"Tyrion Targaryen": Don't do The Thing, George

reddit exploded with Lannisters-As-Secret-Targaryen theories because of the World Book, and racefortheironthrone asked for my opinion. I addressed the part about Jaime and Cersei here (short answer: no, the twins are not Secret Targs).

The purpose of this post is to address the new information presented in TWOIAF relating to the latest “Tyrion Targaryen” theories. Please realize that I loathe these theories with every fiber of my being. I have almost 60 posts on my blog speaking out against the theory that Tyrion is Aerys’s son. It is a gross, ableist, misogynistic theory and I do not support it in any way, so please do not take my discussion here as any form of support for your Tyrion Targ theory. 

Please write on my tombstone, "Tyrion is the trueborn son of Tywin and Joanna Lannister."

ok, here we go… Spoilers, obviously. rape tw, twoiaf negativity

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