'NBK will be the ultimate revenge, to our shitlists, the pigs, everyone! We’ll fuckin “Take care of business” to be sure. So, Indigo, as we near the day of fate … AAAA FUCKIT! Just let it come. They will know when gods get pissed off … the little pussies will feel the shotgun shells & the bullets. Just like that little piglet at community service. They need to die sooo bad. Now they will.' - Dylan Klebold (written in Eric Harris’s yearbook)

Something Sweet!

It happens to all of us. That sweet tooth comes around, and we crave something sweet.

  • Forget candy, grab some delicious fruits and berries. 
  • Add some organic peanut butter. (Or even better, almond butter). Sprinkle some cinnamon or organic honey on top to enhance the flavour further! 

Welcome to healthy snacking!!