It’s been 8hours since I got offline and that avatar parallels post is nearly at 1000notes already. WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED?

haha i wish i was pretty enough for a 1000note selfie
or smart enough in something not japanese so i don’t look like some barely passing weeaboo
or nice enough, social enough, motivated enough or had normal enough interests to actually have fucking friends who like me rl and stick with me fuck
or rich enough to move schools to a place where people like me and will help me have self esteem

i just wish i was happy really

I saw a blog in my recommended blogs section that I wanted to check out just as I clicked refresh so I’ve been cycling through all of them and I’ve seen some like 1000notes blogs a million times but I haven’t been able to find it and there’s two recommended harry potter blogs that have the exact same picture of jk rowling as their icon but one has like an instagram filter on it