“dustin hoffman, kaitlyn alexander, morgan freeman, and keke palmer - murder mystery”bxbblegxmbitch

Throw two best friends (who have watched far too many episodes of Psych and Criminal Minds) onto a boat for the summer and they’re bound to find some way to make their own fun. Jordan (Alexander) was planning on using this surprise cruise as a way to forget their small town simmering back in the Florida heat. Val (Palmer), on the other hand, was hoping to find some cute girls by the pool while perfecting her tan in the process. Neither of them were expecting that Jordan’s psychic of a grandfather, Don (Hoffman), was using this trip to investigate a murder. But the pair get pulled right into it all when they stumble across the second victim…and decide to make this case their business. As they run under Don’s nose and barely manage to dodge the killer themselves, Samuel the cruise director (Freeman) grows tired of the two girls disturbing the peace. It’s a fun game of cat-and-mouse turned deadly when Don becomes the next target and the two young adults have to find the killer before the boat docks once more.