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In light of Sterek Week, I decided to make a list with all of my favorite AU fics. It has 125 fics organized in alphabetical order and divided into three pars: Completed Fics, Series, and WIPs. I hope you guys like it!


[hover for summary]

Completed Fics (86)

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86 fics over 20k & are completed

this took so much work and i’m so happy with the outcome. there’s both bottom louis and bottom harry, if you aren’t sure which is which and you need to know ask me and i’ll tell you.

bold are my favorites.

20k-49k words:

this house no longer feels like home: harry and louis have been together for 20 years. harry cheats. louis cries. harry is given a year to fix their marriage.

purer than water (like we were): louis is a merman and harry is a boy. the lake is a good place to fall in love.

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starrla89 replied to your post: Holy shit I have come up with an EVEN …

SHARE IT. I’m a masochist. :D

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pawspaintsnthings replied to your post: Holy shit I have come up with an EVEN …

You should share it. :)

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tellllll meeeeeeeeeee

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Please do share! My theory: Mary shoots John, John is ‘dying’ in Sherlock’s arms. Sherlock is crying. Mycroft shoots Mary because how dare she make Sherlock suffer. Camera is on Myc’s, then out of the shadows Moriarty shoots Mycroft and he dies.

20k-colnote replied to your post: Holy shit I have come up with an EVEN …

Go ahead and KILL US

white-dress-purple-shirt replied to your post: Holy shit I have come up with an EVEN …

Please share, I’m a sucker for awful tragic angst!

geekgirl1 replied to your post: Holy shit I have come up with an EVEN …

something about Sherlock accidently shooting John?



Okay, there’s a big gun-type battle and it is all chaos and bullets whizzing. Mary and/or baby dies in this scene or just previous (I don’t think the BBC would actually kill a baby this way but this is just headcanon). John is increasingly devastated. He looks over as there is a gunshot in the chaos and Sherlock falls to the floor and all he can see is Sherlock covered in blood, unmoving. Stricken with grief, his whole life robbed from him, John collapses, crying, then raises the gun…and shoots himself.

(“John does not die at this time.” “What?” “The bullet doesn’t get him. I am explaining to you because you look nervous.” — “I wasn’t nervous! I was a little bit…concerned.”)

Sherlock awakes to the sound of a gunshot and a bleeding John. He runs over and there, there is the Three Garridebs scene. John is bleeding out from a gunshot wound that he shot himself because he thought he had lost all that was important to him. Sherlock begs him to stay alive. The screen goes dark.


Im only a couple hundred away from 20k followers and phil just hit 2 million subscribers what if those both happened today i might explode from happiness guyssssss

“Is that…did you just…” Louis asks softly, following Harry’s gaze.

“I…yeah,” Harry breathes.

“This would explain why you were so possessive. You’re in rut, baby,” Louis says with a smile, running his hand over Harry’s hot cheek.

“I’m…I’m an alpha,” Harry notes and Louis giggles.

“Yeah, suppose you are. God, feels good getting knotted,” Louis hums, his heat subsiding with the pulsing semen pumping into him. “’S fucking huge.”


Louis is an omega and dates Harry, who they think is a beta, but he turns out to be an alpha. They accidentally soul bond and Louis ends up pregnant.

By hilourry

AO3, oneshot, 20k

anonymous said:

do u have any fics to rec??

i havent been reading as much lately BUT im back at trying to catch up on the summerfest so ive got a few from there.


of all that surrounds us (t, 20k, hs au)

the beautiful game (nc-17, 28k, genderswapped f/f)

with a heart as cold as ice (you’re the sugar to my spice) (m, 40k, spans the course of their lives from hs, rushed second half & ending but! the hs bits were pretty great)

hold my breath (nc-17, 20k, footballer + yoga instructor au, deals w closeting and does the whole closeted = cowardly thing which i hate but its resolved in-pov kinda and i enjoyed the fic overall) 

magical soup (nc-17, 28k, hp au! louis’ characterization didnt work for me but the fic was sweet w/o being ott or too cheesy which is a hard balance to strike) 

loathly (m, 12k, arthurian au ! i need more fantasy aus desperately :( ) 

ain’t no tellin who’s in charge here by whoknows (nc-17, 15k, non au)

a cage for every ugly spirit by sarcasticfluentry (nc-17, 15k, religion kink, prostate milking) and sequel 


whiskey on the rocks by stormdancer (nc-17, 9k, bartender & musician au)


follow you through the dark by disarm_d (nc-17, 3k, non au vampire!niall, harrys a little late to catch on heehae)

baby, i by makesomelove (nc-17, 23k, BABYPIRE. LOOK. male lactation is really high up there as far as favourite kinks are concerned. i dont usually like it to be super serious OR cracky but this is kind of a mixture of both and i really enjoyed it. the progression!!! the idea in and of itself really. check it out but yk be wary the kink if its not your thing bc the entire fic revolves around it) 

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And Amaranth and Salazar had another clutch of their own!
A couple of cuties, and an odd colored one that could be Christmas-y?
I dunno, first one is up for 30k, second is up for 20k, third up for 12k