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What Happened in Junior Year

by robsabinapenny

Derek is starting Junior Year with a pack, his own apartment and his wolf whining for his mate, which he doesn’t think he is going to find in small town Beacon Hills.
Until a gangly, gorgeous fifteen year old boy- who happens to be the Sheriff’s only son- stumbles into his AP History class. Well, shit.
He doesn’t think that he will ever get to know Stiles until Scott McCall is bitten by a rogue Alpha and joins Derek’s pack, bringing doe-eyed Stiles with him.

Words: 4549, Chapters: 1/?, Language: English

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pushpineff said:

Teacher x Student

Found some Freewood Teacher/Student for you!! <3



Teacher’s Pet by Rainistorm

Summary: Ryan is a fresh, new teacher, and he’s both nervous and excited for his first class ever. Things get more complicated when a rude, sarcastic student named Gavin takes a liking to him, and Ryan can’t help but notice how attractive he is.

WC: 4,167 - Complete

Untitled by jamesbabewood

Summary: Gavin’s eyes shot up at the sound, now paying full attention to his teacher at the front of the room. A blush crept up on his face when he saw the man who’d be teaching him all year.

WC: 1,355


Can Ryan replace my University professors this semester? - Path

Night Shift

by literaryoblivion

Stiles works the night shift at the 24-hour convenient store, and when a unfairly hot dude starts coming in buying increasingly mysterious shit, Stiles starts to get worried for his safety.

Words: 2165, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

Series: Part 65 of Tumblr Ficlets

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outofice; wOW I SHOULD HAVE SEEN THAT ONE COMING. Oh god I can’t— I CAN’T DECIDE THIS MAN LIKE JFC Okay but. I love Gruvia for the reasons that Gray is obvs my favorite character and I love exploring what kind of dude he’s like in a relationship. Gruvia is very endearing to me because Gray and Juvia are like polar opposites of each other when it comes to showing affection. I think deep down that Gray really does like Juiva, but there’s so many factors of his life that cause him to be emotionally stunted and have a hard time expressing his feelings.

JERZA ON THE OTHER HAND— w o w I love the fuck out of Jerza. My favorite aspect of them is the whole childhood friends feat. That, to me, is SUPER important and would end up strengthening their relationship like ten fold. Erza is my favorite female character like ever, and I’m also a complete sucker for the worst kinds of angst imaginable, and there’s a fuck ton of that involved with Jerza. It’s a different kind of love that Erza often gives, but that same kind (though don’t get me wrong, Erza is loved and cherished by ALL of her comrades) isn’t often reciprocated to her, and Jellal is the one to do it. He’s the one who can bring out all of Erza’s sides, her strengths, her weaknesses, and he’s seen everything she can dish out. He’s been with her since pretty much the beginning, and he and Erza know each other inside and out. That honestly is my favorite thing in a relationship. Their bond is so deep it just makes me cry and scream and die inside and holy fuck don’t talk to me about Jerza wHY ARE YOU TALKING TO ME ABOUT JERZA.

It pains my little shipping heart to say this, but I ship Jerza more than Gruvia even though hOT DAMN GRUVIA IS ONE OF MY OTPs. ♥

AUTHOR: crookedbones

CAST: Jade, Jadesprite, Davesprite


ADDITIONAL TAGS: illustrated, His Dark Materials crossover, created for jadefest

SUMMARY: An exploration of what it might have looked like had a part of Jade’s soul been externally visible- no, rather a third extraneous self- or fourth..fifth.. um. The difference being, this ones a magic mood ring animal.

EXCERPT: You talked to trolls, even, your childhood tormentors, against Neph’s grumbled warnings. Karkat called him a built in “moirail”. He said that trolls have to go out and find their own daemons. You ask him if he’s got one, then, and are rewarded four inch long grey text block of transparent denial. You knew it made Neph think of Jadesprite, and you felt envy and pity churn in your belly and curdle like milk and lemon juice.

In the land of Frost and Frogs, he stands watch for Bec Noir while you examined amphibians. His forms have all been big and furry and white lately. You kiss his wet bear nose. You miss Bec, too.

rec’d by curlicuetruth, lantadyme