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  • Get EXO’s Overdose video to 50 million views by the end of the year
  • Reach at least 100,000 shares for Overdose video to get nominated for YT awards

We currently have about 55,000 shares for the Overdose video. We can do better than that! Everyone please go share EXO-K/ M OVERDOSE MV we need to have a minimum of 100k to be nominate for THE YOU TUBE AWARDS.

By kikikryslee

American AU where the boys all work for their college newspaper. Louis gets to voice his opinion in every issue, Liam is in charge, keeping everyone in line, Niall just really loves soccer, Zayn is an aspiring photographer and Harry is the incoming photo editor.

(Or, the one where Louis wants to date Harry, but won’t, because they work together, even though the other boys follow no such rule.)

Louis turned and looked Harry in the eye. “I told Niall that even though he wanted to date Josh, his co-worker, it just wasn’t going to work out. And that was OK, because there’s plenty of other people out there for him.”
Please take the hint. Please.
It looked like Harry did, because he simply nodded before breaking the gaze.

Chaptered, Completed, Ao3, Mature, Must-read

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Faking It Official Trailer (Season 2) MTV


Um apparently you guys are so awesome and supportive you made “Instagram Intervention” IMMORTAL on @funnyordie !!! With over 100k views and an 80% funny rating now the video will be on the “immortal” page. THANK YOU! Much love!

anonymous said:

why do u tag posts with 100k even when they only have like 1k notes what's up with that

have you ever noticed how much kangaroos look like humans

im gonna apply for a job at tumblr as a new position i thought up just now
it’s called the “idea vetoer” and every time someone suggests a cool new feature like shitty popups when you click someone’s url and unnecessary white space on image posts i get to tell whoever did that to shut the fuck up and hire the xkit guy instead
100k a year

I’m running a raffle all week to help my flight get dominance for Starfall~

If you have any hatchlings or adults that are taking up space in your lair, send them over for a chance to win some prizes -100k treasure, festival items, and lovely arcane hatchlings!

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