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Hey d.a.s you're incredible, and I was wondering if you had any funny/lighthearted ways that you could think of to come out as a lesbian to your friends? Or just any tips for coming out in general? Thank you, lovely!

  1. Say, “hey guys, wanna know what’s totally gay?” and when they ask what, say “me hahaha I like girls wow that was so funny, I’m so funny,” then give yourself a high five.
  2. For your birthday, make individual cupcakes and, while all the other ones are normal, yours is in the shape of a vagina. Make eye contact with each one of them as you eat it.
  3. Buy a pizza and bring it to lunch. When your friends ask for a piece, say it’s for gay people only. Then eat the entire thing yourself. Your friends will know you’re gay, but they will also hate you, you sadistic pizza-eating monster.
  4. If someone says that you’re great, look them square in the eyes and say “I’m great and I’m also … gay … t.” Then make finger-guns at them until they realize that, not only are you a lesbian, you also have a fantastic sense of rhyme.
  5. Invite your friends over to your house for a “special occasion.” Throughout the evening, hide in various closets around your home. Whenever people ask where you are, pop your head out of your closet and exclaim “I’m coming right out!” and proceed to find a new closet to hide in. Repeat until you have frightened all of your friends and they hate you and want to leave.



Friends: Monica’s Apartment – An infographic by the team at UK Direct Doors

From Joey getting a turkey stuck on his head to Chandler proposing to Monica, this eclectic New York apartment saw it all during the 10 years that Friends was on air. It has the perfect mix of clashing colours, mismatched furniture and comfy seating to make it the essential 90’s pad. So how can you incorporate a bit of Friends style into your own place? Colour is the biggest trick! Try using bold teals, mustard yellows and of course lilac in your paint scheme. Accessories are also key, try putting together mismatched chairs at your dining table and filling empty spaces with knick knacks and lamps. You can even get your hands on the same Jouets print Monica has above her TV!

In answer to your question, that will be explored this season, we will be touching on the Suicide Squad this season. Diggle’s part in that is big. A.R.G.U.S. and Diggle and the Suicide Squad are just one of the things that Diggle will be part of this season. The bigger part of that, since this season is all about identity: where does Diggle fit with the Suicide Squad, with A.R.G.U.S., with Team Arrow, as a family?
—  David Ramsey (X)

So my first YouTube video is going up tomorrow morning.
This is one of my lovely faces.

The video is called, "We Can Disagree, And That’s Okay."

You like cats AND dogs? That’s okay.
You’re into science AND religion? That’s okay.
Single and not looking? That’s okay.
You prefer romantic-comedy Ryan Gosling over Oscar-serious Ryan Gosling? That’s okay.
Republican or Democrat? That’s okay.
Cheese on your ramen noodles? Well … maybe not okay.

Subscribe to my channel here. Love y’all!

— J.S.