This Inspirational TV Show In South Korea Shows Why Plastic Surgery Is Awesome


South Korea may receive a lot of attention for plastic surgery, often at times being the punchline of a joke on how Korean women are “plastic”.However, as with all surgery, even plastic surgery can make the world of difference to someone in need.

"Let Me In" is a cosmestic surgery makeover reality show that focuses on helping those in need. From birth defects, traumatic accidents and physical ailments or deformities, the show helps treat those who truly could use the help.

Take a look at some of the before + after  photos after the jump.

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ok so lets talk about hightop’s cooking abilities for a bit


here is him with a whiny face on the cooking competition about how hes never cooked. I thought he lied but

he made tteokbokki…and well


like yes yum delicious but DO YOU SEE THE CHOCOLATE CHIP PIECES IN THERE…LIKE HOW IN THE WORLD DO YOU EVEN THINK OF PUTTING THEM THERE…right next to the eggs (he added more random stuff that isnt clearly visible too)

like this poor guy doesn’t even know why that happened either


either teach this dude to cook or don’t let him in the kitchen is my advice

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for my baes who live outside the US and can’t watch it on, i found the full episode. & we all know everyone will skip to nicki’s part.

nicki; 10:45

#29 - Johnny Longtorso (421 - Monster A Go-Go) (requested by theymightbebeatles)

He’s long!

It all adds up to merchandising, profit - the American way!

Figure drawing classes, don’t fail me now…

I sorta wanted to make this one look like an old homemade poster. Also, I realized the original bit was an awesome take on the Six Million Dollar Man action figures, which did this exact same thing.