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spudmaster5000 said:

Your output level is seriously impressive and it makes me fell bad, kudos! Two questions: 1) Any advice for keeping a steady output and maintaining the lid on a large workload? 2) I remember somewhere there was a list of all the texts you reference on ideachannel, do you have the link for said list? At one of those rare windows where I can expand my reading list a little, want to explore some new themes a little! Thanks for everything, dude! :)

1) Don’t feel bad! I will be the first person to admit that my relationship to working very hard is not the most healthy thing in the world; over the last couple years I’ve gotten a lot better at managing my time responsibly so I’m not working from when I wake up until when I’m so tired I can’t stand, which is my (incredibly dangerous and not at all good) reflex.

A little while ago I made this, which I set to be the first tab every time I open my browser. It’s a little out of date now because it doesn’t reflect working time I use specifically for Reasonably Sound, but it’s close-ish to how I actually live unless there’s some crazy deadline looming.

My biggest piece of advice is to know how long things take and don’t rush them unless you have to. Work consistently, and calmly and avoid situations where that’s not going to be possible. Make exceptions to this rule maybe once a quarter, or once a year. Have a schedule, stick to it and know what level of comfort you expect from that schedule: always busy, sometimes busy, rarely busy, etc etc. This system is easy-peasy when it’s comprised only of your own projects; it becomes much, much harder when you start applying it to things people are paying you to do.

I want to say yes to everything and I’m still not great at knowing when I’ve taken on too much. Sometimes I suffer for that fact, though I’m getting better at it, and at knowing that I don’t have to feel stressed to be happy / feel like I matter. When I was a full-time, multi-job freelancer it was even worse because I would always be afraid that if I didn’t say yes to literally everything then either 1) they’d never ask me to work for them again and/or 2) all my other work would suddenly dry up and then I’d be broke/homeless. If you are freelancing, and can avoid these feelings, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT.

I’m lucky that I don’t have those worries anymore, but the reflex is still there. I have to remind myself that because something seems cool and/or pays doesn’t mean I have to accept it. On the contrary: I’d probably be happier if I didn’t. And so where appropriate I try to make sure those jobs get into the hands of my colleagues. This turned out to be a great way to maintain a connection to people and a project without sacrificing already precious time.

2) You can find nearly every book referenced by name on Idea Channel at ideachannelreads!


Today we had the pleasure of interviewing Alaska Thunderfuck, Rupaul’s Drag Race Season 5 runner-up and also one of the most amazing queens to be on RPDR in history.

1) If you could change anything about the world of drag, what would it be?

Alaska: I wish that people were kinder and gentler to one another.   

2) What are the worst and best parts about doing drag?

Alaska: The best part is the 7-10 minutes I get to be onstage.  The worst part is taking it off which somehow seems to take longer than putting it on.  

3) What is the weirdest thing a fan has ever done to you?

Alaska: I’ve had fans get my face or my signature or HIEEE tattooed on their body, which is kind of weird.  But weird is a good thing in my vocabulary.   

4) Where is your favorite place to perform?

Alaska: I like places that have a curtain that opens.   

5) I’m sure the pittsburgh drag scene is very different than the drag scene in the larger cities.Do you ever miss it?

Alaska: We had many magical, wonderful times in Pittsburgh.  We were a family, and it was a very special moment in time where so many forces and circumstances aligned and I don’t think it could ever be recaptured or replicated.  I will always treasure the times I’ve had in Pittsburgh and my many lovely friends who are there.   

6) What are you going to be for Halloween?

Alaska: Ace Ventura.   

7) What do you consider to be your greatest accomplishment?

Alaska: I watched Sex & the City from start to finish in like a week.   

8) What difficulties did you encounter on your way to drag stardom?

Alaska: Whenever you’re on the path to living your truth, you will be faced with every difficulty imaginable.  You will be forced to stare down your worst fears and your biggest insecurities time and time again.  Plus there was that unfortunate time period when I wasn’t wearing nails… 

9) Do you have any quotes or mantras that you live your life by?

Alaska: Anus.  

10) Do you have any advice for the LGBT youth with bullying?

Alaska: Don’t kill yourself.  Be strong, and get through it.  In a few years, you’ll have a really interesting life, and the people bullying you will be miserable and old.   

11) Do you have any upcoming projects you can share with us?

Alaska: The music video for my next hit single NAILS will be coming out in the next few months.  On the video I got to work with Ben and Katelyn Simkins and the Denver-based Geek Mythology Productions— they are very talented and passionate about their work.  I’m excited for the video and the song to be released.  

12) Are there any misapprehensions about you that you wish you could erase?

Alaska: No, they’re mostly true.   

13) What are the best and worst decisions you’ve made so far?

Alaska: It’s important not to beat yourself up over bad decisions, but also not to congratulate yourself too much for your successes.  But I’m glad I made the decision to work hard, and to be kind and respectful whenever I can.   

14) Are there any crimes you would commit knowing you could get away with it?

Alaska: I wish that certain venues would let people in who are under the age of 21 or the age of 18.  I’ve met fans a few times outside of clubs who weren’t allowed in because they were too young.  Just let them in!

15) What were your favorite moments and challenges of rupaul’s drag race season 5?

 Alaska: I like the challenges where I won, like the perfume ad and the Sugar Ball.  And making a speech inspired by Gloria Allred.  But really the whole experience was amazing and life-altering.  So I’m really grateful for the whole thing. 


Thank you to Alaska for the interview! You can find her on instagram at @theonlyalaska5000 and on twitter at @alaska5000 !

Stay tuned for new interviews!

Wake Me Up With a Kiss

by matildajones

Modern Day Sleeping Beauty. Stiles works at a museum.

Words: 3394, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

Series: Part 1 of Tumblr Fics

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by mmmdraco

With a smudge of burnt sage rubbed behind each ear, Stiles cast his gaze over the club once more, smirking as he caught sight of his target. It was easy, then, to dance from person to person until he was within arm’s reach of his latest bounty with his stubbled jaw and glowing eyes. And Derek Hale? He was worth every penny the Argents would pay for Stiles to bring him back to stand trial for his crimes.

Words: 2127, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

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You’re (More Than) Enough

by ItTicklesLikeCrazy

Derek and Stiles are a pair of two in a world full of threes and fours and fives. With all the pressure to get another person in their relationship, they’re stuck wondering if they’re going to work out. The problem is, currently, they’re happy with just the one boyfriend they have. They don’t need another.

Words: 3234, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

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novel about a morally grey pirate captain who is cursed to die within 5 years for stealing some forbidden treasure, and only giving her heart to someone and expecting nothing back can break the curse

but rather than go on some journey to find some true love or whatever, she decides to use her last years to travel the seas with her crew and collect treasure and drink and be merry

and on the day of reckoning, she is falling more and more ill, and her crew gather all around her to say goodbye to their captain when suddenly the curse is broken. because she gave her whole heart to her ship and her crew, and expected nothing back.

EDIT: if you steal this idea from me i will hunt you down and inflict bodily harm upon you. do not test me, buddy.


This is literally me

St. Patrick’s Poisoning

by Shinigami24

The detectives spend most of the holiday solving a case.

Words: 1533, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

Series: Part 9 of Holiday Mysteries

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