Allison Inspired Coats by veterization featuring a burgundy coat

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그냥 그런 게 그래.
어떻게 말해도 내가 하는 건 배부른 자의 푸념이겠지.
그래서 그런 게 그래.
보고 싶은 것도 진심이고 힘든 것도 진심인데 그게 상처를 건드는 일이라면.
진심이 칼날이 되어 상처를 건드린다면.
그런데 그런 게 그래.
그래도 말하고 싶은 걸 어떻게 해,

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[CLS 63 AMG Shooting Brake | Fuel consumption combined: 10.6–10.1 l/100 km | combined CO₂ emissions: 248–235 g/km |]

anonymous said:

what do you mean by GA year one not being canon? also, by not reading 1-16 will i still understand whats going on? and where does black canary come in? so many questions sorry

hey comic anon! sorry for responding so late. Just as a general note I’ve been starting college so I have been extremely busy as of late. Hopefully I’ll have a bit more free time soon, but we’ll see lol.

anyways, on to the good stuff!

alright, i mentioned the new 52 reboot vaguely in case you already knew about it , but i’ll be more clear.  its no secret that comic sales haven’t been the greatest in recent years. so, in 2011, the execs at DC decided “you know, having a 75+ years of comics makes for great history, but it can be intimidating for new readers who want to jump in to see issue #235. let’s reboot the whole universe so we start with a fresh clean slate and as an added bonus everything will be new and modern!” and so it was done.

sounds like a great idea, right?

nottt really. it was very confusing what was still canon and what was not (especially with the batfam stuff, but that’s a whole other story), on top of most of the writing and creative decisions are just goddam terrible. GA year one therefore wasn’t really kept,  but the reboot gives a decent enough backstory for oliver (and even fleshes out the mythology, but, spoilers)

yes! sorry for not making this clear, but #17 is a PERFECT starting point. you really don’t have to know anything other than that Oliver has been the Green Arrow, has created his own secret tech division of QC, and Naomi and Fyffe are a part of that. if you read it and some stuff still doesn’t make sense, feel free to ask! (though some things might be spoilers, in which case my lips are sealed)

since the reboot sometimes breaks very far from what happened in the pre-reboot (preboot) some things that are very famous haven’t happened yet, and to my knowledge i do not believe dinah (black canary) and ollie have even met…

they obviously have met before in the preboot, and there are a lot of great preboot comics with them in it, so if you are looking for that i definitely have some links!

no problem!!!!! i loveeeeeeeeeee talking about comics so this is fun for me! i’m just so excited to see more people get interested in comics, because they can be really great.


Blurry damn thing. 16-17% body fat.. Slow progress is progress…well no this has been ridiculous was at 22% at the start of this program, 235-7 lbs about if I do recall.. Currently flat 214. Attempting to hit 15% at the end of 3 weeks.

Falcon strikes again.