A Different Kind of Alpha - kitsunequeen (ao)

Word count: 1064 (WIP)

Rating: PG-13


Derek regains his footing and stands over the man, who can’t be more than twenty. He has brown hair and what might be moles, but it’s hard to tell past the layer of blood and grime he’s covered in. At the very least, Derek’s sure they’ve never met before.

The man looks up at him with wide eyes, his entire body trembling.

“I’m Derek Hale,” Derek begins again, letting his eyes bleed red to make his point. “Alpha of the-“

The man cuts him off once more, this time by passing out. From the looks of him, it’s a wonder it didn’t happen sooner.

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Hey hey hey, I was the person who asked for Ryan bondage and I wasn't able to message you that I meant reader/ryan. Like Ryan ties up the reader and I'm so sorry for not being clear enough I really am and you don't have to do it this batch, but whenever you're free again yeah

Reader Insert

Weekend Shenanigans by ryanhaywire

Summary: “Want to try something new?” Ryan/Reader [N]

WC: 1,515

Untitled by rt-readerinsters

Summary:  Ryan does not have a very good day at work, and you more than make up for it the next morning. Ryan/Reader [N]

WC: 804




"They do everything via OZ these days so accounts have the same powers as the real world users. Steal an account from a water department manager and the pipes are yours to control. Steal a JR employee’s account and you can mess with the train schedules. There are over a billion registered users. Institutions around the world rely on OZ to get things done."

i literally dont have a life so i spent like an hour compiling this masterpost of useful posts/websites i’ve found over the time that i started bookmarking these things. i did find a lot all of these on tumblr and stumbleupon so nice.

shit about writing

shit about books

shit about photoshop

shit about computers

shit about education

shit about self improvement

shit about if you’re feeling down or sick

shit about career planning

shit about music