I am so grateful for instagram bringing me closer to people like @mackenzieyoga love you girl!

It was thru IG that I met 2 amazing people @jayalders and @sundreams last May and they changed my life.
Today my life is full of friends I love and cherish.
Namaste 🙏

Myne Owne Hertis Rote

Author: madsthenerdygirl

Rating: Mature

Setting: CanonAU

Word Count: 51k

Summary: A series of windows into the journey of Merlin and Arthur’s relationship.

Comment: If you’re looking for a fluffy story were Merlin and Arthur are together from series 1 then this is for you! It covers their ups and downs; each chapter provides a small glance into their lives, and there are 60 chapters to keep you satisfied.

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Teen Dan’s written something down on his notes… 

*Completely separate from the School AU!*


You wake to the sound of pens scratching feverishly against paper. You open your eyes and begin to register that the teacher is giving a presentation, her voice droning on and on about some person discovering some thing. Then it all comes back. You fell asleep in 6th period. Ugh.

You really shouldn’t have read that 100K+ fanfic into the wee hours of the morning. The teacher starts to say something else, but you feel your eyes start to drift shut again despite the fact that you should really be awake.

"…test on this material is this Thursday, so don’t forget to study at least tomorrow."

Your eyes snap open. Oh no. You fell asleep during an important part of class. Why are your unexpected naps always at the worst times? Your mind suddenly goes into a sluggish sort of hyperdrive as you look around for a solution. Your eyes finally rest on Dan, who’s scribbling furiously away in his tattered notebook, whether for music or for the class, you don’t know.

Oh, Dan. Ever since he started attending school here, you’ve hopelessly fancied him. And ever since the Fates had been good to you and the teacher assigned his seat to be right next to yours, there wasn’t really a day when your heart didn’t pound and your palms sweat whenever Dan leaned just a fraction in your direction. But you also became overly-conscious of anything that you did, that maybe something might accidentally give away how you feel.

But right now, the test seems more important than that.

"Hey, Dan," you whisper, glancing uneasily at the teacher. You really don’t like getting chewed out by her for talking out of term.

Dan looks up from his notebook, pushing his glasses back up his nose to look at you. “What’s up?”

"I fell asleep. Uh, can I borrow your notes?" You nervously tuck a strand of hair behind your ear, a tick you’ve come to adopt since Dan sat next to you.

He chuckled. “Yeah, I saw. You were really knocked out. Is she-” he nodded toward the teacher “-really that boring?”

"No, no, uh, I just stayed up really late last night." You get your books together. "Anyway, can I borrow your notes?"

"Oh! Yeah, sure," He opens his folder and takes out a paper full of semi-organized bulletin points and messy scrawls.

You smile and take it gratefully, putting the notes in your folder right as the bell rings.

"Hey, give it back tomorrow, okay?" He says, getting out of his chair.

"Yeah, you got it. See you tomorrow."

"See you." He replies.


You sit at the table and take out Dan’s notes to copy. This is the last homework you have to do before you can go to sleep. Well, to go to sleep without being as stressed, anyway.

As you hold your paper alongside his, something catches your eye: a half-erased doodle of a heart on the side of the page.

Why would Dan draw a heart on his paper? You turn to the back of the page in curiosity, and see more half-erased hearts, except that one of them is different from the rest. There’s something… written in it. You look closer.

"Sleepy… head," you read aloud in a murmur, finally deciphering the tiny smeared writing. Sleepyhead? What does that mean?

Does he mean… you?

No, don’t jump to conclusions. It’s probably just the name of a song or something he likes. Yeah. That’s probably it.

You finish copying the notes and put all of your papers in your backpack for tomorrow, trying not to think too hard about the words in the heart.


You sit next to Dan in 6th period again the next day, prepared to interrogate him.

"Hey, you done with my notes?" He whispers once the teacher’s distracted.

"Yeah." You take his notes out and hold it out for him. But before he can take it, you yank it back out of reach. Dan wrinkles his eyebrows in confusion.

"Wait." You barely register the words coming out of your mouth."Why did you write ‘sleepyhead’ in one of the hearts here?" You point at the tiny writing.

You’re surprised to see him blush furiously, and he murmurs something under his breath that sounds suspiciously like ‘thought I erased that’, but it was so quiet that you can’t be sure.

"What?" You ask, heart pounding furiously.

"Oh! Um, it’s this cool, erm, TV show that I like. Yeah. But it stopped airing, like, a year ago," he says in a big rush, still blushing.

"Oh. Never heard of it." you say as nonchalantly as you can. Was he lying? "I’ll check it out."

"Well, um, it’s like a foreign show, so, it might not show up anywhere on the internet," he stammers out.

"Sounds fake," you say bluntly with an eyebrow raised.

Dan licks his lips as he gives a sigh, his face still flushed red. He chuckles weakly, casting you a glance. “That wasn’t a very good lie, was it?”

You only smirk in reply, and Dan runs a hand through his wild hair.

"So what is it, some sort of kinky porn video you don’t want me to see or something?" You joke nervously.

He chuckles, rubbing the back of his neck. “You just looked… nice… when you were sleeping. That’s all.” You could see him staring at the brown desk like it was the most fascinating thing in the world, moving his hands from his neck to his pockets.

Your heart leaps to your throat. "Oh," you say quietly.

"No, I’m sorry. It’s probably really creepy. I thought I erased-"

"No, seriously, it’s okay… awesome, actually." You swallow thickly, feeling your own face burn up. Sometimes, you really wish you could just swallow your tongue. At least it would stop you from saying the most awkward things.

His eyes widen in surprise as he glances from the table to your face. “Wait. So… so you-“



You both sit in silence, until you start to wonder why the teacher hasn’t noticed your conversation yet. Then again, you hope she doesn’t.

"So… it’s mutual, then?" Dan finally asks quietly, half murmuring it as he continues to stare furiously at the table.

You wait until your heartbeat finally settles enough for you to reply.

"Yeah. It’s mutual."

"Oh… awesome."

You can feel that he’s smiling, even if he’s faced away from you.

And you can’t help but to smile, too.

~~~~~ bastuh ~~~~~

once when i was staying in a hotel for a day, i called up room service and asked for one of those portable sewing kits. i told them that a button on my shirt had fallen off and i needed to sew it back on.

but in reality, an urge to create elaborate tapestries had overcome me. the instant room service brought the sewing kit to my room, i locked myself in and created at least 9 different tapestries inspired by those found in 18th century english castles.

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lookupatthesky tagged me to pick my four favorite fics that I have written and then tag others to do the same. Okay, so I picked five, I just couldn’t narrow it further.

Best Wishes (2005, post Spider-Man 2, Peter/MJ, 18k) This was the culmination of my first set of fanfiction, and I still remember it fondly. Even got a review on it the other day, which was a lovely surprise. During the writing of this series I really started to hone my craft, and met some of my best fannish friends.

Deja Vu (2007, Superman Returns, Lois/Clark, 100k) The ultimate fix-it sequel. On ff.net it got a gazillion reviews, but I mostly remember the people I became friends with through it. I’ve never written anything that long or involved since.

Riddle and Rhyme (The Yellow Brick Road Remix) (2011, Community, Britta & Emsemble, 5k) I still think this is my best effort in Community fandom, full of fun ensemble moments and an homage that worked. It’s kinda crazy that it was a remix!

Heart-Shaped Bruise (2012, The Amazing Spider-Man, Peter/Flash, 17k) This is now the Yuletide fic that I will always aspire to match. A pairing I never really saw until I started writing it, and then it made so much sense. And its reception astounded me and continues to astound me.

Waiting for this Moment to Arise (2013, Arrow, Laurel & Felicity, 49k) That rarest of fics, the gen longfic that people actually read and reviewed! After such a dry spell with truly plotty longfic, I felt like I was coming back to my roots.

People who only know me through comedy fandom probably look at that list and go bzuh? Because I love so many of my comedy fics. But they tend to be shorter and more ephemeral in my fannish memory. ♥

I tag: argentum-ls, macyaudenstarr, andthenisay, blithers and ghostcat3000

Fanfic Reccomendations

Ok I just have to put these out there for my fellow USUK fans 
(and for my own personal re-reading purposes)

I’d like to say that these are in no particular order

1.) The King Of Slytherin (NeonCandies)
Word Count: 230k+
Pairing: USUK
This one’s a Pottertalia AU where Arthur and Alfred progress through their years at Hogwarts. Pretty standard right? Wrong. This fic also delves into the theory of past lives, telling the story of Arthur’s past life as a pirate with the man he loved. Also, Arthur ends up taking care of a dragon. How cool is that? 

2.) Quidditch House Rivals (Zerplerfer)
Word Count: 100k+
Pairing: USUK
Another Pottertalia AU, but this time Alfred’s the Slytherin and Arthur is the Gryffindork. I absolutely loved how each character was captured and the rivalry shown between the houses was great. Needless to say this story made me tear up a few times. 

(Will add to later with more fics from more fandoms)

Some Fuck on SA Messaged Me Just to Say I'm Not Worth My Allowance

I wonder if it’s because I really am that ugly, or if it’s because his income is $100K and his net worth is $200K, and he is getting mad that he can’t afford any of the girls in this business…I fucking called him out on it. I told him how many SDs and POTs I have, what each of their net worths are, and how much I make on the average weekend, AND I told him that my own father makes more than he does, because it’s true. IDGAF, I’m not so hard up that I need your $250 per meet offer, don’t go telling me I’m not worth what I ask for when I’m already getting it. 


my law teacher built a ten foot fence because he hated his neighbour, but the city made him take it down because theres a five foot limit on fences, so he poured five feet of concrete on the ground and then built a five foot fence on top of that and the city tried suing him because it was ten feet but they lost because the actual fence was only five