Pancake Wolves

by elisera

Stiles is on his third cup of coffee when Derek tromps down the stairs. He looks at him over his shoulder, taking in his barely open eyes and the pillow creases on his face, unable to keep from smiling at him. Derek yawns widely and just keeps going until he can wrap his arms tightly around Stiles’ waist and lean against his back, letting Stiles take his weight.

Words: 1394, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

Series: Part 3 of Past Imperfect, Future Conditional

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i’m so happy i have these german fashion magazines from ‘91-‘92 (which i got from my grandma and bought it home so i can use it as reference.. to draw… ch-..charact..ers in…) because i just found this jacket and it’s exactly the kind of disaster naruto would wear


by leavenoheartunbroken

Derek Hale had time to balance taking care of his four year-old child, being one of the new deputies in Beacon Hills, watch out for his new partner, and even had time to be the alpha of his own pack without getting stressed out…but falling in love with his son’s pre-school teacher who is also the sheriff’s son? That was a problem he wasn’t expecting.

Words: 2305, Chapters: 1/?, Language: English

Series: Part 1 of Unexpected

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Project update: My 3d-printed Fuck-Bot 5000 is complete!

Some of you may remember my project from last month, where I intended to make a working model of Red Letter Media’s Fuck-Bot 5000 character. It’s finished, and I just shipped it out to RLM this morning! The model itself took about 45 hours of printing and prototyping before I settled on this much bigger size. I also put about 30-40 hours into painting, circuit design, Arduino programming, and assembly. It ended up being a massive project, but I think the end result was pretty damned good. 

novel about a morally grey pirate captain who is cursed to die within 5 years for stealing some forbidden treasure, and only giving her heart to someone and expecting nothing back can break the curse

but rather than go on some journey to find some true love or whatever, she decides to use her last years to travel the seas with her crew and collect treasure and drink and be merry

and on the day of reckoning, she is falling more and more ill, and her crew gather all around her to say goodbye to their captain when suddenly the curse is broken. because she gave her whole heart to her ship and her crew, and expected nothing back.

EDIT: if you steal this idea from me i will hunt you down and inflict bodily harm upon you. do not test me, buddy.