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anonymous asked:

Not to be rude but I feel like you are overreacting to this movie. They got the best actor they could find and it happened to be a cis male. They just want to have the best acting. That's Hollywood. Get over it.

there are so many shows and movies that were successful without famous actors, such as:

•Orange is the New Black
•Sex and the City
•Breaking Bad
•The Office
•The Matrix
•Iron Man
•The Big Bang Theory

to name a few. none of these shows or movies had any a-list actors before they were released but now they’re incredibly well-known so the whole idea that you need a famous actor to have a good film is ridiculous

anonymous asked:

it's not transphobic to hire a cis person to play a trans person in a movie, they do it because they need big names to make the movie successful

I don’t know if you’ve heard of orange is the new black but it’s literally an entire tv show where the lead role is played by a formerly unknown trans woman and other women who have never had big roles before the show and it’s the most popular show on netflix but yeah please tell me more about how you need famous cis actors for a show to be successful

Isn’t Scarlet Witch able to manipulate reality to some extent? I’m guessing the brucenat scene might have something to do with it because they’re in a very comfy apartment it seems etc and it’s not similar to the setting of the actual movie (chaos etc)

moral: consider different angles before getting pissed

anonymous asked:

can't you just be happy that the movie is even being made? celebrate that? wtf stop complaining

it may be hard to understand if you aren’t trans but the fact that we have almost never seen people like us in movies, or ANY movies about us is abhorrent, the fact that finally ONE movie is made about isn’t exactly equal representation just yet

anonymous asked:

honestly, how many pre-transition trans girl actors are out there, who are GOOD actors (yes it matters because that's what people are going to judge when seeing this movie) and has showcased this ability before? The reason why Eddie is such a good candidate isbecause he won Best Actor for one thing, so people who didn't know him before, know him now, and are probably going to watch this movie to see what he can do. I believe a lot more people are going to see this movie with him as the lead.

okay I see what you’re saying but the only reason there aren’t any “good” well-known pre-transition actors in the movie business is because they aren’t considered capable for the parts because they’re not cisgendered so idk I don’t think that what you’re saying has any credibility especially considering this is the perfect opportunity to allow these perfectly good pre-transition actors to play the part

So my house is officially on the market in Atlanta, and I’m sick. I’ve come down with the flu and all I want to do is curl up on my bed and have someone bring me soup and movies and cuddle with me. Is that too much to ask? When are people going to invent cuddlebots so that they can run errands and then keep me company after?