“We’ll learn together.”

a piece I made for one of my all time favorite fics, Yours Truly by the incredible kagieyama! This scene was too heartwarmingly precious that I’d be a fool to pass it up, hope you enjoy!! (❁´‿`❁)*✲゚*


EreMika Fluff Week 2015. Day 1: Blanket

This is actually the first time I participate in events like this, so hope you enjoy my “art” the week is coming n-n And also I have to warn you I’m of those times in the artist’s lifetime her artstyle is changing, so my art can be weird sometimes…

Well, all started one stormy night. Mikasa always has been afraid to thunders, but that was such a horrible storm that decided to go to Eren’s room to receive at least some of comfort from him. 

The road between her room and Eren’s was such a challenge, but she finally arrived there, and made Eren be shocked when she explained him about her great fear, because he didn’t know she was afraid to thunders maybe because she hid that fear really good in the past. Eren, then, wrapped a blanket on her and decides to be beside her until she falls asleep. In the time Eren comforted her, Mikasa tended to embrace him very strong, which would embarrass Eren and make him blush all the time, but he wouldn’t show it at all because he didn’t want to stress Mikasa and make feel more uncomfortable than she was.

In the end, both felt sleepy and Eren carried her and leaned her down in his bed, and after he would lay beside her and embrace her until both fall asleep.

That idea is, actually, mine and ninjadango‘s ^^’ (we just invented a new Mikasa’s fear hahaha and also the new eren’s wrap thing: blankets!) And please, don’t ask me about the chibies of the second and third pic… I only can say Kuroshitsuji and Magi: the Labyrinth of Magic are ruining my life.

Hope you’d enjoyed!

SO excited!  This is my first full piece off my new tablet, and I’m in loveeeee.  So much more to re-learn, but I already seen an improvement.  [heart eyes]

On to the image; I have no idea when/why Eren would throw a punch at Levi.  But I saw this pic by ranshisims and was completely and utterly inspired.  SO thank you!  And if you haven’t followed their page, you really should.  It’s sexy AND side splitting hilarious.  And their work is REALLY impressive.  Their Levi Sim is so dreamy…

If anyone can think of some dialogue leading up to this you should really, REALLY let me know :D

PS:  Thank you lilxbyrd for keeping me company <3

Image (c) Brennan “Bonez” Strong 2015 | lovelybonezproductions
Reference Image (c) ranshisims