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Salam! No pressure on this, I know it's tricky, but i was wondering if you knew anything about the infamous hadith that says women are deficient in their intellect and religion and will be the majority of the people of hell. Like do you know of any books/websites/speakers who discuss it? THanks!


I really wanna talk about this some more, but I know that I’m already insanely late in answering this, and for that, I’d like to apologise. I’ve been out of town, and have had my hands full since my return. But, anyway, instead of having a discussion on here like I ordinarily would have done, I would like to direct you to a question about this on: IslamQA:

However, I understand that there are some problematic issues in terms of understanding the root of this hadith. So, I would like to direct you to a website called Turn The Tables in which it discusses the concept of this hadith and why it’s (mis)used in different contexts, and why it was even something the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) would have needed to say:

This isn’t everything on this topic, but inshaAllah when I have some more time on my hands (and I’m on a laptop), I’ll try and revisit this topic. But, I hope that reading the material on these two links will at the very least, encourage you to read up some more on any sub-topics (like historical/social context) that might have come up.

I pray that this will be of some help inshaAllah. Please forgive me for my shortcomings. May Allah (swt) guide us all to be of those whom strive to be upon His path. (ameen)