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H: You don’t understand, Jack. Taking my father’s place in running the village? That’s.. his thing

J: Well, you may be right about, Hic. But I know you’ll be fine. Just make sure you do everything I tell you to. 

H: The last time I listened to you, you froze all the fish to the sheep. It took all day to get those Terror’s off them. 

J: Hehe. That was an interesting day. I’ve never seen sheep run that fast. But that’s besides the point, Hic. I know you’ll do just fine.

H: Thanks, Jack

J: Plus you have me around all the time

H: Oh.. Great..

The Immediate Problem (Jack/Jamie) (1/30)

Original Prompt:

Ariel!Jack longs to be a part of the human world. Too bad no one can see him. His guardian, Triton!North, tells him to be patient, that they’ll see him one day, but until then he should stop creating blizzards just to get attention. Jack is particularly fond of a kid called Jamie, whom he has watched grow up throughout the years and seems to almost be aware of him sometimes.
Ursula!Pitch makes a deal with Jack; he’ll be human and visible for three days, during which time he must convince at least one person that Jack Frost is real. If he fails, he’ll be Pitch’s to keep. Sure of his success, Jack accepts.
Thus, Jack begins his quest for belief, aided by a cantankerous Sebastian!Bunnymund (who promised North he’d keep an eye on the stupid kid, making this his problem), his faithful companion Flounder!Babytooth, and Scuttle!Sandy. Unfortunately, his quest is not as easy as it seems. He makes friends with Jamie, but he has been disillusioned by the Guardians and doesn’t belief in them at all anymore. And time is running out …
Bonus: Bunny uses his tiny adorable form in order to follow Jack around and yell at him.

The Guardians are quite close-knit here, and Jack is like a son to North. In my fill, Jack is more focused on Jamie than belief—it’s not as much of a problem when he has the other Guardians to talk to regularly.

But the immediate problem is that Jack’s barefoot in the snow. Bunny is not a fan of the situation at all.

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