anonymous said:

Ugh. The TW stans strike again. Those comments are super gross. teenwolfgossip(.)tumblr(.)com/post/97914923733/thank-you-so-much-for-going-through-all-this

This is why I find myself hating the world with each passing day. This is why I have grown so cold, and so harsh, and so unforgiving towards pieces of shit like Jeff Davis and his writers.

This is why I throw no respect towards people like Tyler Posey, who sat there and called a homosexual pairing weird, bizarre, and twisted with no reason and no elaboration. Then gave no apology to the people who he hurt.

This is why I’m so vicious towards the people that pat themselves on the back for their bullshit non existent “queer representation” in Teen Wolf. 

This is why I genuinely hate what Teen Wolf is, and what kind of audience it supports. It supports homophobic trash. Jeff and his writers write to cater them, when they don’t even deserve a fucking place on this planet.