let me clear this up, because some of you seem confused:

The boys’ relationships with their girlfriends do not involve you. You are not a third party member of their partnership. You do not get to have a say in what they post, the events they go to, and how they act around each other.

If you have found yourself getting angry at the boys/girlfriends for “showing off” their relationship in any way, you need to take a step back and re-evaluate why you feel so entitled to have a say in how they present their own relationship.

rokewe asked:


"It isn’t what it looks like, I swear."

Annabeth raised her eyebrows, “Well, that’s good because it looks like a tornado tore through my perfectly designed living room.”

And it was true. Their house was turned upside down. Literally, the couch was tipped over, there were blankets hanging from the bookshelves, forming a pillow fort, and there were two empty cardboard boxes on the opposite side of the room. The floor was littered with toys, and she couldn’t see the hardwood floor because of everything. 

Before Percy could say anything from where he was standing (and wearing a princess tiara with a pink skirt over his jeans), two three year olds raced into the room, nearly knocking him over to get to her. She leaned down just in time, catching the both of them in her open arms. 

"Mommy!" Luke yelled, slinging his arms around her neck. 

"Play princesses with us!" Sofia said excitedly, copying Luke’s actions. 

She smiled at them before she looked back up to Percy. He was grinning at all three of them, and he straightened his tiara as he said, “Okay, maybe it is what it looks like.”