- What are you gonna do, kill me? - a trapped Pitch inquired, without much of his usual sneer.

- We do not kill, - North replied calmly. - Besides, it is rather questionable whether a spirit such as you can be killed. But this book I’ve found has very clear instructions on how you can be banished.

- Banished? But… where?

- Most likely into another dimension. Might be into the space, for all I care.

- You can’t rid the world of fear! There will be other Fearlings to take my place! The crime, the cancer, the debts, Death itself - all the sources of fear will remain!

- Exactly. We have enough problems besides a medieval, self-important personification of fear.

- You’re such an eyesore, Pitch, - Toothiana approached only to cast him a long contemptuous stare. - Adieu!

- Come on, North, send him already… To infinity and beyond! - Jack laughed, throwing one of his usual somersaults.

* * *

Pitch drifted through what appeared to be an interdimensional corridor, slowly dissolving in the star-speckled cosmic blackness. He had tried to slip out of the corridor and into some dimension - any dimension! - but their invisible boundaries wouldn’t let him through. No world welcomed an outsider, especially one with evil intentions. Though at the moment Pitch’s only intention was to survive.

Eventually Pitch came across a curious anomaly: uneven spots of light sifted through the dark cosmic matter. Hastily he drifted towards that area, reaching out to this last hope - and as soon as he touched the light, he was sucked into a small dimension vortex like a cloud of ink into a drain hole.


just my version of Jamie for Jamie Bennett Day. so far, i’ve seen only 2 ppl contributing, yeah? but i’m not gonna complain anymore ^^” fandom comes and goes, that’s how it is. 

just a plan…I’d like to make a Jamie Bennett (and his friends) fanvid or sequential comic panels base on ‘Welcome to Black Parade’ by the Chemical Romance. It just happen to suit my version of 16-years old Jamie so much ><.

'Would you be the savior of the broken,
The beaten and the damned,

He said, “Will you defeat them,
Your demons and all the non-believers,
The plans that they have made,’

The whole song is just so Jamie to me >< 

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What? I just…What?

anonymous said:

do you like Rise of the Guardians?

okay so i watched it the same night i first watched httyd, and i had hugely high expectations of both because of how they’re treated here, especially being in the big four and all. httyd exceeded all those expectations and rotg didn’t. i didn’t really connect with the characters and i wasn’t a huge fan of the plot. the animation was really well done and dreamworks did an amazing job with the movie, and there were certain parts that i really liked, but all in all, it was just okay.