comfortable (23/28)

Even though Walgreens was only two blocks away from their apartment, Katniss felt like she had run a marathon.

They’d run out of crackers and Gatorade earlier in the afternoon, and it was her turn to run to the store to pick up what they needed. Peeta had dragged himself out of the apartment when there wasn’t any soup or Pepto-Bismol left yesterday, so it was only fair for her to make the journey out this time around.

They were never ordering from that Thai place ever again.

“Thom really liked it,” Peeta had said one night as they worked on their assignments and readings for the week. “It’s new, and they have coupon codes. Wanna try?”

She didn’t really want to cook, especially not when there was so much that needed to be done, and her roommate’s mention of coupons appealed to her frugal nature. Why not treat themselves?

Huge mistake.

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Stay fit and healty with us … WAHOOO! It’s here. Starting tomorrow morning and I’m too excited. @booteauk 🎉🎉🍑🍑 #bootea #teatox #weightloss #28day #love #life #excited #summer #results #lfl #tfl #lb #l4l #instagood #instadaily #jj #happy #healthy #f4f #fff #macbook

i think my japanese friend will give me a part time job at NYC… so i’ll stying LA for 42days & i’ll stying NY for 28days….?? OMG!!!

Being a long time 24 fan is so crazy now because I still remember.

Before he was Castiel he was long haired assassin with a bad accent

Before he was Ron Swanson he was a racist redneck


Before Castle she was the president’s psycho wife

Long before Arrow he was a british terrorist looking for revenge

I remember Samwise Gamgee being an incompetent CTU boss

Before he became the King of Hell he was a Russian terrorist who tried to release deadly nerve gas in a crowded mall

Hell I remember Kumar being a terrorist who was instrumental in releasing a nuke in LA

Hell Jack Bauer’s psychotic dad was the nice old man in Babe

remember when Robocop was a crazy conspirator who helped supply terrorist with nerve gas and thought he was saving the country in doing so

Speaking of Robocop how about Red Foreman / Boddicker being a hardass senator who tried to put Jack in prison for his methods

You’ve probably seen this woman all over TV.  Fellow gamers know her from The Last Of Us.  But I remember her as the by the book FBI agent who falls for Jack and dies for it

Gosh I could go for hours on this but my point is 24 had so many big actors before and after they got big and almost no one talks about it despite how big the show is.  Its my favorite show and I just wanted to share a huge part of my life that I spent countless hours watching and rewatching.

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#FAMUX Black History Month 2.0. February isnt done and we’ve got work to do. Im moving ro Atlanta in two weeks to better serrve the ppl thru @fallingblackinlove. In the meantime, Black History Month just got real. #Famu #Famu18 #famu17 #famu16 #28days #hbcu #hbcugrad #famufb #FAMUvillage #Blackinstagram #BlackHistoryMonth #BlackPeople #BlackPower #BlackWalstreet #Africa #Nubian #black #tallahassee #Malcolmx #X #

yearning (25/28)

There was a package on her front step when she got home. The neat, even script that her name and address had been written in immediately identified the sender, and she smiled to herself before gathering it up and walking into her apartment.

Whenever she had a bad day, or the stress of school and work got to her, Peeta would overnight a package for her, filled to the brim with different treats he’d make for her to feel better. And with the increasing number of rough days she’d been having, it was a miracle he was able to keep up with her.

She only had five months left before she received her Master’s, and despite the finish line being so close in sight, she was more stressed out than ever. Getting into the environmental policy postgrad program at Panem University was a dream. The university was prestigious, had incredible job placement prospects, and to top it all off they’d offered a near full ride scholarship.

The only problem was that the university was four hours away from home.

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Being Healthy

I’ve been so proud of myself. I’ve been eating more healthier than I have been in the past. For the next 6days I will be prepping for my 28day detox.


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I keep seeing the posts of all you runners in the cold. I don’t know how you do it. However, I run in the heat. It is Feb 15th and it is over 80 degrees. Today I ran 8 awesome, 5 great, 3 so-so and 2 God-awful miles. More good than bad. #runner #runblr #powertotheshe #toohot #hotdamn #lamarathon #28days

nervous (20/28)

Peeta’s light snores punctuate the still silence of the early morning. He’s lying on his stomach, arms stuffed under the mountain of pillows he likes to have on his side of the bed.

Katniss lays on her side, watching the even rise and fall of his chest. Her stomach twists itself into anxious knots when she thinks of what she plans to ask him later on.

It’s kind of ridiculous, she supposes, being this nervous. Because she knows, without a doubt, that Peeta loves her, and she clearly loves him. And that the only reason it hadn’t happened already was because she thought it was archaic; she didn’t want what they had to be defined by a piece of paper. It

It’s funny how things change.

Peeta shifts suddenly in his sleep, making her freeze. His nose scrunches up for a moment, and he smacks his lips together before sighing and falling still again. Katniss smiles, before lifting his arm to wrap around her waist and cuddling into him. He tightens his arm around her involuntarily, and she sighs contentedly; safe and warm. In love.

She’ll ask him when it’s time to wake up.

#28Days , only 42 #MemberOfParliament members are safe from a #NationalOpenRebuke from the #almightyYESHUA THROUGH THE MOUTHPIECE OF #HULDAHtheProphetess, aka #CleoniNATACHAcrawFORD aka #IamcleoniTheIsraelite8888 aka @iamcleoni and soon, @theisraelite8888 — #repentOrDie, pow in your #thirdEYE and #fiveEYES !!!! (at UQAM | Université du Québec à Montréal)


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