Merman AU 

Just think about it, Jack is a rare cold water Merman, found near the frigid waters of Antarctica.  The cold temperatures doesn’t bother him.  He normally has gills along his ribs, but when dry, he can breath air and change his anatomy to grow legs and trade his merman reproduction organs for human ones.  

He gets easily dehydrated and needs regular contact with water to keep his skin from flaking.  

Bunny is rather protective of him.   

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I don’t think that Elsa appreciates how many people I ship her with.

From left to right: Hans (Frozen, he came close but I was just like nah), Albert (Songs of Ice and Snow, dreamsalittlebigger), Helena (Wings of Winter, Aris Marquoni on AO3), Alarik (Shardsverse, searlait), Revel (For The First Time In Never, not-so-secret-nerd), Jack Frost (Rise of the Guardians), Queen Marisol (Sisterhood is the Strongest Magic Book 3: A Warm Welcome), Tadashi Hamada (Big Hero 6), and that curly-haired nerd is me of course.

anonymous asked:

Is there a particular reason why you took down "An Abandoned Blue Sky" from AO3? I just went to reread it and was very sad to see it was gone :(

It was complicated, but basically I’m very uncomfortable leaving a fic up that I’m not likely to finish (An Abandoned Blue Sky is one of them, because it was envisioned to be novel length, and I literally don’t have…the time for that right now), and I wanted to write other fandoms (other than RotG) under a different/unconnected AO3 account so that I could feel more genuinely anonymous and relaxed about writing fanfiction. :)

However, I also said a little while back that if anyone wanted the chapters I had written, I’m happy to send them to you via email! So feel free to email me at notpoignant at gmail dot com (and anyone else reading this who wants the six written chapters of An Abandoned Blue Sky) and I’ll send them on over. That way you’ll be able to reread it whenever you like.

Name 10 of your favourite characters and tag 10 people

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Ok! I have a lot of favourite characters but these are special.

1. Tenth Doctor (Doctor Who)

2. Loki (Marvel)

3. Sherlock (Sherlock)

4. Rose Tyler (Doctor Who)

5. Elsa (Frozen)

6. Jack Frost (ROTG)

7. Petra Ral (SNK)

8. Levi (SNK)

9. Captain America (Marvel)

10. Amy Pond (Doctor Who)

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