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So I'm sort of stalking through your noodles' tags, and I noticed something that made me curious. You mentioned at one time to a new owner that balls have a tendency to not eat. I've yet to own any snakes so I'm more than a little clueless so i apologize if these questions sound a little dumb. How often do they feed to begin with? And if they ARE fasting, how long do you wait until you go to a vet to see if something might be wrong with them?

(Just so you know I love it when people stalk my babies tags, makes me super happy <3 ) 
No question is a dumb question! Everyone learns somehow :) Baby ball pythons should eat every five days, and as they get older it will stretch to seven days(I do this when they hit about 400g), then to ten days(1000g), then to two weeks(1800g) and they will hold two weeks through their whole lives :) If they are fasting, you only need to take them to the vet if their body is deteriorating in any way shape or form. Fasts for a few months are common, Thresh has only eaten a single rat in about 4 months, and he hasn’t lost any weight at all. If the spinal cord shows when they are stretched out (Not curled up, it’s okay for a little bit of spine to show when they are balled up) that is when you start worrying. Or if they aren’t acting normal along with not eating, showing neurological issues, pooping straight water basically, ect. 
Thanks for asking! :)

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I took about 1000g of zydol do you know if that's enough to kill me and if so how long it will take? Please help, anyone?? Xxx


Hun, do exactly what I say….Go get some luke warn water and add some salt water to it..drink it all up….drink 2 glasses depending on how you feel. try eating something cause that will lessen the damage to your tummy from the already existing pills taken and after 5-10mins of eating puke it out…

Suicide is not an option…call someone NOW! get help

I hope Im getting this out fast enough to you but i just wanna say that you matter…whatever youre going through..whatever youre feeling now, it all matters but in 5 years time you wont even remember the reason for taking the pills cause you’ll be too busy living your life and you’ll be happy and proud of yourself for making it…please get help…

I believe in your ability to make it through your darkest days and I also believe that one day the suns gonna shine down on you and you wont feel so empty anymore…give life a second chance, i know its not gonna fail you…


  • I took about 1000g of zydol do you know if that's enough to kill me and if so how long it will take? Please help, anyone?? (I've already taken it so please don't say to not take it)THANK YOU X

gamer mom ezraye plays harvest moon: story of seasons. Live blogging. 11:05pm EST USA.

Year 1- spring day 15- Sunday

+ I kept smashing rocks and getting black rocks instead of stone. So I bought stone from a vendor for over 1000g each. Then I realized the lighter color rocks give stone for free. This game has a bit of a learning curve.

+ thanks to the folks reading & sending replies! I got the pitchfork blueprint.

+ I built the kitchen stove and the refrigerator. I only had turnips to cook with so I made thirty-something turnip salads.

+ that rich princess chick told me I could have a horse for 5 bottles of milk. I’ve been drinking them. So in five days, I guess.

+ so far I’ve kinda ignored the social game. I say hi if I pass people. I haven’t given out presents yet. That sort of thing requires a CHART.

Found an old Windsinger skin I was working on ages ago that got lost when my computer died that I wouldn’t mind throwing up on the site. Really wish I could’ve found this for the Mistral Jamboree but there ain’t no way I’m waiting another year for this sucker.

I don’t have nearly enough gems though, so i’m setting up presales:
I’ve never done full-on skins though so i guess for the same profit as Accents it’d need to be 1000g per pre-order? If I calculated this correctly.

Obviously we’ll need to negotiate on FR itself, but I might shade him a little better, unsure as of yet.
However, I can throw you guys on a pinglist for the final and ping you with the shaded version, which might come later today, actually.

Click here yo

Can’t deal // Day of show and nearly 4 clean meals & 2 cheat meals - approaching 1000g of carbs 😂 FILL UP! Nearly there now though - Well done @joe.davies.146 you’ve done yourself proud now go have fun! #dlptonline #dlptnutrition #gym #gymmotivation #fitfam #fitness #fitnessmodel #fitspiration #weightlifting #bodybuilding #aesthetics #abs #shredz #shredded #6pack #like #physique #ukbff2015 #ukaesthetics #muscles #motivation

My Live Below The Line Shopping List

Okie doke, so I have my list here and I also worked out how many calories everything is. I reckon I need maybe about 9000kcal over the five days (I’m five ft nothing and like 98lbs so don’t need a lot) A lot of the figures are approximate (except the prices). 

Sweet potatoes -750g - 735kcal - 49p

Onions - 220g - 72kcal - 32p

Rice - 1000g - 3540kcal - 45p

Lentils - 500g - 1590kcal - 50p

Mixed Veg - 1300g - 572kcal - £1

UHT Milk - 1000ml - 500kcal - 65p

Oats - 300g - 1128kcal - 18p

Bananas - 900g - 855kcal - 61p

Veg Stock Cubes - 100g - 238kcal - 30p

Tea - 40bags - 20p

Total kcal = 9230kcal

Total cost = £4.70

I’ve left 30p for things like salt and pepper and herbs and spices. It was difficult to decide what to get and what not to put on the list, for instance, I really would have liked to put eggs on the list, but there was no money left. The mixed veg is a bag of frozen veg with carrots, peas and cauliflower (maybe broccoli too but it’s hard to see from the picture online) Jack Monroe does Live Below The Line and the past few years she has bought the bag, and then separated the different veg so she can do things with just one veg so I took a leaf from her book. 

I shouldn’t be hungry but I anticipate being a bit bored. 

I’m going to miss coffee, but tea was cheaper than coffee and cheap tea isn’t as completely terrible as cheap instant coffee.

Here is the link to the Live Below the Line website if anyone wants to take part or donate. 

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Because I think I eat way too much starches because im not losing weight. E.g around 500 to 1000g in one sitting (sweet potato) and I can't be full from salads.

Are you coming from dieting too hard or otherwise restricting? I ask just because I felt the same when I started recovery. Are you weighing, measuring and counting calories? All of these things contribute to lack of satisfaction from eating, from my experience. I don’t know if it’s the case for you. 

In terms of the most satisfying meals that aren’t too calorie dense (but still give me that starch satiation factor), I love a big bowl of soup (especially, my miso kabocha vegetable soup I put on youtube), with some of the drier japanese white or purple sweet potatoes and a big head of lettuce or some other raw vegetables on the side. If I combine it this way, I’m really satisfied for many hours without eating enormous quantities of starch. Have you tried having soups? I too find salads very unsatisfying and generally don’t eat large quantities of raw vegetables. 

Nebula 4000 3-Axis Lite Brushless Gimbal Stabilizer fr GH4 GH3 A7S GoPro Hero 4

Allows you mount Mirrorless / DSLR cameras ( Camera and lens total weight less than 1000g ) like:
Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera
Sony Alpha A7s, A7R, A7, NEX series mirrorless camera
Panasonic GH4, GH3, GH2, GH1  
GoPro Hero 4, Hero 3, Hero 2
Canon EOS 700D, 650D, 600D, 550D  ( Rebel T5i, T4i, T3i )

iPhone 6, iPhone 5s, iPhone 5, iPhone 4s and other android cell phone ( It comes with a holder clamp for cell phone)

Precise brushless motor angle control  ±0.02°,
Want shot low profile, just upsidedown your handle,

Nice CNC machining!

About how to balance your camera before use, and how to adjust the mode, please view youtube.com for more information, Thanks!

If you want to do a long time shooting, please buy the support rod as listed below.

B-C036black - 185.000
Material: Kulit Pu
Height: 21 cm
Length: 24 cm
Depth: 8 cm
Bag Mouth: Zipper
Long Strap: Yes
Weight: 1000g