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In zero day is Andre suppossed to be Eric and cal suppossed to be Dylan

ive seen people say this and to be honest i could argue from both sides - that they are and they aren’t. zero day is at least in part based on the columbine massacre because honestly what school shooting movie can avoid references to it, but i think that cal and andre sort of veered off into their own characters too much to be a direct representation. i can throw my thoughts down and i guess you can make up your own mind, because there are arguments for both sides.

i think the biggest similarity i noticed was their attitudes before and during the shooting. in the lead up, andre was very militant about what he was doing, very prepared, very organized, always thinking ahead, much like how eric went meticulously over all the details for nbk. andre didnt want there to be any room for failure and he looked down on those that had committed similar acts before him, seeing his plan and way of doing things as superior. i thought that was very eric. he seemed to be the one doing most of the planning, and at first glance seemed to be the more committed of the two. he was also the least popular of the two, with cal’s friends actively disliking him and even referring to him as being a “psycho”. during the shooting, he was also very eric-coded - he taunted people, yes, but he was very calm, very collected, and he knew exactly what he was doing. he moved with purpose, and while he had fun with it, he was very in control of his actions, and very relaxed, just like how eric was reported to be.

cal on the other hand, while committed, was not as militant about it as andre. he was more laid back, he wasn’t as uptight about certain things (for example, the spoken word he did and how andre rode his ass for it because he thought it was too much of a clue). cal was also seen to be the more popular of the two, even going to prom shortly before the shooting - definitely a reference to dylan. all through the lead up, cal seemed to be the one “just going along” with what was going on, but the closer they got to zero day, the more it became apparent that cal was just as committed, though in his own way. he was also more accepting of the fact he would die, and even seemed to invite it - it was andre who was preparing for them to escape, but cal never saw that as an option. during the shooting, though, cal was very dylan - he was loud, excited, very unpredictable. he was screaming at people, jumping on desks, and compared to andre seemed to be out of control, like he was riding the high in anticipation of the inevitable low. 

i think that cal and andre are maybe meant to be coded as the misconceptions about eric and dylan - that eric was the psychopathic, ruthless leader, and dylan was the depressed follower who only went along with it and didn’t actively plan it. obviously we all know that’s bullshit, and i think cal and andre illustrate that pretty well. there are also other references, like the “missions” cal and andre go on, but there are also a lot of differences, too. cal lacked a lot of qualities that i see as being integral to dylan’s personality - i personally see cal as just as angry as andre, whereas dylan, while angry, was also frustrated, hopeless, and depressed. cal also wasn’t quite as lovesick as dylan, i dont think. andre on the other hand lacked eric’s narcissism and didnt seem to be as self-conscious or upset at being left out of things. these are all qualities i personally believe are necessary if you want to represent eric and dylan, so thats what sways it for me.

damn sorry for the novel lol. i really love this movie, as you can probably tell.


Ok so on Monday since it’s the anniversary of Columbine, we should all wear red on black and/or black on white. Maybe wear a trench coat if you have one, wear combat boots if you have them, any Rammstein or KMFDM or NIN shirts you have, maybe even a Natural Selection or Wrath tshirt. Eat some Slim Jim’s and pizza and drink Dr.Pepper and do all that. Buy 15 candles and light them as a memorial. Do all you can to remember them and what happened and the reality of it.

I realize some people may see this as “supporting” Eric and Dylan or whatever, but it isn’t. If any of you remember the whole fiasco on my original blog about the killer tshirt on the anniversary, let’s please not make it anything like that. This IS NOT meant to be in favor of Dylan and Eric. It’s just to remember them and the incident and show our support for ALL OF THE VICTIMS. Eric and Dylan were victims too.

Columbiners and true crime people please spread the word!

Tomorrow is going to be hard enough for all of us. I’m pretty sure we’ve all joked about it or reblogged something about it.
No matter what, DON’T DO IT.
You won’t become an idol, or a martyr.
You won’t be famous or a god.
You’ll be a murderer.
Don’t fucking do it.


LomoAmigo Nükleer Başlıklı Kız and Their Underwater Photos

You may have noticed the new single from Nükleer Başlıklı Kız, “Beni Hatırla,” playing on the radio and music channels. During their last vacation, they took the Fisheye No.2 Gold to record their memories in circular photos that enhance the soul of the sea and the sun. We talked with NBK about their new single, future plans, and adventures with the Fisheye camera. http://bit.ly/1GeJSSH

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4x14 - I DO – January 9, 2016

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5x06 - Moving Out – February 6, 2016

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5x14 - New New York – February 20, 2016

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5x16 - Tested – March 5, 2016

5x18 - The Back Up Plan – March 12, 2016

5x19 - Old Dogs New Tricks – March 19, 2016

5x20 - Untitled Rachel Berry Project – March 26, 2016


Klaine-edits (no DK/Walter) from 6X05-6X08 with the 2009 flashback scene - April 2, 2016  *this will be made available to watch for everyone

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