Tokyo Ghoul : Re Chapter 14 has been translated by Imperial Scans.

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GoFundMe: Support New Negress Film Society! (link)

The New Negress Film Society is a core collective of black genderqueer and women filmmakers. Our aim is to create community and spaces for exhibition, support, and consciousness-raising through film. The collective’s members are Ja’Tovia Gary, Wendy James, Nevline Nnaji, Dyani Douze, and Frances Bodomo.

We are fundraising money for three key events and projects in 2015. 

1.) Black Artstory Month Event
 (Saturday Feb. 28th) - "I Cried Power: On the Limits and Possibilities of Black Life" - A screening event to be held in Brooklyn, NY,  featuring the works of Black women and queer artists, includingDyani Douze, Nontsikelelo Mutiti, Ja’Tovia Gary, Tiona McClodden, Stasia Mehschel, and Yulan Grant

2.) Website - We are aiming to revamp our website to make it more functional and accessible to our social media networks. The website will be used as a platform to help expose the works of talented Black women and gender-nonconforming folks. 

Here’s our current website, a very basic format which shows samples of our writings and a filmmaker spotlight: 

3.) New Negress Artists Retreat - We are trying to raise funds to hold an artist’s retreat in the Summer of 2015. Our goal is to raise money to rent accomodations and cover the meals for the artists who participate.  This retreat will be open to Black cis- and trans- women and genderqueer folks. We are hoping that it will be a space for participants to write and develop their upcoming projects. 

Yours truly,
New Negress Film Society