When People Say Movie Audiences Are Not Accepting of a Female Action Hero:

$102,515,793 & an Oscar Nomination with a possible sequel in the works.

$118,311,368 (making back its budget).

$136,307,228 with 2 movies/a $30 million budget.

$163,789,606 with 2 more movies coming out.

$196,828,266 with 2 movies.

$222,412,919 with 4 movies/a 5th in development.

$244,523,928 with 5 movies.

$269,361,252 with 4 movies/a 5th in development.

And of course…

$1,169,814,624 with one more coming out.

The Hunger Games was the #3 movie of 2012 after Avengers & Dark Knight Rises

Catching Fire was the #1 movie of 2013. 

Mockingjay - Part 1 was the #2 movie of 2014 after American Sniper.

I’m really surprised that we don’t have more female-driven films, not just action films. Pitch Perfect 2 just made a ton of money and Tomorrowland - starring Britt Robertson in the lead - just won Memorial Day weekend. So can we get more movies like this out there?

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“You and I work at an assisted living home when the place runs out of funding and as soon as everybody stops getting paid they all leave, except for us. We stay to take care of the ill and elderly people who are left behind. We stay together basically 24/7 to take care of these people and we sort of become a psuedo family.”

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The Department of Phenomenal Pencil Art has found its spiritual headquarters in Pencil Vania, a three-story, 980-square-foot stairwell inside Jaina A. Davis’ house in San Francisco’s Potrero Hill neighborhood. Every surface of this stairwell is covered in pencils of all sorts, creating a marvelous mosaic that smells like the first day of school. It’s the work of mosaic artist Jason Mecier (previously featured here) who spent five years (1997 to 2002) on the project using a grand total of 185, 252 pencils.

The fabulous portrait in pencils in the top photo is “Granny”, a futuristic portrait of Jaina Davis herself at the age of 88. Click here to learn more about Pencil Vania.

Then click here to view many more photos of this amazing pencil mosaic, all taken by Emily Duffy. She also photographed Davis’ incredible bathroom which is decorated in an entirely different, but equally dazzling tile undersea-themed mosaic.

[via Neatorama]

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