"If Kira gets caught, then he is evil.
If Kira rules the world, then he is justice.”

anonymous said:

what if I can't find an image that's 500x600?

Anything bigger than 500x600 would work just fine! I just need it bigger than that so that I can crop and scale without losing any quality of the image (because the gradient I use does tend to pixalate quite a bit). The smallest I'd say you could go with is 500x500 (a normal instagram picture is something around this size, I think). If you're really having problems, message me off anon and we can talk about it. I might be able to find a good picture for you.


anonymous said:

amor, eu estou fazendo um picspam e todas eu minha foto são de 245x150 ,eu queria saber qual é o tamanho que eu faço o documento maior? tipo de 500x500, 500x600. obrigada

se for o que eu to entendendo é: se for de 8 quadrados, o tamanho é 490x600 -lari