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Felicity’s life has its complications, but aside from her work in Arrow’s underground lair, her life trials have been fairly normal. She can sympathize with what Oliver’s gone through, but provides a much-needed outside view to help keep him grounded. When life seems impossible, Felicity brings Oliver positivity and hope. It’s a perfect circle, because his strength, honor, and bravery inspires her hope that good does eventually win out over evil.
Felicity is “normal,” but she’s not completely naive. She shares Oliver’s desire to make the world better, and is clever enough to know what he’s up against in his dual lives. She still holds on to a traditional idea of being a true couple, and would be willing to work with Oliver to make a real relationship fit into his complicated life. Felicity could be the one person who allows him to comfortably blend his alter ego with himself.
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Allrighty. Arrow Recap 310, "Left Behind"

Hey you guys, this one was a hard watch for me and the multiple rewatches required for a good recap were even harder. Still, it provided some clarity on parts I previously disliked, and insight into others I still don’t like. Either way, I made jokes. That’s in my DNA. 

Another chase down an alley. For a police chief, Quentin sure does plebe work a lot. Shouldn’t you be avoiding a heart attack at your desk? Team Arrow also continues their crime-fighting, working tighter suits and with poorer aim.

(Con’t. after the jump)

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