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Head canon that Tony introduces horror movies to Bucky and he becomes so obsessed that Steve has to unplug the tv to get him to stop watching them constantly. Also head canon that whenever Sam, Steve and Bucky go jogging Bucky says 'On your right' every time he passes Sam and that Sam gets so pissed off about the 'on your right' and 'on your left' that one time he just sat down on the floor about to threw a tantrum because he was just done.

v accurate

bucky would

cause bucky’s an ass (but we love him)

do not befriend anyone who says their favorite movie is amelie but doesn’t know shit about the french new wave or french cinema in general 

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Name/Nicknames: Kathleen, Kat, Katra.
Gender: Female.
Sexuality: Bisexual, Pansexual, Heterosexual… who cares? Does it matter. :3
Height: 5’ 2”
What time and date is it there: 12:31am Nov 28
Average hours of sleep: 5-6
OTPs: Destiel, Romitri…
The last thing I googled: Oomph!
What I last said to a family member: To my mom: “I miss you.”  (I’m away from home)
One place that makes me happy and why: My room because I have everything (including food lol)
How many blankets do I sleep under: Right now, four. It’s  very cold in here.
Favorite beverage: Coffe!
The last movie I watched in the cinema: The Judge.
Three things I can’t live without: Books, music & internet! lol
Something I plan on learning: I want to learn to play piano. ^_^
You HAVE to listen to this song: Fee ra huri by Omnia.

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Found a song that accurately describes my insomnia.

It’s 3AM
And I am laying wide-awake
And I can’t sleep for the noise inside my head

The world vibrating
With a cruel cacophony
Flooded with the thoughts my mind has bled

The restless furor
Of a thousand racing thoughts
Swarms around me like a vulture circles prey

In the darkness
No one else can hear a sound
But I am deafened by this ceaseless disarray

I could scream myself to sleep
If it would shatter the illusion
But I can’t give in to this
It’s the noise that makes me human

Waking life
Like a movie on a screen
Running backwards as the film starts to unthread

A wall of violence
Bounding forward through the peace
With no regard for what might lie ahead

An infestation
Of arbitrary thought
Washes over me in paralyzing waves

My defenses
Battered by the driving storm
Isolated – waiting to be saved

I could scream myself to sleep
If it would shatter the illusion
But I can’t give in to this
It’s the noise that makes me human

It’s much too late
And I am slowly losing ground
A prisoner to the noise inside my head

I am trapped within myself
Held captive by a tide that never ebbs

I could scream myself to sleep
If it would shatter the illusion
But I can’t give in to this
It’s the noise that makes me human

Things Midbus Mun will talk forever on Skype about...

-Disney and other animation

-Cartoons (Especially Last Airbender and Korra Series as well as Bobs Burgers)

-Video Games(Especially Zelda/Mario/Resident Evil/Harvest Moon/Sly Cooper/Psychonauts)

-Survivor/Big Brother



-Horror Movies

-Anime (especially One Piece)

-Most Popular Girls in School

-Kink stuff (wiggles eyebrows)

And in general just being a shy but sarcastic and opinionated twit who likes to throw barbs at friends. ‘^’

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Hey perv what's your take on Quentin Tarantino films? I like and enjoy a lot of them except for the instances in which the n-word is used but idk whether I should feel bad about it. Is he a racist?

Something I’ve never understood is how you’ll frequently hear Black people talk about how white people must say “nigger” all the time when we aren’t around. So Tarantino makes movies (often featuring lowlife criminals) using the word all the time when Black people aren’t around, but suddenly it’s a problem.

Do you want reality or do you want reality.

Uhhhh we’re watching horror movies and the Xbox just turned on by itself and started opening and closing the disc tray. We turned it off and it did it again? not even fully opening sometimes. it’ll go 1/2 open, then back to quarter, then out to full, then close, then fully open again, etc. what

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OMG I accidentally clicked on ur tag "Cause wow obviously people do not know this" (I'm on mobile) on that trans* post u made and there's only one other post on tumblr with that tag and it's literally just a post where someone put the entire script of Bee Movie in the tags. The whole script I shit you not.