2x10 A Very Glee Christmas Songs

The Most Wonderful Day of the Year - from Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer - sung by New Directions
We Need a Little Christmas - from Mame - sung by Mercedes and New Directions
Merry Christmas Darling - original by the Carpenters - sung by Rachel
Baby It’s Cold Outside - original by Frank Loesser and Lynn Garland - sung by Kurt and Blaine
You’re a Mean One, Mr. Grinch - from How the Grinch Stole Christmas - sung by k.d. lang and Will
Last Christmas - original by Wham! - sung by Finn and Rachel
Welcome Christmas - from How the Grinch Stole Christmas - sung by New Directions

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TW Rewatch 2x11: Danny potential anchor for Jackson and works in progress...

After going on a massive ramble with regards to the scene between Stiles and Morrell here, I thought it best to make a separate posts about the other little tidbits that caught my eye in 2x11. 

Danny - potential anchor for Jackson?

We’ve had a very interesting discussion going the last week or so about fluid sexuality in Teen Wolf, and I think this episode holds another clue that Danny and Jackson could have potential. There has been hints previously as well, with Jackson telling Danny he’s everyone’s type and so on.

But even without the potential romantic undercurrents, Danny seems to be important to Jackson. Anchors doesn’t have to be romantic after all - a strong friendship could be just as powerful. 

At this point Jackson is “not himself” as Stiles so fittingly tells Morrell at the start of the episode. After the events of 2x10 at the sheriff’s station, Jackson is now under Gerard’s control. It’s implied that he hasn’t been to school for a while, and Scott seems to assume he’s off the lacrosse team, until Isaac informs him that Jackson is back. Clearly under orders from Gerard.

Isaac: Yeah. Yeah, I think I will. Good luck with the game though. 
Scott: Well, thanks, but I’m not - I’m not going either. Can’t even think about playing some meaningless game right now. 
Isaac: You weren’t at practice last week, were you? 
Scott: No, I skipped it. Why? 
Isaac: Then you didn’t hear? 
Scott: Hear what? 
Isaac: Jackson was there. 
Scott: What do you mean “there”? Like, he was - 
Isaac: As if nothing had happened. 
Scott: Really? That means - the game tonight? 
Isaac: Yeah. He’s playing.

Next we see Jackson he’s in the locker room getting ready for the championship game, and Danny is talking to him, clearly worried. But he’s having a difficult time getting his attention since Jackson is in kanima zombie mode.

Danny: You okay, dude? 
Jackson: I’m perfect. 
Danny: Well, we all know that, but are you okay? You didn’t answer my texts all week. I’m getting worried about you. Jackson. Jackson! 

Danny clearly cares about Jackson despite what a douche me might be. But honestly, Danny is kind of a douche himself, so yeah. They fit. And the little flirty smirk Danny pulls after Jackson’s says he’s perfect and he responds “We all know that” might suggest more than bro feelings. 

The most interesting part is however that Danny, just by talking to Jackson, repeating his name - manages to break Jackson out of his Kanima zombie mode long enough to issue a warning. 

Jackson: Stay in the goal tonight, Danny. Do not come out. And if you see me coming towards you, run the other way as fast as you can.

We’ve seen Jackson break out of kanima mode one time before - with Lydia prior to her birthday party.  She touched his arm, and he shook off the “curse” long enough to warn her about him. 

Lydia: Jackson. You’re coming to my party, right? 
Jackson: You don’t want me there. Trust me. 
Lydia: Don’t worry about it. I’m over it. Look, of course I want you - 
Jackson: You do not want me there.

Allison also managed to get Jackson out of kanima zombie mode in this scene in 2x07, but it took physical force on her part.

Both Lydia and Danny managed to get through to him by either touching or talking to him. In the end Lydia was the one to break through to him and anchor him. But could Danny had managed the same?

It was Peter who suggested that they use Lydia. Why? Was she the best option, did Peter not know about Danny or did he have an ulterior motive for choosing her? 

We know that Peter managed to form a bond with Lydia. Was he hoping he could get both her and Jackson on his team this way?

Or is there something special about both Danny and Lydia that makes them do this? Deucalion sent Ethan and Aiden after Danny and Lydia, and the excuse was they knew one of them was important to the pack. But was that the whole truth? 

We had quite a few curious scenes in 3a with both Danny and Lydia. Does it mean anything, and if so what? 

What if Danny is like Lydia - a banshee? We’re missing “the monitor” from the benefactor storyline. Danny has tech knowledge, but what if he also has banshee abilities? Scott did conclude that the benefactor was a banshee and we all thought it was Meredith. Could Danny have a double role? 

OR - just throwing it out there while I’m on the subject of Danny. We know he’s had surgery two times, once when he was 14 and then again two years later. Surgery - doctors…. Has Danny been part of one of the supernatural experiments as well? 


Okay, I have to mention this part, even if it’s perhaps just a lucky piece of dialogue. But when Boyd and Erica are in the woods and they hear howling we get this dialogue:

Boyd: I thought I heard something. 
Erica: Look, if we’re gonna do that whole “I thought I heard something” thing, then we shouldn’t be stopping. We should be running. 
Boyd: No, listen. 
EricaCoyote? Wolf? 
Boyd: No, it can’t be. There are no wolves in California. 
Erica: No, but there are werewolves. 
Boyd: That didn’t sound like Derek.

I know that it wasn’t a coyote because it’s later revealed that it’s the Argents playing recordings of wolves to trap them. But a mention of coyote at the end of season 2 is cool, even if it’s just a coincident. 

Works in rogress

So I’m basically borderline something, but I keep finding dialogue that makes me wring by hands and cackle. 

Peter is making a pitch to Derek to save Jackson but is having some intial trouble getting him to listen to him given their troubled past.

Peter: First of all, I’m not a total psycho. And by the way, you’re the one that slashed my throat wide open. But we’re all works in progress, right? So, we need each other. Sometimes when you need help, you turn to people you’d never expect.

Works i progress.. Very true indeed, we all are. But I can’t help thinking about someone else who’s essentially a work in progress


Malia: If she was weak and injured, yeah. If hunting had been bad that season, I would eat her. Then I’d leave. 

Stiles: Mmm. Believe it or not, that’s progress.


Malia: Yeah. Scott’s worth 25, Kira, six. They’ll take you guys out way before me. 

Stiles: (WHISPERING) That’s progress. That’s progress.

There are probably more of these, but they illustrate my point. Malia and Peter are both defined and labeled as works in progress. Interesting. Is it another way of showing that they are related and “the same” 


Could it be related to Eichen house and the experiments? (I’m going to link everything to that going forward, just watch me). Experiments are, by definition, tests made in hope of achieving progress and good results. 

I firmly believe Peter has been under their “care” in the years when he was comatose. I also see it as plausible that Malia could’ve been there as well during her missing years. She might not even know or remember - Peter only seems to remember bits and pieces. Makes me wonder why they let her out and if they can control her.. 

I just found it curious. 

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