Elisabeth Lecourt

Les Robes Géographiques

1. “Caramel Elastique Chewing Gum”
New York Central and Hudson River rep.1876 Railroad map 
Signed and sealed E.L. Elisabeth Lecourt, 2012

2. “Dans Les Nuages, Les Cigognes”
Los angeles panoramic sightseeing map, rep. 1932
Signed and sealed E.L Elisabeth Lecourt 2012
841 x 594 x 30 mm

3. “Jerusalem artichaud et topinambour” 
Jerusalem City Map Historic Holy Land, rep. 1660
signed and sealed E.L Elisabeth Lecourt 2012
841 x 594 x 30 mm

4. “L’igloo, Balthazar et Maman Baleine”
Map of Alaska Line rep. 1934
signed and sealed E.L Elisabeth Lecourt 2012
841 x 594 x 30 mm

5. “Le Petit Pois Magique”
Paris Monument map 
Signed and sealed E.L. Elisabeth Lecourt, 2012
841 x 594 x 30 mm

6. “On Arrive Quand?” 
Map of New York from the Battery rep. 1892
Signed and sealed E.L. Elisabeth Lecourt
841 x 594 x 30 mm, 2012

I just came home after seeing bofa for the third time, and while I know that many people don’t agree with me I just find this movie amazing, despite certain shortcomings

I just feel so blessed to have been apart of this whole thing and I have so much love for the cast and the crew for doing their absolute best to deliver the best movie they could to the audience

Looking back there’s so many things that could have gone wrong, and while I don’t agree with all of their decisions they did so many things right in the end

Thanks to the Hobbit I gained so many friends and had so much fun during the years so in the end I can be nothing but grateful

also lee pace in a blond wig and elf ears. v nice. bless that man


SHERLOCK (still looking out of the window): Girlfriend? No, not really my area.
(A moment passes before he realizes the possible significance of this statement.)
JOHN: Oh, right. D’you have a boyfriend?



"Exiting Teenage Purgatory"

Photo Collection // Winter 2014

I have a new collection, “Exiting Teenage Purgatory” on Bitchtopia that is the visualization of my personal experience as a teenage girl on the verge of leaving adolescence and entering my twentieth year. This piece is a farewell letter to my teenage angst and reflects the deconstruction of childhood and feelings of longing and boredom in Suburbia. You can view the full piece with the artist statement here and explore the rest of Bitchtopia here


Cambessedesia hilariana and the buzz-pollination

Many plant species have evolved floral characteristics that restrict pollen access. Some of these species are visited by insects, principally bees, which make use of vibrations to extract pollen from anthers. This phenomenon is generally known as Buzz-pollination

Like the majority of the species of the family Melastomataceae (Myrtales), Cambessedesia hilariana have flowers with rich colors and poricidal anthers (the dehiscence or pollen release occurs through a small hole or pore). In this species, endemic to Brazil, the flowers, measuring about 15-17 mm in diameter, have yellow petals with the tip orange. This type of color is one of the important attributes related to attraction to bees. These flowers are classified as melittophilous, it is that they are visited and pollinated almost exclusively by diurnal bees that buzz the anthers to release their pollen. 

A study of pollination and the reproductive systems of Cambessedesia hilariana, showed that large, diurnal bees of the genera Centris, Bombus, and Xylocopa are the principal pollinators.

It is considered that the evolution of buzz-pollination was likely triggered by the necessity of nectarless plants to restrict pollen access, reducing gamete loss to inefficient pollinators and pollen thieves, that is, visitors that remove pollen with little or no contribution to deposition on stigmas, and maximizing pollen dispersal to conspecific plants. Poricidal anthers may exclude some visitors (pollen eating beetles, flies, and non-buzzing bees), and could also act as a pollen-dispensing mechanism to maximize pollen export by legitimate buzz-pollinators.

References: [1] - [2] - [3]

Photo credits: [Top: ©Maria/Amethist | Locality: Delfinopolis, Minas Gerais, Brazil, 2011] - [Bottom: ©Ivan Abreu | Locality: Arapiranga, Rio de Contas, Bahia, Brazil, 2009] 

It’s headcanon time ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

I imagine that in OOT, both Navi and Link were scared of all the dark places they had to go, so they comforted each other all throughout it and after something scared them (like a wallmaster or something) they went like “hahaha did you see that it almost got us” and tried to lighten up the mood with a hint of nervousness in their voices

Then in MM, Tatl was scared by the athmosphere of Ikana Canyon so Link said “it’s okay, there’s nothing to worry about, whatever comes our way I can deal with it”, and she was always like “why the hell isn’t this kid scared by all of this, there are mummies walking around ffs”

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I will leave you with Virus MM then ◟(◔ั₀◔ั )◞

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