd say you could go with is 500x500 (a normal instagram picture is something around this size, I think). If you're really having problems, message me off anon and we can talk about it. I might be able to find a good picture for you.