Let's Say Thanks!

Achievement Hunter has done quite a bit for me in the last year and a half of watching their hilarious antics, from helping me with my phobia of anger, to calming me from panic attacks, to even helping me reach my first 1000G on Xbox. The guys and gals of AH are constantly working to bring us wonderful content, so we can continue to laugh.

So, I want to send them a gift, a thank you from all of us who have similar stories, or are just grateful for their work.

ANYONE who likes or reblogs this post will have their URL written on a poster, wherein your names will make up the AH logo.

No time limit. This will continue on until I run out of room on the poster. Let’s give them the best thanks we can for all their hard work and all the laughs they have given us through the years.


Red-Tailed Success!!!
Meet Cooter, that’s right…his name is Cooter. No fancy names, I’m sticking with my country girl roots. Besides…how can you resist saying things like, “You wanna see my Cooter?” Or, “you wanna pet my Cooter?” Ok, I’ll stop.
Cooter is a 1000G male juvenile red-tailed hawk that I trapped with my sponsor tonight. I’m so excited to start this journey!!!

(Letter) To Ashtide

Party was horrible, never going again, never inviting any of them again either.

Asp bailed out after less than an hour, and fish out of water doesn’t really begin to describe it.  It was more like a dead shark in molten core.  Just kind of sat there and I got the distant impression she might be blistering.

Belyndrae brought her ex-boyfriend and then got back into that creepy “Oh I don’t know why you’re legitimately upset but I think that invading your personal space because I want to is the answer.”

Feythril was okay until she was getting in the way of me applying pointy justice to the two shit-heels who picked on my ghoul.

Oh and don’t get me started on my brother.

I won 1000G in the costume contest and I’m gonna send it back to the ghouls to keep them up to buy myself a few more days.

I don’t want to talk tonight, I’m in a really horrorshow sort of mood and if anything else upsets me I might do something really dumb.

I don’t want to hurt you.

Can we just hang out?


VarianWrynn is a lvl 25 Imperial for sale.

With 119 STR, 50 QCK, and 225 unused stat points for you to allocate as you wish. Stones include Rally, Eliminate, Elemental Slash, 3 Berserkers, 2 Ambush

Buy now for 1000g.
Half price to Arcane Flight members without 2 level 25’s.
Other Discounts Available, Contact TheBasilisk.

(will hold, accept converted or mixed currency, and payment plans are available)

Cooter was chilling out while the guys watched the football games today. Hooding continues to be the daily drill, he’s decided he doesn’t like it today. Weight has steadily come down from 1000G off the trap to 905G today. Still not too interested in food.


So the party ended with some asshole harassing Nibbles so I had to leave.  And when I report to the hostess that said asshole is harassing my ghoul so we’re leaving, it becomes obvious that the guy is a friend of hers so it’s incredibly unlikely that the matter would be handled with any seriousness. 

Why do I ever expect these things will go well.  I did my part.  I didn’t even bring a weapon.  I didn’t argue with anyone.  But no.  I go out there to sit quietly and watch their stupid fireworks, and the fuckbags have to pick on Nibbles.

Bunch of drunken shit-faced useless creatures.

And THIS is worth fighting for?

I was hoping that tonight would be one last hurrah before we ship tomorrow but you know what? 


I made 1000g getting third place in the costume contest.  I was gonna put it in my House fund but I’m sending it back to Karnak instead and buying myself some time.

Awful tough to get motivated ‘for the Horde’ when I care about their welfare less and less.  Even though I wasn’t doing this for them in the first place, listening to those ugly tusk-faced mouth-breathers prattling on about ‘lok’tar ogar’ first thing in the morning is going to end with my fist in someone’s face and a speedy discharge.

I do not understand people.

Crystal came out TODAY.  Which means every dragon that currently has it was either gened today or hatched today

So how is someone already selling an adult crystal-gened dragon for 1000g, when the gene itself costs 1500???

Hello Kitty Wonderful MIrrror Dresser

Hello Kitty Wonderful MIrrror Dresser

Hello Kitty Wonderful MIrrror Dresser | body size (about) / H425xW250xD275mm
set contents / compact, perfume, hair dryer, lipstick, comb, earrings, rings
body weight (about 3 years of age or older
) / 1000g
Main Material / PP
Battery / single 4×3 (sold separately)
Production country / China
Unit / 1 set
Age There is a case to be changed without notice co

  • battery type: 3 single 4 x (sold…

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