Insurgent Super Bowl Pregame Trailer

yo… saying that kiki was sexualized in the movie because of the panty shots and nudity?? is ridiculous

these scenes are literally treated the same as a young boy if he were swimming in a lake nude

it’s like

just a kid?? doing things?

there is a CLEAR difference between what miyazaki shows in his films and the creepy shit you see in anime nowadays

An Open Letter to Chris Pratt

Dear Chris Pratt,

I think you are a lovely, funny, wonderful actor. I like you in everything you’ve been in; Parks and Rec, Zero Dark Thirty, Guardians of the Galaxy, Money Ball, the list, as they say, goes on. And honestly I’m looking forward to seeing you in Jurassic Park this year, as well as the sequels to Guardians and the Lego Movie. But yesterday I read a rumor that Disney wants you for the Indiana Jones reboot, and now I’m worried for you. I’m not worried you’re going to do a bad job (I’m almost certain you’ll do a great job, actually) I’m worried that people are going to tire of you.

I’m worried that you’re going to become the next Jude Law.

No disrespect to Jude Law, he is also a lovely, funny, wonderful actor. But in 2004-2005 you couldn’t throw a stone without hitting a high profile Jude Law movie. He was in so many movies that Chris Rock joked during the Oscars, “Why is he in every movie I have seen in the last four years?” And now I don’t even remember the last movie I saw with Jude Law. Was it Side Effects in 2013? Probably.

I don’t want to see a movie with you in it every few years and go “Oh man, Chris Pratt! I used to love that guy!” So I’m urging you to use caution. You can’t be in all the movies. People are going to grow weary of you.

I’m glad you’ve had success in Hollywood and I wish you continued luck throughout your career. I hope to see you in a lot of movies, just not all the movies.



I remember how he had blue sports sheets on his bed, and I wished his bookshelf had been bigger. He said he wanted to go into business for the money, but I never heard him say that liked it. When we watched a movie, we never laughed at the same moments; we did not live in sync. We did not live off the brittle pages of a book you haven’t read in ten years, but the pages were still bound together. The pages were laced up by hand and we looked good when we were loosely intertwined. We looked good on paper, but he wasn’t reading in between the lines.
—  my first relationship