Huffman/Sheppard panel, and women in Supernatural

During the Vancon panel, someone asked Alaina Huffman about her thoughts on Abaddon as a feminist icon.

She seemed kind of uncomfortable with the amount of violence and misogyny directed at her character, saying that it felt like ‘the writers were treating me as their personal therapy by putting me through all this stuff… They stabbed me, cut my head off, shot me, called me all these dirty names"…

She also talked about how she remembered feeling really discomfited by the guns and being shot in the face and stabbed in her first episode, and saying “can you do that?” about what her character went through, at least once.

Apparently they told her that ‘oh yeah, it’s okay, because she’s a monster’.

Mark Sheppard, I believe, talked about how the death scene of Abaddon was initially more violent than it appeared in the show, if I heard correctly, and that she ‘pretty much blew up’ with ‘blood everywhere’.

Alaina also talked about how Abaddon was a bit of a ‘strong female character’, in the sense that she was strong, and not much else, and while that’s ‘fine sometimes’, she had to really work to bring out the layers in her character.

Also talked about Josie Sands herself, existing in the male dominated time and secret society, and ‘glass ceilings’, there…

Mark Sheppard also discussed the lack of good roles for female characters,and how it’s hard for women especially to get roles ‘with legs’ where the character has ‘unshallow motivations and ideals’, and they aren’t ‘just a pretty face’.

Alaina Huffman also paused at one point, as if she wasn’t sure if she should mention it, then talked a bit about how she has seen a lot of fans discussing and critiquing the sexism and misogyny on Supernatural, on a fairly widespread basis.

It was very much phrased in a ‘I see what you are saying, I hear you, I agree”, kind of way, and it all made me incredibly happy, because these are conversations that need to be had more often in fandom. 

*may be paraphrasing a bit, this is all from memory*

Client: How long will it take to produce this case study video?

Me: Four weeks from script and storyboard sign-off.

Client: We only have two weeks to get it done. We can give you an extra two days on top of the two weeks, will that help?

Me: It will help, yes. But only if we get the script and storyboard signed off today and get into studio tomorrow.

Client: Oh, we won’t be able to get all the stakeholders in one room to sign off on script and storyboard until the next managers’ meeting.

Me: When’s that meeting?

Client: In two weeks.


Just like all the drug addicts and murderers, I can honestly say that I never set out to be what I am today. In third grade, I wanted to be an astronaut but all the boys told me that’s not for girls like me. At twelve, I wanted to be a writer but my teachers laughed at me, saying that ain’t a real job for people in this town. Their laughter echoed throughout the halls, still echoes inside fissures of my brain some times.

The first time I heard about death was in the form of the grandmother of this boy I hated. I saw her just a couple of days ago in town, walking with her cane and hunched back. For a time, I had a skewed understanding that death only comes with old age and that everyone was safe for now. So it was a huge deal to me when I met cancer. He was nine like me but his hair was falling out in clumps like cotton candy made of honey and he’s got nightskies underneath his eyes that made it look like he carried all the weight of the world. I’ve never heard someone breathe so shallowly, never seen someone so drained out of life.

The first time I heard of suicide was from a news reporter, five minutes before I set out for school.The entire day, I just sat there, not hearing what square roots were for, not even looking out the window like I always did at Math class, counting how many flowers were as blue as I was, just sat so still, the world became the inside of a broken lightbulb.

There were stories. Lots of them, as I was growing up. A boy once told me about a friend of his attempting to kill himself at midnight when his parents weren’t home. Tied a rope around his chandelier and when he jumped, the ceiling caved in. We laughed. Sure,it was funny then. But there were other stories. I went to a bookstore once and just out of a whim, chose a book from the highest shelf and bought it without knowing what it was all about. I got home and plopped it on the couch. I read it two years later during a rainy day when my parents weren’t home. On page two forty one, paragraph two, eighth line, the author wrote about a rainy day when the entire student body discovered a fifteen-year old’s body hanging from a rope inside the gym. I imagine what would happen if the same thing happened in my school. I imagine who I’d become: one of those running away, or if I’d be one of the few with feet planted firmly on the ground, unable to take my eyes off the soft swaying of something so utterly dead.

Let’s face it, there are so many opportunities to die every single day. One step in front of a speeding van to make it look like an accident. One bottle of aspirin to make this headache go away for good. One fifteen-foot drop off the abandoned bridge in the woods, just east of town. One clean cut to the wrist.

Yet we don’t take them. I figured if I were going to go through this, I’d much rather choose something different. A gunshot to the head accounts for over fifty percent of suicides. Suffocation’s almost up to twenty five percent annually now. I knew a guy who guzzled up a gallon of bleach, died more likely of choking than poisoning they say. So I write, and I live. And this is how I kill myself.



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Well this is it. I want to keep this short and sweet, yet be very thankful at the same time.

Thank you so much everybody, I never imagined that almost a year and a half ago that anything I’d do like this would scrape a couple hundred followers, let alone 5,000.

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