I’m so happy cause now I get to lay in bed and voice chat with my crush and we get to tell each other how much we love each other and that we care about each other and I’m just so happy right now aaaaah!!!


"Yes, the dangerous black widow is to be approached with caution as the black widow’s bite can cause death. The black widow is easily recognized by her coal black body and red hourglass marking. She encases her victims with silk and then kills with poison from her fangs. The male spider is not considered to be dangerous.

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we non nerds gotta stick together ryuko-chan

           Gotta get some nerd repellent.  
              Meaning; The smell of sweat and physical activity. 

                  And stop calling me chan.

it’s the things we love most
that cause the greatest pain
that make us forget ourselves
and dance in the pouring rain

we try not to let it get to us
we try not to let it show
but we’re humans and when we care
everyone around us seems to know

we fall in love
we fall in fast
sometimes it passes like the wind
sometimes it sticks around and lasts

true love real love
has the power to heal and destroy
and now I’m seeing only that
I miss what I failed to enjoy