Oliver Queen Appreciation Week [5th January - 11th January ]

Hey all you Queens, there was a request made for a Oliver Appreciation Week and well considering her is dangling off a cliff now… i think he needs all the love he can get! ! i will track the tag #oqueenappreciation so don’t forget to tag! :*

here are the themes of each day

monday the 5th - your most memorable oliver moment

tuesday the 6th - favourite quote[s]

wednesday the 7th - otp [for example oliver x felicity]

thursday the 8th brotp [ for example oliver x diggle]

friday the 9th - the sexiest moment [okay fandom now is the time to go hunting for the abs and suspenders]

saturday the 10thmost badass/funniest/saddest moments

sunday the 11th - go creative! try doing oliver + lyrics or colours or a au or meshing gifsets … TRY SOMETHING NEW!!

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With the beast inside
There’s nowhere we can hide

Heart Strings

Title: Heart Strings

Pairing: Reader x Dean

Word count: 2,974

Theme song: Wild Mountain Thyme cover by Jensen Ackles

Request: I just request a reader/Dean fic where he’s singing and playing guitar. Do you think you could add the song where Jensen sings Wild Mountain Thyme? It’s so freaking pretty!

Can you do one where the reader catches Dean singing and playing guitar and it turns out he’s really good at it but he’s all embarrassed?

I am loving the imagines, would you be able to do an imagine with the wendigo episode and dean, like she gets taken and he is totally scared that she was hurt or died?



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“Please, Dean.”


“Why not? I already heard you once.”

“That was an accident because you don’t know how to knock. Never again, alright? We’re pretending this never happened,” Dean said firmly. You let out a sigh and rolled your eyes as you flopped back onto the couch, crossing your arms over your chest. He couldn’t help but smile down at you.

“Does Sam know you play?” you asked.

“He’s aware. He’s not as weirdly invested in it as you are,” Dean replied, coming to sit beside you.

“Weirdly invested in the fact that you can play guitar and sing and you never told me? You’re the weird one,” you said, giving his shoulder a push.

“When would that have come up?”

“Oh, I don’t know. Sometime in the three months we’ve been hunting together maybe? Or in the last couple weeks I’ve been living here? How many times have we listened to music in your car?”

“It’s not a big deal, Y/N. Just drop it,” Dean told you. You eyed his guitar, sitting in the corner of the room before looking back at him.

“Fine,” you huffed.

But you didn’t drop it, nor did you expect for Dean to believe you would. He knew you well enough by now to realize you had a one-track mind.

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I tried at punk Luke as best as I could beautiful people.

Requested: Yes

Word count: 2.7k+ (whew!)

I finally found myself on the last day of school, flooding from my last class of the day with the rest of the eager students ready for the summer awaiting. Once I reached the double doors of the school I stood by them, waiting for my best friend, Marcy, who was gonna drive me and a few other friends up to her parents log cabin for a week. She reached me, hugging me tightly around my waist and pulled me outside. 

"Are you ready for the week at the cabin?" I asked eagerly.

"Yeah…about that. I—" Marcy got cut off by a lanky senior who stood in between us on purpose just to talk to Marcy. I didn’t even have to see his face to know who the prick was that was standing in between Marcy and I. He handed her a flyer and smiled flirtatiously up at him, backing up purposely to bump into me. 

"(Y/N)." He sneered. 

"Luke." I exasperated. 

"Fuck, I didn’t see you there. Maybe move out of my way next time." He rolled up the sleeves of his shirt, exposing his tattoos that blanketed his skin, almost like he wanted me to get down on my knees and worship his tattoos. 

In disbelief, I scoffed at him. “Maybe fuck off next time.” 

"I knew you wanted to fuck me," He laughed to himself, "Oh and you’re not invited," He pointed at the stack of flyers in his hand before winking at Marcy and joining his other three idiot friends who were covered in tattoos and piercing just as Luke was.

Marcy looked at me awkwardly, holding up the flyer to my face. It read something about a Last Day of School party at Luke’s house. Snatching the flyer from her hands, I ripped it up and threw it on the ground.

"You’re bailing out on the cabin trip for a FUCKING party, Marcy? Really?" I yelped, ignoring the weird looks I got from other students. 

I was infuriated that Marcy picked a party, Luke’s party, over a trip she and I had been planning for months. MONTHS. I didn’t realize how fast I had walked from her until I heard her panting beside me. I kept my eyes ahead of me, fishing for my keys in my purse. 

"(Y/N), (Y/N)…Please! I’m sorry! We can go to the cabin tomorrow, I just wanted to go to Luke’s party. You know since Freshmen year his Last Day of School parties have been fucking amazing." Marcy babbled. 

I rolled my eyes, stopping to open my car door and get in, closing the door behind me. I started my car and closed my eyes for a second, startled as I opened my eyes with Marcy banging on my window. Letting down the window, I glared at her, “WHAT?”

"You don’t have to come to the party you know. We can go to the cabin tomorrow okay?"

I blinked at her, then nodded. “Alright Marcy…” I smiled at her before pulling out of my parking spot and drove home. I was left with my thoughts the whole ride. Pfft. Party. I don’t want to go to that fucking party, hell, Luke even said I’m not invited. I didn’t want to go to his stupid little party anyways. A little part of me wanted to show up just in spite of him. I fought with myself while I headed upstairs to my room if I should go to the party or not. Luke couldn’t stop me from going to the party. Digging through my closet, I looked for the tightest, shortest dress I could find. If I was going to a party I wasn’t invited to, why not at least be best dressed? 

9 PM rolled around a little faster than I expected and I was already dressed, make-up done and hair curled. My heart was literally beating out of my chest on the way to Luke’s. My knuckles almost turned white as I gripped the steering wheel tightly while I pulled up to the party. Despite how grimy Luke dressed, he lived in a very nice neighborhood and his house was huge. I made my way into the house slowly, looking around at my fellow peers who occupied the party, dancing and jumping around with their red cups full of alcohol in their hands. I found Marcy immediately, grinding her body against a guy what looked like Ashton, with his hands tightly around her waist, he was one of Luke’s older friends who was already a sophomore in college which I didn’t understand why he still hung around Luke and the other two, Calum and Michael. 

I tried to avoid contact with Marcy because of earlier when I was telling her about how much of a shit party this was going to be. As I turned around, Luke was making his way towards the stereo but bumped into me by accident and I obviously caught his attention enough that he stopped and scowled at me. 

"What the fuck are you doing here, (Y/N)?" He yelled over the loud music. 

"Don’t think you can stop me from showing up places, Hemmings." I laughed, shaking my head as I made my way upstairs in hopes that he would leave me alone but as soon as I reached the top of the stairs, Luke wrapped his large hands around my arm and pulled me back to him. His next few actions were very fast, catching me off guard as he pressed my body against his and pushed me up against the wall, my skin slapping against the cool paint on the wall. I tried to wriggle myself loose but he was way stronger than me. His muscles flexed as he tried to hold me still, the black ink of his tattoos dancing atop his skin. I smirked slightly as I stopped struggling against him and spit in his face, running to the end of the hall as I was freed from his grip and ran into the room at the end of it, closing the door behind me. I tried to lock the door as fast as I could but he was faster than me. The door was pushed open and I fell hard on my back, feeling my dress rise up slightly on my thighs. 

Luke closed the door behind me and locked it. I stood up, giving him a dirty look as he looked back at me. He quickly moved towards me, wrapping his hands around my neck and slammed my body up against the wall again, forcing his lips on mine. At first I was in shock, I didn’t understand why he was being such a dick to me and now his lips were pressed against mine. Frowning I pushed him away and slapped my palm across his left cheek. He looked more confused than I did, even though he had no right to. He chewed on his lip ring as he stared at me again for a second. The same feeling I had in the car was coming back. My heart was about to burst out of my chest and my breath was caught in my throat as I stared back at him, my eyes trailing down to his twisted lips.

I hate this kid. I absolutely fucking despise this prick. I couldn’t possibly be catching feelings for his stupid ass. For fucks sake, he’s called me every name in the book and looked at me with so much disgust, I couldn’t understand why in this moment I wanted to kiss him. And in this moment I forgot that I hated. 

I threw myself on to him, wrapping my arms around his neck and my legs around his waist, causing him to fall back against his bed. His arms snaked around my waist while our tongues fought for dominance. Our lips were perfect, like they were fit for each other and I was glad we were using our mouths in this manner rather than screaming the words my parents would frown upon if I said them in their presence. 

Luke groaned softly against my lips and I knew why as soon as he pulled me closer to him. He was growing hard against my thigh by the second. I pulled away from him and he grumbled, “I fucking hate you.”

"Well fuck me like you hate me." I breathed, moving my hands down to fumble with his belt, looking him in the eyes as I slowly unbuttoned his tight skinny jeans.

"I do hate you," He spat back.

"Well then it won’t be that hard to fuck me like you hate me, huh? You fucking dick." I smiled while sliding his jeans to his ankle and he kicked them off and onto the floor, I, myself, noticing our bickering turned him on very much so.

Within a second, I flipped him on his back and straddled him, grinding my already dripping core against his hardening dick. His adam’s apple bobbed as he groaned again in frustration.

"Not so fucking tough, babe? You’re like puddy in my hands, Lukey." I grabbed hold of his lip ring, pulling on it harshly as he squeezed his eyes shut in pain. 

"Fuck you, (Y/N). I always thought you were a prude anyways." Luke hissed at me and I brought my palm against his cheek again, the loud crack of my hand against his face filling the room.

"Shut the fuck up, Hemmings." I sneered as I pulled my dress over my head and once I was caught off guard, Luke flipped us back over so he was on top, ridding himself of his shirt. My eyes were glued to the muscles and tattoos that decorated his skin. My thoughts were cut short to the sharp pain against my clit. Luke had helped himself to my body as he had pushed my panties to the side and twisted my clit in between his calloused fingers, my moans ripping through my throat.

"Who’s puddy in who’s hands now, baby girl?" Luke smirked down at me and I arched my back in pleasure, very well knowing that I was puddy in Luke’s hands. Without warning, he slid two fingers inside of my wet folds while his hands slid up my body and under my bra, toying with my nipples between the fingers of his free hand. 

A string of profanities fell from my lips as his connected with my untouched nipple and I shivered at the feeling of the cool metal of his lip ring against my hot skin. Taking my hard bud into his mouth he chewed on it, careful not to cause me too much pain while he twisted and pulled at my other bud. I found myself, grinding my center against his fingers while he spread his fingers out wide inside of me and changed the pace of his fingers, speeding them up while they went deeper and deeper inside of me, his middle finger consistently jabbing against my g-spot and with every jab, my orgasm crept closer and closer. Somehow, Luke found that out, although it might have been the way I clenched around his fingers or the fact that I was practically panting like I had ran a marathon.

He pulled his fingers out, as he knew that I was very close to releasing. “I want you to come around me baby.”

I whimpered when he took his fingers and his mouth from my nipples, my eyebrows furrowed as I was itching for his touch again. He reached over to find a condom from his night stand, and honestly I wasn’t surprised to see the dozens of condoms he had stashed in there. Fully taking my bra and panties off, I threw them to the side, watching as they landed on his guitar. Ugh, I almost forgot he was a douche with a guitar.

When I looked back at him he had already rolled the condom over his hard on and I could see his pre-cum compressed between the condom and his swollen, pink tip. I whimpered again, indicating that I needed him inside of me. He snickered at my submissiveness and I groaned, “You’re such an asswipe.”

With his hand firmly around the base of his dick, his shoved his whole length into my tight core, I yelped from the sudden contact and he then pulled himself out quickly with his eyebrow raised at me, leaving me with my mouth hung open. 

"What was that kitten?" He purred and once against shoved his whole length inside of me again, feeling his tip pierce my g-spot. I tried to speak but I couldn’t form any words before he again pulled himself out of me and my mouth gaped open impossibly wide. 

He was obviously smug, happy with himself. “Are you gonna shut your fucking mouth now? I know that’s gonna be hard for you, (Y/N).”

I was just about to retort when he again slammed his hard length deep inside of me but he didn’t pull out this time, he continued to thrust inside of me. I was already close to the edge from earlier and I knew Luke wasn’t going to last much longer. I wrapped my legs around his waist again, lifting my hips up so he could hit the sweeter spots inside of me. He buried his head in my chest and I played with the gauges in his ear while my other hand was busy tending to my clit, rubbing it in circles with my middle and ring finger to speed up the process. In this moment, I forgot I hated Luke Hemmings. I couldn’t believe the same guy I hated since sophomore year was the same guy who was pleasuring me in ways I couldn’t imagine. And it seemed like he had forgotten as well.

"Mmm, fuck. Baby, you feel so good…" He wailed. I ground my hips against his as the friction built up faster and faster between us. After a few seconds, his thrusts were getting sloppier and my walls were again clenching around him. He had himself propped up above me with his hands on either side of my head and his head was still placed in my cleavage, his hot breath tickling my skin. I closed my eyes as my orgasm took over my body, I tried hard to catch my breath as I felt my juices seep from my core. I could tell that that pushed Luke over the edge as well, he scrunched up his nose and bit on his bottom lip as he lifted his head from my chest and released heavily into the condom, his moans of pleasure bounced off of the walls and mixed with my groans of indulgence. My heart was beating extremely fast as he came, the warmth of the cum radiating through the condom, sending me into deep euphoria. Luke had finally stopped his movement inside of me as he had pressed his lips against mine, kissing me roughly, and I found myself almost melting under him. He pulled out of me and discarded the condom all in a swift movement while he kept his lips connected to mine. The loud pumping of the music became noticeable to me again now that my high had slowly fizzled and I remembered that Luke still had a party going on underneath us. 

Removing my lips from his, I sat up slightly, resting on my forearms. “Fuck I forgot about your party.” I chuckled and pushed him off of me while I gathered my clothes. 

"What a fucking host you are Hemmings. Amazing." I decided to fill the silence with another insult, getting dressed quickly. He said nothing as he sat on the edge of the bed, staring at me. I zipped up the side of my dress and went over to unlock the door but what he said made me stop in my tracks.

"Maybe we should stop pretending like we hate each other because we just had amazing sex and you can’t deny that we’re perfect for each other." 

I turned around to look at him, swallowing the lump in my throat and nodded. Smiling slightly, I walked over to him and stood in front of him. 

"In fact, I never hated you, I was just jealous that you had a crush on Calum." 

My cheeks felt hot as he mentioned my expired crush on Calum. “I only hated you because I thought you hated me, Luke.”

He simply shook his head and pulled me back onto the bed again, “Fuck the party, just lay in bed with me.”

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arnor, crumbling ruins of the old northern kingdom • gondor, glittering city of kings and major hub of mankind’s infrastructure • harondor, the much fought-over scrubland between gondor and harad, crisscrossed by old roads and towns gone to waste • umbar, one of middle-earth’s major space-ports and home to many of its aerospace engineers • rhovanion, the dark labyrinth of tunnels and highways which lead between the elven cities and the eastern wasteland •

for ioannemos, who requested lord of the rings in a modern setting